Re: Pulling down firewalls

Robert (101607.2566@CompuServe.COM)
22 Jul 96 12:24:34 EDT

Hi All!

[pulling down firewalls]
>Coz only folk who are on the lists can post to them we:
>a) can't do a questionnaire
>b) can't receive posts from people accessing from BBSs
>c) can't receive posts from people not on the lists
>I know why we changed things a few weeks ago but I'd now like to change back
>(I don't think we foresaw this problem). If AOL spammers come back we'll
>have to scratch our heads again...

I heartily agree with Neils suggestion here. I know of some people who
tried to send in news since which never came through because they were
not on the list. I think this might be the reason why there has been so little
news lately and a lot of people who sent interesting stuff in the past are not

Isn't there a way to exclude messages from special people? People who
abuse the actual purpose of the elists could be put on there if they ignore
a warning (or two ;-)) ...

No paseran