Anarchist FAQ Web Site

i.m.mckay (
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 11:51:05 +0100

Today, 60 years ago the anarchist CNT and FAI lead a popular
resistance to the capitalist backed fascist coup in Spain.
After defeating Franco's forces on the streets, one of the
most profound social revolutions the world has ever seen

In memory of that heroic struggle we are proud to announce
an Anarchist FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) web-site. The
site contains many questions and answers on anarchist theory
and history.

Its URL is

And here is a list of the FAQ sections:

The finished sections are:

Section A - What is Anarchism?
Section B - Why do anarchists oppose the current system?
Section C - What are the myths of capitalist economics?
Section D - How does statism and capitalism affect society?
Section E - What do anarchists think causes ecological problems?
Section F - Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?
Section G - Does individualist anarchism have anything in
common with capitalism?

the "work in progress" sections are:

Section H - Why do anarchists oppose state socialism?
Section I - What would an anarchist society look like?
Section J - What do anarchists do?

In case anyone is worried, this is an *anarchist* FAQ
and section F (on "anarcho" capitalism) is there to
explain why it has nothing to do with anarchism.

We hope you enjoy it.

Long life Anarchy!

Iain (on behalf of the FAQ working grouping)