(eng) Game over, Celle

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Mon, 15 Jul 1996 02:51:28 +0200

Game over, Celle
Charges to be dropped against the Autonome Antifa (M)

The Autonome Antifa (M) was investigated 2 1/2 yeras long for
being a terrorist organization, then 2 1/2 years long for
being a criminal organization. 13,292 telephone calls were
tapped and transcribed. 143 people were checked with all
available technical means for being possible members of the
Autonome Antifa (M). Visitors of political events and public
presentations were filmed and 30 raids were carried out. In
the end 17 people were charged. The highest German court was
called in to decide if the charges would be brought to trial.
131 court dates were set for 3x a week in a town over 250 km
from Goettingen. 380,000 DM in funding was approved to turn a
stable into a special courtroom for the trial.
The only thing that remains from all of this is a fine with a
statement from the defendants tacked onto it.
For months the state attorney general's office and the court
tried to pressure the defendants into distancing themselves
from the politics of the Autonome Anifa (M) and to admit to
having committed crimes. In exchange, the charges would have
been dropped and the defendants freed from certain financial
ruin and a possible conviction.
The defendants refused this plea bargain, clearly an attempt
to defeat the Autonome Antifa (M) politically if not
juristically. In the past few month the conditions for an out
of court settlement have been watered down significantly.

The current conditions for the out of court settlement are:
1. The lawyers declare that they have informed their client
about the content of the assembly laws and they, in turn,
state that they "will take them into account."
2. Each defendant pays 3,000 DM to a former concentration camp
memorial and museum.
3. The items seized in the raids on July 5th and 6th, 1994,
including the computers, will be returned. Documents from the
Autonome Antifa (M) will be given to the Institute for Social
Research in Hamburg.
All investigations against the 17 defendents and the further
17 suspects in the case will be dropped. All related cases and
investigations surrounding the demonstrations initiated by the
Autonome Antifa (M) since the raids in July 1994 will also be
stopped. The millions of DM in costs will all, without
exception, be payed by the state.
At first the state attorney's office rejected these conditions
for an out of court settlement. On June 25, 1995, with the
added condition that they retain the monopoly on
interpretation of the conditions, they agreed. The defendants
are not allowed "to contradict the state attorney's office's
interpretation of the statement" until the charges are
officially dropped in the end of July, 1996.
Not only did the state attorney's office put a political
muzzle on the defendants, but also told the state court how it
is supposed to interpret the statement. This statement,
regardless of how it is interpreted, has absolutely no
judicial meaning. The interpretation from the state attorney's
office is simply the desperate attempt to find a political
justification for the immense and, in the end, unsuccessful

The Autonome Antifa (M) still has the responsibility to fight
the roots of fascism. Just as it has in the past, the Autonome
Antifa (M) will continue to use adequate means in its
political engagement.

Autonome Antifa (M)
July 1, 1996
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