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March on the Democratic National Convention

August 27th, 4pm

Wicker Park
(1 block south of North & Damen)
Chicago, Illinois

Join us to speak out against the Democrats'platform on criminal "justice".

Our demands are:

The U.S. has a legacy of racism towards Native Americans, African
Americans, and Latinos. Currently, one of the most blatant forms of
racism is the millions of Blacks and latino people, particularly youth,
who are arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. One out of three Black
men is in jail, on probation or parole. Under federal law 50 grams of
crack gets a mandatory 10-year, no parole sentence and the defendants
are 92% Black. For powder cocaine, the same drug--used primarily by
whites--5,000 grams is needed for the same sentence.

In addition, we denounce the classist nature of prisons, which are
disproportionately filled with poor people. We also denounce the
frightening increase in Capital Punishment and the growing
restrictions on appeals by persons on death row.

We live in a country where prison officials have reintroduced
chain gangs. Although they attempt to justify this cruel and
humiliating punishment as an example of "tough love", we condemn it
as inhumane and reminiscent of slavery.

The Democrats offer more jails, stiffer sentences--three strikes
you're out!--and worse prison conditions as the solutions to crime.
Punishment, not rehabilitation, is their solution.

Women represent the fastest growing population in prison. Between
1980 and 1993, the population of women in prison increased 313
percent, 60% of them women of color.

There are over 100 political prisoners in U.S. jails. They are
people like Native American leader and activist Leonard Peltier,
framed for murder and unjustly imprisoned for over 20 years.
Despite worldwide demand for his release, which include the
support of Amnesty International, the U.S. Justice Department
recently denied him parole once again.

Alejandrina Torres has spent years fighting for the independence
of her homeland, Puerto Rico. She was convicted of being part of
a clandestine armed organization and sentenced to 35 years in jail.

Geronimo ji jaga Pratt, targeted in 1971 by the FBI because of his
active participation in the Black Panther Party in California, has
spent over 25 years in jail for a murder charge that FBI records
show he could not possibly have committed.

Mumia Abu Jamal, former Black Panther Party Activist and MOVE
supporter, was sentenced to death in 1982 for the murder of a
Philadelphia police officer--a murder he did not commit.

Susan Rosenburg, white anti-imperialist activist, was sentenced to
58 years for her support of Black, Puerto Rican and other struggles.

All of these political prisoners have spent years and years in jail.
We demand their release and return to their families and communities.

Police brutality, including the murder of innocent people, is spread-
ing throughout Black and Latino communities. The video taped examples
of police brutality against Rodney King and the undocumented Mexicans
are but the more visible examples of how the police treat Black and
Latin people. In Chicago, the recent murders of Jorge Guillen and
Joseph Gould, a homeless man, by Chicago police officers are tragic
examples of the level of police brutality directed against Latino and
African American people. This must stop!

We call upon you, your family, friends and community to take action to
expose and repudiate this so-called criminal "justice" system. We choose
to target the Democratic National Convention because the American public
needs to hear what we have to say. We won't accept more prisons, longer
sentences, and chain gangs! We won't accept continued incarceration of
political prisoners! We won't accept police brutality!

The Not On The Guest List! coalition has been formed to work on this
project. The list, in formation, includes: Aaron Patterson Defense
Committee, A Job Is A Right Campaign/Milwaukee, American Friends Service
Committee, American Indian Movement Grand Council, Anti-Racist Action/
Minneapolis, Autonomous Zone Collective, Gator Bradley (United In Peace),
Coalition for Prisoners' Rights/Santa Fe, Coalition to Free Mumia Abu
Jamal, Jack Cohen-Joppa (The Nuclear Resister), Committee Against
Intervention/University of Columbia-Missouri Campus Peaceworks,
Dave Dellinger, Eighth Day Center for Justice, Equal Justice/Quixote
Center, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal/Pittsburgh, Interfaith Prisoners of
Conscience, Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, National Committee
for Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to Free Leonard Peltier, National
Lawyers Guild, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, Neighbors Against
Police Brutality, Phil Berrigan/Jonah House, Refuse and Resist!,
St. Martin de Porres Catholic Worker/Hartford, CT, Tony Rios Support
Committee/Quebec, N.W. Suburban Direct Action, P2 Program/Quebec,
Prison Action Committee, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Women's
Action Coalition (WAC), Workers World Party.

For more information on what will happen and how to get involved call
(312) 278-6706, or e-mail or

Clip and send the following information to: Not On The Guest List!
2048 w. Division, Chicago, IL. 60622.

***_________________________ would like to endorse the demonstration.
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***Please add my name to the mailing list: ___________________________

Phone number: _______________________.

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