esperanto (lingvoj@lds.co.uk)
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 23:01:55 +0200


It has always been Freedom Press's policy to draw much of its
energy and dynamism from its readership. It might help therefore
to draw your attention to some of our future plans for The Raven.
The latest edition (on Communication) is now airborn and is to be
followed by an edition on Anarchy and Art. We have also started
work on a follow up to the current edition: Communication and
Language. Whereas the first part looked, almost exclusively, at
radio and the internet this edition already leans more towards
language(s). One outstanding non-appearance is television as a
media and we would very much welcome an article relating to this
subject. There are more omissions: language in a social context
(sexism, racism and other hidden/overt agendas), semiotics,
Newspeak (post 1984) or how about an article on the
communication gap between the generations - Aldermaston and
the Internet - or a rant on how anarchists are (or are not) using the
cinema as a medium.

Looking further ahead, next year, we want to publish editions

(Anti) Militarism and (Non) Violence

This would give a four pronged approach to an important subject.
Here we already have interesting suggestions regarding The
Shadows Project (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), information on
SERPAJ (the Concientious Objectors Movement in Latin
America) and also the International Project for Peace based in
Nicaragua. But this area could extend from Ghandi to British
Aerospace and from Indonesia to Ireland via the more reflective
routes of strategy and principle.

Anarchism and the Americas.

Here we hope already to receive articles on the social structures of
some of the Amer-indian tribes, the history of the IWW (and related
groupings) since World War II and an article on the anarchism of
Benjamin Tucker. This is such a wide field it is hard to know
where to start: Emerson, The Sixties, Alexander Berkman,
Thoreau, the failures of Neo-Liberalism in Chile... indeed if we
stick (for no better reason) with an alphabetical theme we can
come up with Cuba, Chomsky, Colombia, Canada, Clinton,
Colonialism, *the* Constitution, Czolgosz... and more.

for further details/enquiries please 'e' mail: lingvoj@lds.co.uk