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CONTENTS: Supplement 59


1. (Update) DEMANARCHIE: July 7th Demo Report

Klandestine KKK Recruiter In Auburn

3. (Update) SWEDEN: Acquittal For Murdering An African;
Letter To _Searchlight_

4. (PI) POLITICALLY INCORRECT web: National Alliance
Action -- Recruiting At Gun & Military Shows

5. (LT) LONDON TELEGRAPH: FBI Calls More Shots In
Patriot War Games

6. (PI) PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Hate Groups Reaching
Vast Internet Audience

7. (UPI) CIA Neglect For Human Rights `Systemic'

8. (AP) Two Men With Klan Ties Face Federal Charges In
Church Burning

9. (AP) `Redneck Shop' Closed In South Carolina


{Editor's Note: The report below is from a Quebec-based
activist. Please sign the "Open Letter" and return it to the
"Committee Without a Name," a Montreal-based anti-repression
united front -- see AFIB "Alert," July 8, 1996}


Date: 10 Jul 1996 13:08:15 GMT



On July 7th between 200 and 300 punks, leftists and
concerned citizens gathered to protest the political repression
suffered by the Quebec anarchist movement over the past couple of
weeks. In the wake of the largest riots in decades, the
government-funded "World Antifascist League" had publicly accused
the Demanarchie anarchist collective of instigating all of the
troubles. The police promptly arrested anarchists and seized
computers and hundreds of copies of the newspaper.Seeing as one
person had been arrested for selling Demanarchie, the July
7th demo was a sort of test to see how the police would react to
people openly selling the newspaper. Other left groups were also
invited to come and sell their papers. In this regard the rally
was good news, for no one was hassled for selling anything.

There was an open microphone and speakers from several local
left groups as well as speeches by the two Demanarchie members
whose houses had been raided by police. A letter from Nick
Pouliot, the former research director at the WAL, was read out to
much heckling (the letter, reprinted in a previous AFIB, begins
"Dear Red Scum"). Several punks also took advantage of the open
mike to let loose on the situation they have been living in:
increased police harrassment and attempts to drive them out of
the tourist area.

Following the rally it looked like police were starting to
hassle people. They had taken one punk aside and were running his
I.D. through their computer so two Demanarchie members approached
to see if everything was alright. The cops suddenly lost interest
in their initial victim and turned around and arrested one of the
Demanarchie members! Several hours later this comrade was
released, the police claiming that it had been "a mistake" (their
computer apparently hadn't registered that his previous parole
conditions of not going to demonstrations had been lifted).
Regardless of the (lack of) truth to this story, the people at
the rally responded correctly, marching to the cop shop where our
friend was being held and blocking the street for several hours
until he was released. When the police tried to move them out of
the street they refused to budge and the police had to back off.
According to our arrested comrade, the cops inside the station
were freaking out and rushing to get his paperwork done as they
did not like all of the attention that their harrassment had
suddenly attracted!


From: "National Office" <fspnatl@igc.apc.org>
Organization: Freedom Socialist Party
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:44:50 +0000
Subject: UFAF takes on klandestine KKK recruiter in Auburn


by Guerry Hoddersen

It was dejavu all over again, as Yogi Berra used to say.

The coffee beans were still in the grinder, the phone was
ringing off the hook, and it wasn't even 10:00 a.m. yet on
Saturday morning. Ann Rogers, coordinator of United Front Against
Fascism, was on the phone. Had I read the morning paper? The Klu
Klux Klan was planning to meet at the American Legion Hall in
Auburn at 3:00 p.m. to induct 100 skinheads into their

"We better organize a picket line out there," Ann said.
"What do you think?"

"Why do we always find out about this stuff at the last
minute," I whined.

"Because the FBI didn't tell the Auburn police until
yesterday that a Klan organizer was coming up from California. A
reporter broke the story this morning in the PI."

It was dejavu. The FBI never warned the community about Rev.
Butler and Tom Metzger either. In 1988, United Front Against
Fascism was launched after organizers from the lesbian and gay,
feminist, socialist and Black communities read in the Seattle
Times that the Aryan Nations and White Aryan Resistance were
planning to have a "quiet crossburning" on Whidbey Island to
recruit Nazi skinheads. In five days, UFAF got 400 people into
four yellow school buses and cars and went out to give the white
supremacists a taste of Northwest "diversity in action." With
local residents and activists from two states and Canada, we made
history and CNN news worldwide. We've been organizing ever since.
Eventually the Nazis got tired of our demos and quit trying to
gather on Whidbey Island every December.

Ann was still on the phone, talking: "So I'll start calling
our phone list and get hold of people in Auburn. You get down to
New Freeway Hall as soon as you can and I'll meet you there.

And so it was that four hours later, eight cars full of
people sped down Highway 167 headed for the Auburn American
Legion Hall. Experience had taught us that there would not be 100
skinheads at this meeting. There would be some rough looking
adults, a few kids and plenty of pissed off Auburn residents who
didn't like the KKK.

We pulled in front of the hall and set up our picket line at
the front door. We'd barely begun to chant and march when out
stormed -- naturally enough -- a stormtrooper. Clad in black from
head to foot, he began throwing around his arms and fists
reigning blows on those nearest to him. Two smaller versions of
the guy were backing him up.

UFAF is a peaceable group but we believe in self-defense. No
bully ever changed his mind by beating his victim senseless. So
we fought back, with our picket signs, with our bodies, with our
voices. Making no progress in scattering our line composed mostly
of women, he grabbed one of our cameras and swung it overhead.
The sisters in front dived for it and a tug of war started. He
finally yanked the camera out of our hands and smashed it on the
wall of the American Legion Hall, cutting a KOMO TV cameraman and
reporter. Then he and his buddies retreated inside.

And that was the last Nazi we saw anywhere near our picket
line for the next three hours. Instead they peeked out of the
windows and met the media at the backdoor of the hall to give
interviews. But it wasn't they who were the story that day.

The story was the people on the picket line from Auburn and
Des Moines and Kent and Seattle. It was the high schoolers who
made their own signs and joined us. It was the woman who owned
the Burger Master down the street from the American Legion Hall
who gave us all free drinks at the end of the rally because she
wanted to "do something nice for you all." It was the semi-truck
drivers and bus drivers who honked their horns in support, the
Asian American woman from Stonewall Committee who made this her
first-ever demo, and the African American woman from Tacoma who
came because her mother had a cross burned on her lawn and she
was going to oppose the Klan if she had to do it all alone. It
was the Native American men and women who reminded everyone whose
land it was to start with. It was the unionists from the hotel
and restaurant industry, state employees and federal workers, a
woman from the Amalgamted Transit Union, a man from Finland and
one from Guatemala, another from Centralia who remembered when
American Legionaires hung a union organizer for the Industrial
Workers of the World from a bridge near his home. It was
socialists, lesbians, mothers and kids.

It was America in all her raucous diversity. And for three
solid hours, the street was a din of honking and shouting in
support -- not of the Klan -- but of us!

Take that Patrick Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh, I thought.
Your big mouths and big media play haven't wiped out something
good and strong about this country that was won in the labor and
`60s civil rights movement. We aren't going to let you bring back
apartheid or closets or slavery or forced motherhood. And we
aren't going to let you ignite the Black churches of this country
or allow "quiet crossburnings" to go on unnoticed and unopposed.

It was dejavu. Someone called me the day after the picket
line and said they'd seen us on television in New York. The
national leadership of the American Legion announced they would
no longer be renting their halls to the Klan. (The Oddfellows
made a similar about-face after UFAF organized a demo against the
Populist Party-infested Oddfellows chapter on Capitol Hill last
year). And the California Klansman who held the rally is
rethinking his plans to move to Auburn.

All in all, it was a good way to spend a Saturday. As Ann
said on the drive back to Seattle, "The slugs may be winning in
my garden, but the vermin took a beating in Auburn today."


Guerry Hoddersen is a founding member of UFAF and an organizer
for the Freedom Socialist Party. For more information, call or

5018 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98118
(206) 722-2453


{Editor's Note: The reports below were inadvertently mis-filed;
my apologies To Reinhard Helmers for the late posting.}


From: Reinhard.Helmers@orgk1.lu.se
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 96 18:41:37 +0200



In September 1995, Gerard Gbeyo from Ivory Coast was going
to visit friends in Klippan, a small town in the South of Sweden.
Two skinheads, 16 and 18 years old, discovered him and his
colour. They decided to "cut a nigger." The younger put on his
swastika-armband and the chase began, with the knife raised high.
It was the 16-year-old who held the knife when the common killing
was carried out. Afterwards they boasted to their companions of
their deed. The local court at Klippan sentenced the skinheads to
six and five years' imprisonment, respectively.

On 17 June the Court of Appeal in Malmoe reached its
verdict: The term of imprisonment for the 18-year-old was reduced
to 3 years and the 16-year-old was freed of the murder-charge.
The court stated that the knife-holder did not have the intention
to kill. Hans Klette, professor of criminal law, called the
denial of intent "fantastic." "We teach such things to first
semester students, and when they don't know these rules, they
fail their exams."

The 16-year-old was immediately released from prison and
moved to an idyllic "school-home" (cost per person/day: 450
dollars) - a dream-situation for many unemployed youngsters, who
have not committed any bloody acts! Sweden has neither a special
criminal law for juvenile delinquents nor special prisons for

The corpse of the murder victim was cremated on order of the
authorities without permission from his family and without regard
to their religious customs. The ashes were sent to Abidjan. There
is considerable indignation about the verdict among immigrants
living in Sweden; especially the coloured are frightened. People
talk about two systems of justice in Sweden, one for the "real"
Swedes and the other for Immigrants and foreigners - Swedish
apartheid, so to speak.

In an editorial commentary on 19 June, the largest daily,
DAGENS NYHETER, asked: "Who are responsible that xenophobia has
become fashionable?."


"Behind an Academic Facade," Searchlight June 1996:



Dear Searchlight Staff,

The Swedish Government engaged a well known SS-convict to
fool the European Commission of Human Rights. SS-officers are
traditionally qualified for actions against Human Rights. Since
you usually try to show fascist continuity, I informed you at
several occasions of his "distinguished service." However,
SEARCHLIGHT, contrary to AntiFa InfoBlatt in Berlin, kept quiet.
Probably, you were exposed to protective misinformation by your
Swedish correspondent; SS-Obersturmfuehrer Karl Dogger had become
a heroe in the eyes of High Society for his rescue action and his
long Nazi carrier should not be exposed. The authorities helped
him to change his identity. This pattern is known from post-war

Last year, when old Nazi leader Per Engdahl died, you
published a long article about him and his companions. However,
your correspondent skilfully omitted to mention that Engdahl's
work was even today continued by his youth leader from that time,
who happened to be this very Gestapo agent Edquist alias Dogger
alias nobel man Borgenstierna. Very peculiar!

Helene Loow wrote a doctoral thesis on Swedish Nazi
organisations. Although in the possession of document piles on
this prominent Gestapo agent and his continued activity since the
30-ties, she managed the "work of art" of completely omitting his
role in the Swedish Nazi scenario. It is not known whether the
young lady has been threatened by the Nazi himself or with
reprisals from the Government which needed the described
co-operation with him. The Governmeny's co-operation with a high
ranked SS-convict against Human Rights obviously encouraged Nazi

The recent Nazi attacks on the antifascist periodical, EXPO,
follow exactly the style which was developed and applied by this
Gestapo agent ever since the 30-ties with his known friendships
within Swedish police and prosecution.

Best wishes from Reinhard Helmers


{Editor's Note: The "Politically Incorrect" web site is run by
Nazi-lover, Dennis Nix. AFIB is posting this material in order
to document on-going recruitment efforts by William Pierce's
National Alliance among far-right "patriots" and militias.
Pierce is the author of "The Turner Diaries," a despicable racist
"novel" used as a blueprint for terror by both neo-Nazi murder
gang, the Silent Brotherhood, aka "The Order" and alleged
Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh. Robert Mathews, the
leader of the Silent Brotherhood, was a National Alliance


X-within-URL: http://www.smartnet.net/~fenix/7action/7newsNA.html


Politically Incorrect - July, 1996

Recruiting At Gun & Military Shows

Probably considered the most disciplined and "hardcore" of
American white racialist organizations, the National Alliance
conducts a wide variety of activities. Many of them originate
from its headquarters in West Virginia, such as:

* American Dissident Voices, hosted by Kevin Alfred Stom, is
an excellent weekly radio program broadcast over shortwave and AM
* Free Speech, edited by Nelson Rosit, presents a monthly
compilation of the ADV radio broadcasts and other news associated
with the radio program.
* National Vanguard Books has published several original
novels including the best-selling The Turner Diaries, it also
offers hundreds of books, pamphlets, flyers, comics, stickers,
and educational material.
* National Vanguard, a periodical edited by William L.
Pierce, the chairman of the National Alliance, presents detailed
analysis of current and historic events.
* National Alliance also maintains two web sites:
"http://www.natvan.com" amd "http://www.natall.com".

The heart of the National Alliance is its dedicated members,
many of whom conduct activities of their own to promote the

One such activist is Will Williams, the state coordinator for
South Carolina. In the last two years, Williams with other local
NA members has set up tables at over 25 gun and military shows in
North Carolina and contiguous states.

Here is how Williams describes his gun show setup:

"One 8 foot table is plenty; two if tables are 6 foot long.
We set up two 8 foot wide banners - one draped over the front of
the table, and one behind us. These banners, of course, display
the Life Rune, symbol of the National Alliance. We cover the
display table with a blood red felt table cloth. Usually, 2-8 NA
members, who must present a good appearance and bear themselves
professionally, staff the display, most often taking turns over a
2-3 day period.

"We sell National Vanguard Books items only and place books
and tapes on the table to catch people's attention. Of course,
the banners have usually already done that. NVB sells us the
tapes and books at a 45% discount because we buy in lots of 100
or more. We sell them at the retail rate. This helps us to break
even on expenses.

"We have other techniques for getting people's attention.
Sometimes we play the audiotape of Dr. Pierce reading The Turner
Diaries. Sometimes we set up a TV and play a videotape of Dr.
Pierce speaking on gun control. This gets people to pause for a
while at our table. Before we lost count, the NA men and women
staffing our display had handed out, face-to-face, over 16,000 NA
anti-gun control leaflets. We averaged gaining at least one new
NA member at each show we participated in.

"We give out leaflets promoting the National Alliance and
its program for a White America. One handout that I made up is an
8 1/2 x 11 flyer showing a skeleton in front of the electronic
Jew (TV), a classic cartoon, with the caption added "KICK THE
HABIT!" It includes our phone message number. We have given out
literally thousands of them. Many, I'm sure, are still being
duplicated and distributed by others."

What kind of reaction does he get? "We do pretty well at gun
shows, "Williams claims. "Lots of good White folk hang around
there on weekends and few Jews or other minorites." He adds, "Our
activities have gained the National Alliance an acknowledged
presence in this region. The fact that people see us on a regular
basis is important.

Revolutionary times aren't here yet, but they may be closer
than people realize. When that time comes, we'll have established
ourselves as the people to rally behind."

What about harassment? "Most folks like seeing us at their
shows. We have had trouble with some White Christians, of all
people," Williams shakes his head. "They tell us we'll burn in
Hell for being so full of hatred, or lecture us with scriptures
like: 'Those who bless Israel shall be blessed; those who curse
Israel shall be cursed.' Yes, believe it or not," he added, "it
has been White Christians who have given us the most problems at
gun shows."

"It's important that we exercise our First Amendment right to
free expression," says Williams adamantly, "and then defend it.

We've been booted from nine shows, out of 25, which is a high
number considering these are gun, not flower shows. I've already
made a $50,000 claim against the State of North Carolina for
using 'selective enforcement with undue use of force and
authority.' That $50,000, when I win, will help fund a lot of NA

According to Williams, the National Alliance has been growing
dramatically in the last few years. "Most members," he says,
"don't participate in public events, but their financial support
helps us expand the radio program, reach new people, maintain the
national office, and generally conduct organizing activity. Their
help from behind the scenes is what keeps us going."

The National Alliance postal address is: P.O. Box 90,
Hillsboro, WV 24946.


X-within-URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/et/


International News Electronic Telegraph Monday July 8 1996
Issue 422


By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Washington

WHAT proportion of the growing US militia movement is now
composed of government informants? A tenth? A fifth? A third? It
is hard to tell, but events over the past few months have shown
that the self-styled "patriot" groups are deeply penetrated by
the authorities.

It is difficult to know whether an armed militia is an
authentic group of citizens or a front organisation of the
federal agencies, or a cross between the two.

Last week, 12 members of the secretive Viper Militia were
arrested on bombing-related charges in Arizona after infiltration
by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

It was a typical little conspiracy, nothing special. It
involved a house painter, an air-conditioning repairman, an
unemployed doughnut baker, and a telephone billing worker, among
others. Just normal bombers, the kind of people one expects to
find these days in any suburb of white America preparing for
urban guerrilla warfare.

Among their arsenal was a .30-calibre Browning machine-gun, a
number of 12-inch rockets for use against police cars, the usual
stockpile of explosives, and a how-to manual called Domestic

Their alleged plan was to blow up the FBI, ATF, and the
Phoenix Police Department should there ever be a putsch - black
helicopters and all - by the satanic forces of the New World

It is far from clear why this sort of contingency planning
should have been a crime, and ultimately the prosecutors may have
trouble proving that the Vipers were anything more than a loony
gun club.

They were busted after six months of undercover surveillance
by an Arizona state trooper - on loan to the ATF - who managed to
videotape them carrying out bomb blasts in the desert. It was
hazardous work for the trooper. According to the indictment
documents, all Viper members were required to take an oath
agreeing to execute anybody caught trying to penetrate the secret

It comes after a string of pre-emptive strikes against militia
groups as a result of work by agents and informants. The most
telling case was a conspiracy in Muskogee, Oklahoma, involving a
self-styled prophet with plans to blow up gay bars, abortion
clinics and the offices of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in
Houston, Texas, and New York.

It emerged at the trial in April that the FBI had first
learned of the conspiracy from a militia leader, "Col" John
Parsons. The "patriots" could take this revelation in their
stride. "I believe Parsons did the right thing by alerting
officials," said John Trochmann, chief of the Militia of Montana.

But they were stunned when it came out that Parsons was on the
FBI payroll, receiving $1,775 a month to help cover the costs of
his Tri-States Militia in South Dakota.

A former truck driver, Parsons was at the hub of the
nationwide militia network. His outfit had a National Information
Centre equipped with faxes and computers to maintain contact with
900 militia groups around the country. The FBI even paid him an
extra $500 a week to go on a militia tour of the South-west.

FBI Special Agent William Grode said that Parsons did not
provide the government with anything confidential such as
membership lists or training sites. He was valued by the FBI
because he was a "calming voice for these militias across the

Parsons tried to apologise to other militia leaders for his
apparent betrayal of the cause, explaining that he could never
have sustained the activities of the Tri-States Militia if it had
not been for the subsidy from the FBI. Which raises an
interesting question: how many other militia organisations are
being kept in business by the US government?

There is an underground network within the Special Forces of
the US Army, with its own clandestine publication called the
Resister. But who are these people? On one occasion I was taken
to the headquarters of an underground militia cell in the Midwest
that had on its lists four serving officers in the US Air Force
and two deputy sheriffs. But which side are they really on?

Back in the 1994, when the militia movement suddenly erupted
on the national scene, the US government was caught off-guard.
Things could have swiftly spun out of control in the early

If the FBI had reacted with heavy-handed repression - and
there were many people in the Clinton administration as well as
Republicans on Capitol Hill who were calling for a de facto
suspension of constitutional rights in the aftermath of the
Oklahoma bombing - it could have precipitated widespread
violence. Instead, the FBI took stock and defused the crisis.

There have been no more stormtrooping assaults of the kind
that led to the death of 80 people at the Branch Davidian church
in Waco, Texas, in 1993.

FBI offices around the country have gone on a charm offensive,
inviting local militia leaders out for coffee. And federal
agencies have had two years to infiltrate the movement.

But if the government has reached a truce with the broad
"patriot" community - a group estimated at about 12 million
people - the hardline fringe has been driven further underground.
Afraid of informers, it is adopting a strategy of "leaderless
resistance" that involves breaking down into tiny cells.

According to the manual of the Free Militia, now in widespread
use, "combat cells consist of about eight able-bodied minutemen;
all codes, passwords, and telephone networks are held in
confidence within the cell; all combat orders are executed by the
cell as the cell sees fit . . . the entire purpose is to defeat
state tyranny". The Viper Militia is part of this new leaderless
resistance. The group was not known to other militia activists in
Arizona and it only came to the attention of the ATF by accident.

There are hundreds like it around the country. Some are
defensive cells; a few are committed to outright terrorism, and
they are learning the skills of counter-surveillance.

Plots to bomb federal buildings in Austin, Texas, and Spokane,
Washington state, have been narrowly averted, and a conspiracy to
use biological poisons against federal employees broken, says the
militia task force of the Southern Poverty Law Center, but sooner
or later "there will be more bombs".

In the end, police work can only achieve so much. The American
ruling elite needs to probe deeper and ask themselves how their
country has become so far out of kilter that air-conditioning
repairmen, doughnut bakers, and the like now feel impelled to
join a proto-guerrilla force.


{Editor's Note: While the piece below is generally informative,
it fails to mention that Don Black, the webmaster of the Nazi
Stormfront page, is a "former" Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.
Black took over the reins of David Duke's Knights of the Ku Klux
Klan, when Duke began his project to "mainstream" American
fascism. In 1981, Black and other Nazi operatives, including
Wolfgang Droege, currently the "fuhrer" of Canada's neo-Nazi
Heritage Front, were arrested for their role in a plot to invade
the Caribbean island of Dominica. The fascists, who were
originally targetting socialist Grenada, were sentenced to _less
than 3 years_ in prison! For further background see: Ken
Lawrence, "Behind the Klan's Karibbean Koup Attempt," _Covert
Action Information Bulletin_, Washington, D.C., Number 13, July-
August 1981, and Ken Lawrence, "Behind the Klan's Karibbean Koup
Attempt, Part II, _Covert Action Information Bulletin_,
Washington, D.C., Number 16, March 1982}

Subject: HATE04.htm


The Philadelphia Inquirer
Page One

Thursday, July 4, 1996



By Reid Kanaley

Don Black, who was once national director of the Knights of
the Ku Klux Klan and now runs a site on the World Wide Web called
Stormfront, recognized early that the Internet was the place to

``The potential of the Net for organizations and for movements
such as ours is enormous,'' Black, 42, of West Palm Beach, Fla.,
said in an interview. ``We're reaching tens of thousands of
people who never before have had access to our point of view.''

Those who monitor the activities of extremists such as
right-wing militias, neo-Nazis, Holocaust-denial groups and
others agree that the Internet is proving irresistible to those
organizations for communication, propaganda and recruitment.

In a written response to an interview request e-mailed to
Minuteman Press Online, a militia-oriented Web site, someone
identified as R.A. Mann declined to be interviewed yesterday, but

``Militias use the Internet in the same way other groups do:
data verification, urgent updates, tips on everything,
legislation overviews, etc.''

Begun in the late 1980s as an electronic bulletin board for
the so-called ``white nationalist'' movement, Stormfront was
moved by Black to the Web in March 1995. The site is decorated
with German-gothic text, white-pride graphics, and letters urging
African Americans to thank whites for slavery.

``At the time of the Oklahoma City bombing [in April 1995],
maybe two or three racist groups had Web pages,'' said Rick
Eaton, senior researcher at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los
Angeles. ``There are now dozens, if not over 100 outright racist
Web pages. There's a lot of new players that we never saw before,
and most importantly there is a sense of communication and
instant gratification -- that they're not alone.''

And many of their online efforts amount to ``very
sophisticated advertisements for their groups,'' said Paul V.
Fleming, a mass communications graduate student at Oklahoma State
University, who has co-authored a research paper on Internet hate
speech. ``Some of these sites are just very, very slick,'' with
good graphics and downloadable ``hate music,'' Fleming said.

Several watchdog groups, including the Anti-Defamation League
and the Wiesenthal Center, are attempting to closely monitor hate
speech on the Internet.

The Wiesenthal Center, Eaton said, now focuses up to 80
percent of its research activity on the worldwide linkage of
computer networks where cheap, unfettered and often anonymous
global discourse points up both the blessings and curses of free

Black said he oversees an e-mail discussion group with 380
subscribers and an electronic mailing list for 1,200 people. But
since March of 1995 he says his web site has been visited by
thousands more.

``What we've done is begin to break that monopoly'' of the
mainstream media, said Black. ``Anyone, of course, can set up a
Web page, and in our case we've been pretty successful at it as
far as the traffic we've gotten.''

``Up to now, you had a guy like Don Black . . . sitting there
and basically playing at being a Nazi when the lights are out.
Now all of a sudden there is a double sense of empowerment: Their
message, theoretically, gets out to hundreds of thousands or
millions of people . . . and they're in touch with each other
instantaneously,'' said Mark Weitzman, director of the Wiesenthal
Center's Task Force Against Hate.

Groups serious about using violence are not likely to be using
the relatively insecure Internet to communicate, several experts
said. Eaton said he had not previously heard the names of any of
those arrested this week as part of an alleged plot by the Viper
Militia in Arizona to bomb buildings in Phoenix.

Were the Vipers on the Internet? ``Nope, I can't find 'em,''
said Richard Bash of Portland, Oregon, who maintains an
electronic mailing list for the academic discussion of terrorism,
and is writing a doctoral dissertation about militias.

Most extremist-group members are ``blowhards'' who migrated
from such innocuous activities as ``bowling leagues.'' Rarely, he
said, do they pose a threat to society.

Weitzman said, however, that increasing electronic
communication among these extremists could be inspiring more to
violence. ``With the arrests in Arizona, you see more people
willing to go to the extreme,'' he said. ``As the communications
increase between them, there is a sense: We have this link, we
can start doing something about society.''

He said impressionable young people are the propaganda targets
of many extremist groups. ``They see the Internet as an
incredible recruiting tool. It is wide open for kids and,
essentially, the younger the better, because they can get them
before they develop all the intellectual resources to combat what
they're saying,'' Weitzman said.

``Organizations have recruited through Stormfront, and through
their Web pages that we've linked to,'' said Black.

Some experts say that the nature of the Internet makes it
difficult to stumble upon extremist material without looking for
it. But Eaton contests that.

He pointed out that a Web search for the term ``Talmud'' on
the Infoseek service turns up a page from Stormfront titled ``The
Talmud: Judaism's holiest book documented and exposed,'' in the
top 10 of 353 references.

In another search, the first and third of 415 references found
for the word, ``Auschwitz,'' were links to the Web site of an
organization that denies the Holocaust took place.

And an online essay by white supremacist Milton Kleim Jr., 25,
of Roseville, Minn., urges a campaign by ``cyber guerrillas'' to
proselytize in the Internet discussion groups called Usenet news

``Usenet offers enormous opportunity for the Aryan Resistance
to disseminate our message to the unaware and the ignorant . . .
We MUST move out beyond our present domain, and take up positions
on `mainstream' groups.''

In his paper titled ``An Examination of Hate Speech,
Censorship and the First Amendment on the Internet,'' presented
in March to a Las Vegas conference on American popular culture,
Fleming and co-author Torey Lightcap said, ``The Internet is
accused of not only giving hate groups an uncontrolled platform
but also legitimizing them.''

But the paper concludes that ``like the non-electronic world,
citizens of cyberspace will probably have to live with hate
speech as one of its liabilities in order to enjoy the wide range
of benefits the Internet offers.''

Cyberspace libertarians severely criticized the Wiesenthal
Center earlier this year when it sent thousands of letters to
Internet service providers asking them to deny Web space to hate
groups. Eaton said he was disappointed that barely a score of
providers responded.

``We would like to see providers say, `This stuff is crap, and
we're not going to put it on,''' he said.


Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 20:34:37 -0700
From: pinknoiz@ccnet.com (Bob Gonsalves)
Subject: CIA neglect for human rights 'systemic'

[The IOB report is available on the web at



UPI 7/2/96

WASHINGTON, July 2 (UPI) - Amnesty International USA said Tuesday
a report by a panel appointed by President Clinton shows the U.S.
intelligence community neglected human rights in Guatemala.

The AIUSA commented on an Intelligence Oversight Board
report released last week detailing abuses against U.S. citizens
in Guatemala since 1984.

The report said the CIA knowingly employed individuals in
Guatemala even though there were "credible allegations" they were
involved in assassinations, torture and kidnappings. The IOB
reported a neglect by the CIA to report to appropriate
congressional oversight committees.

Amnesty said the IOB report "clearly points to a systemic
problem of neglect to the human rights dimension of intelligence

"The IOB report finds that the intelligence community
doesn't take human rights seriously," AIUSA spokesman Carlos
Salinas told a news conference. [not the Mexican ex-president]

He said the U.S. government should "refuse to transfer tax
dollars to CIA operations implicated in human rights violations,
and to demand greater accountability by the CIA and the broader
intelligence community in their use of 'assets' suspected of

Guatemala has been torn by civil war for more than 30 years.
In 1954, U.S. involvement in Guatemala's violence deepened when a
CIA-backed military coup toppled constitutional President Jacobo
Arbenz, inaugurating a period of military regimes. Guerrilla
groups began their operations in 1960.

Clinton was praised for appointing the oversight board in
March 1995 to review the U.S. role in the Central American

Eileen Connolly, the sister of a U.S. Jesuit priest who
disappeared in the neighboring country of Honduras, said
Clinton's action "required courage - and more courage even to
make public the report."

Human rights groups allege the priest, James Francis Carney,
was kidnapped and killed in 1983 by Battalion 316, a Honduran
army unit trained by the CIA.

"We commend President Clinton for this action, but this is
just the beginning," Connolly said. "The IOB report deals only
with Guatemala, and it is limited to what happened after 1984,
but it is a chink in the armor of secrecy.

"This secrecy, that it is said to protect our national
interests, is indeed to protect a national image," she said. "It
also protects the military, and members of the intelligence
personnel who have been accomplices to kidnappings, tortures,

"We demand truth, justice, and a complete reform of the U.S.
intelligence community," Connolly said. "If the CIA is so
corrupted that it cannot be reformed, then it should be closed

David MacMichael, a former CIA officer, said the spy agency
cannot reform itself, adding, "The IOB report is one of the
fullest and most revealing reports on CIA activities."

According to the IOB report, the Defense Department
"discovered" in 1991 that the U.S. Army School of the Americas,
which has trained some 60,000 Latin American officers and
soldiers since 1946, and the U.S. Army Southern Command in Panama
"had used improper instruction materials in training Latin
American officers, including Guatemalans."

The "improper materials" were used from 1982 to 1991 and
"certain passages appeared to condone (or could have been
interpreted to condone) practices such as executions of
guerrillas, extortion, physical abuse, coercion, and false
imprisonment," the report said.

The report said the human rights records of the Guatemalan
security services were widely known to be reprehensible, and
although the CIA made efforts to improve the conduct of the
services, egregious human rights abuses did not stop."

MacMichael said that "nobody needs to teach Latin American
security officers" about the use of violence and that a concern
about the U.S. intelligence services is that "if you lay down
with dogs, you get up with fleas."

The former CIA officer recalled the case of Dan A. Mitrione,
an Indiana police chief sent to Latin America in the 1960s as a
police adviser in a program run by the U.S. Agency for
International Development.

"Mitrione was a CIA agent, the whole Public Order program
was a CIA operation," he said. Mitrione's role "was to teach the
most effective ways to obtain information, and he did it in the
Dominican Republic, in Brazil, and in Uruguay."

Mitrione was kidnapped and killed in August 1970 by Tupamaro
guerrillas in Uruguay.

The IOB report indicates that the Clinton administration
ordered in 1994 the CIA to cut its links with "assets" in
Guatemala accused of human rights abuses.

"And, what about assets recruited since 1994?" Salinas said.
"What about other CIA stations in other countries? Have they been
engaged in human rights violations?"


X-within-URL: http://www.globe.com/globe/ap/cgi-bin


Boston Globe AP on the Globe Online
The Boston Globe


By Associated Press, 07/08/96

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - Two Ku Klux Klan members already
facing state arson charges in the burnings of two black churches
were charged in federal court on Monday in connection with one of
the blazes.

Gary Cox, 23, and Timothy Welch, 24, are accused of
setting a June 1995 fire that destroyed the Mount Zion A.M.E.
Church in Greeleyville. They face up to 20 years in prison on the
federal charge.

Cox confessed to setting the fire, according to a sworn
statement by Scott Etheridge, a federal Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms agent.

Cox and Welch were arrested on state charges last year in
connection with the Mount Zion fire and one at the century-old
Macedonia Baptist Church in Bloomville the next day.

Justice Department spokesman Myron Marlin would not say if
the men would face charges in the Macedonia fire.

The Mount Zion fire received national attention when
President Clinton toured the site and the rebuilt church on June

More than 40 churches, mainly in Southern states and with
predominantly black congregations, have been damaged or destroyed
by fire in the past 18 months. Federal officials also are
investigating a suspicious fires that burned churches with
majority white congregations during the same period.

AP-DS-07-08-96 2038EDT



07-08-96 1643EDT


LAURENS, S.C. (AP) A store that sold Ku Klux Klan
memorabilia closed Monday, apparently because of a dispute
between the man who owns The Redneck Shop's business license and
shop owner John Howard.

Mike Burden, who held the license, asked city officials to
cancel it. He told WYFF-TV in Greenville, S.C., that he did so
after Howard refused to help Burden with food and shelter for his

``I want to get out of there,'' Burden told the station. ``I
want to help Laurens; I'm through with it.''

Why Burden and not Howard held the business license was not
clear. There was no telephone listing for Burden in Laurens.

Howard did not return a message left at his home. His son,
who answered the phone, said Howard was deep-sea fishing.

Ministers and community leaders organized protests against
the shop, which Howard opened March 1 in an old theater. He said
he eventually planned to open the world's only KKK museum over
the shop.

Among the items displayed were mannequins in Klan robes,
pictures of cross burnings and Klan founders, ``David Duke for
President'' stickers and multicolored Klansman miniatures.

Howard, an admitted Klan member, said he was not trying to
glorify the Klan but present it realistically so the violence it
represented would not happen again.

* * * * *

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