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Subject:The Latest Active Resistance Maryland Shenannigans

Subtitled "How We Spent Our Summer Vacation"

Just thought you might like to chuckle over those wacky labor militants from
the Baltimore anarchist scene....

Beware Borders...The FOBW is everywhere....

Baltimore Borders Blocked!
Friends of Borders Workers Picket Suburban Baltimore Borders to Protest Labor

July 20th 1996
Towson MD - The nation's second largest retail bookchain continued to suffer
from labor
strife as their Towson, Maryland location was picketed by over twenty-five
members of an
ad hoc group identified as the Friends of Borders Workers today. The picket
is the latest in a
nation-wide series of protests over the firing of union organizer Miriam
Fried of the
Philadelphia International Workers of the World (IWW).The protesters contend
that Ms. Fried
was fired for her union organizing activities in the wake of a narrow IWW
loss at the Center
City Philadelphia location.
Demonstrators picketed the main entrance, and distributed literature at
an additional
entrance, disrupting business activities for much of the afternoon. One group
of three
customers, after reading the FOBW leaflet, debated whether they should enter.
"I can't, I'm in
a union," one said, and the three walked away. Another women asked, "Can't I
go in to get
an Alternative?" (a free local gay newspaper). When informed of the option of
getting it at
an independent bookstore, she agreed and joined the pickett line. In spite of
repeated threats
from store security, who fumed outside the store entrance while shoplifters
had free reign
inside, the protesters were unmoved. The store management called the police
twice, but they
declined to make any arrests or bother the demonstrators.
The demonstration, timed to coincide with the begining of National
Bookstore Week, not only stressed the concerns of Borders workers, but also
those of local
bookstores who feel Borders is more concerned with corporate profits than
serving the
community. Protesters distributed leaflets describing the details of Miriam
Fried's case,
Borders employee and management policies, and listing independent bookstores
patrons might shop instead of Borders. Although Borders President Paul
Blackshear has
already felt compelled to respond to union contentions, the Friends of
Borders Workers
presented a point by point refutation of his assertions. One member of the
FOBW declared,
"We will continue to agitate until the pig capitalist system, represented in
this case by
Borders, shows its respect for the workers and reinstates Miriam Fried!"

Friends of Borders Workers
c/o Active Resistance Maryland
2 W. Read St. #140
Baltimore MD 21201