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Subject:PKK 4th National Conference In Kurdistan

4th PKK National Conference

According to a report on the Kurdish television station
MED-TV, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) held its 4th National
Conference in Kurdistan in early June. Only a summary of the
results were made public:

- The PKK assumes that the peoples of Asia will join closer
together in the future in order to defend themselves from the
imperialist policies of the West.

- The PKK assumes that the opposition of the Arab states and Iran
to the increasing cooperation between Turkey and Israel will

- The PKK will expand its political activities, even in the
Turkish regions of Turkey, in order to strengthen the social base
of the Turkish and Kurdish populations.

- The Conference concluded that the unilateral cease-fire of the
PKK had not only remained unanswered, but that the Turkish
military utilized it in order to strengthen its military attacks.

- Therefore, the unilateral cease-fire must be called off, and the
PKK must greatly expand its military strength and actions, even in
urban areas.

- The Conference gave its approval to use of "suicide commandos"
to be utilized against "targets of strategic importance" should
the need arise.

(Source: Kurdistan Rundbrief #12/96)

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