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Subject:August 8th - International Day Of Protest

August 8th - International Day Of Protest To Support The MOVE 9

Long Live John Africa!
Long Live Revolution!

ON THE MOVE! For eighteen years now - eighteen years too long - nine
innocent MOVE family members have been unjustly, wrongfully imprisoned lor
murder they did not commit and that officials know MOVE did not commit. The
policeman that MOVE people are accused of killing died from a single bullet
that travelled on a downward angle. While police admit that all MOVE people
were in the basement of MOVE's headquarters, MOVE HQ, the "scene of the
crime" was deliberately demolished, destroyed by officials that are
responsible for preserving evidence. Destroying evidence is a crime, a crime
which hampered MOVE's ability to defend ourselves. Finally - how do nine
people fire one trigger for one bullet? How can nine people all be convicted
of murder and all nine get a sentence of 30 - I00 years in prison?

MOVE intends to bring our innocent family members home, innocent people do
not belong in prison. However, this is not a "MOVE" issue, this is an issue
of injustice that should, and will, move everybody that is concerned with
justice to correct this blatant injustice. Remember, to allow an injustice
to fester is to allow this potentially fatal disease to attack anybody.

August 8, 1996 marks eighteen years of unjust imprisonment for MOVE people.
For this reason, the MOVE family is asking people to join with us on August
8th in an international day of protest of the on-going wrongful imprisonment
of nine innocent MOVE sisters and brothers. We're asking you to do something
very simple, very inexpensive, yet very effective: call, write, fax,
telegram, or visit Philadelphia's District Attorney Lynn Abraham, Judge
Genece Brinkley, and Mayor Edward Rendell and register your protest of this
injustice. Please send us copies of your correspondence and inform us of any
communications with these people. On August 8th, we want the above named
officials to be overwhelmed, flooded, and buried, under protest around this

Join with us and take a stand for yourself and your family by protesting an
injustice that no one is immune to!

Be strong, be serious, be loyal - we can't afford to be any other way!

Ramona Africa

District Attorney Lynn Abraham
1421 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel: (215) 686-8700 Fax: (215) 686-8024

Judge Genece Brinkley
1301 Filbert Street, Suite 1219
Criminal Justice Center
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tel: (215) 683-7074

Mayor Edward G. Rendell
City Hall, Room 215
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel: (215) 686-3000 Fax: (215) 686-2555

For more information contact:
The MOVE Organization
PO Box 19709
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Tel; 215-387-9955
Fax: 215-476-7551
E-Mail: MOVELLJA@aol.com

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