(eng) IRA Bombs British Base In Germany

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Subject:IRA Bombs British Base In Germany

An Phoblacht/Republican News =B7 Thursday 4 July 1996

[An Phoblacht/Republican News]

IRA bombs British base in Germany

IN A statement claiming responsibility for the mortar attack
launched on British forces in Germany on Friday, 28 June, Oglaigh
na h=C9ireann said the attack, the first of its kind mounted
outside Britain or the Six Counties, was carried out by one of
its units.

The full statement read, ``The attack which was mounted against
the British military installation in Osnabruck, was carried out
by one of our units.'' It was signed P O'Neill.

The mortars struck at the core of the British army in Germany.
Its Quebec barracks at Osnabruck is the largest British military
garrison in Germany containing 10,700 personnel and their
families and is situated in the northwest of the country.

The mortars were fired from the back of a Ford Transit van parked
just outside the gates shortly before 7pm almost seven years to
the day from another IRA attack in June 1989.

Then, tight security was breached by IRA Volunteers who succeeded
in planting five high-explosive charges inside the sprawling
complex. One of the selected targets in 1989 was a Signals
Regiment on permanent secondment to the Special Air Service. A
total of over 330lbs of Semtex high explosive had been carried
into the base by IRA Volunteers during that attack. Germany was
the focus of a three-year campaign in Europe against British
military personnel and installations from 1987.

In last Friday's attack one of the mortars slammed into the
ground beside a fuel storage facility. Buildings, vehicles
including cars and armoured trucks were caught in the blast.

Quebec barracks also houses the brigade headquarters and 21
Engineer Regiment. Other British regiments in Onsnabruck at
present are the Queens Royal Lancers, the Green Howards, 4th
Regiment Artillery, and the 1st Battalion Royal Electrical and
Mechanical Engineers.

Following the attack senior British army officers were reported
to be increasingly worried that IRA units have the capability and
commitment to conduct an extensive campaign, varying methods and

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