AR Travel Hotline & other things

Willerer Greg (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 05:32:07 -0500 (CDT)


The Link for folks travelling to August's Events in Chicago

(312) 395-5335

(if you're getting this and you don't know what the Active Resistance
Counter-Convention is, e-mail for info.)

You'll get:

** A switchboard type resource for questions about hitch-hiking,
freight-hopping, driveaways, and caravanning from the
NOlympics in Georgia.
** The traveller's Bulletin Board--a public voicemailbox for
leaving messages to one another while on the road.
** A temporary crash network for those on their way to
Active Resistance in Chicago.
** Transport connection for Sister Subverter Gathering

Available July 15th:

DERAILER, a Handbook for Transportation Info for Active Resistance
Tips for trainhopping, hitchhiking (especially for women), and
driveaways (a directory of numbers).

Other tidbits will include ratings and dirt on major oil companies
(yes, they're _all_ bad) and current boycotts, references for courier
flights, airhitch, web travel sites, other handbooks, local info for
arriving in Chicago.

So! Fill out the following and e-mail to or
snail mail to:
AR, c/o the Autonomous Zone, 1573 N. Milwaukee #420, Chicago, IL 60622

[ ] Please Oh Please send me DERAILER!

[ ] I can transport folks from ____________ to Chicago leaving
on ___________ or am willing to set up a caravan or driveaway
car from my area.

[ ] I will be at the NOlympics gathering and want to head to Chicago
from there. My contact # is:

[ ] I need info on the Sister Subverter radical wimmin's gathering
September 5th-8th in Wisconsin.

[ ] I am willing to participate in the AR "crash network". Traveller's
en route to Chicago may stay overnight at my place (if they call me first!).
My address/telephone number will only be given to folks who call the
transport hotline and will not be published anywhere.

[ ] I need a registration form for Active Resistance (pre-registration
is highly recommended...we'll be setting the limit of "core" participants
at 500! Yikes! Unless we get a bigger space... So let us know yer

[ ] I _love_ stress! I can come to Chicago early to take on my fair
share. The soonest I can come is___________________.
So call me at:

[ ] I got myself some nifty rollerskates and am practicing every day
in hopes of being the coolest at the huge roller rink party on August
27th...I can't wait!

[ ] I'm needing housing logistics for A.R. -- my accomodations budget
for my stay is $______ per night and i plan to be in Chicago from _____
to _______.

[ ] I want an Active Resistance t-short NOW, so i'm sending you
eight dollars. My size is: tiny L XL

My relevant contact info is:


@ * * mail: 1573 N. Milwaukee #420, CHILL 60622 U$A @
@ * /\ * street: 2311 W. North Ave., Chicago 60647 @
@ * /__\ Z * phone: 312-278-0775 fax: 312-252-8655 @
@ * / \ * matrix: or @
@ * * web: // @
@"A matter of meeting information authority with information disturbance..."@