( Eng ) Support Jailed Activists!

Young Lions EF! (101356.2535@CompuServe.COM)
12 Jul 96 11:17:50 EDT


ARDAC activists Sheila Laracey, Gina Lynn Trapp and Karen Brooks
were all sentenced today in L.A. to 90 days in jail, the longest sentence
ever handed down for civil disobedience by ar activists. By comparison,
the sentence for wife-beating in the same county is only 30 days.

A motion was made to stay the sentence pending appeal, but the judge
refused even to consider it. An appeal will be filed tomorrow in Superior
Court, but the chances of winning it are slim.

The 3 activists are being held at the Cybill Brand Institution for Women.
You can express your outrage at the injustice of this sentence by
calling these numbers:

Booking Department (213) 780-2600
Sheriff's Office (213) 526-5541

If the appeal fails as we suspect it will, all activists who can possibly
travel to L.A. will be needed to protest this travesty and let the public
know that law enforcement and the courts are expending more energy
on prosecuting non-violent animal defenders than drug dealers, rapists,
etc., all of whom are routinely offered plea bargains.

I will keep you updated, but please make those calls now.

Animal Rights America