Urgent Action: Threats to El Barzon Activists (fwd)

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>Subject: Urgent Action: Threats to El Barzon Activists (fwd)
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>Subject: Urgent Action: Threats to El Barzon Activists
>U R G E N T A C T I O N A P P E A L
>Global Exchange is forwarding this action appeal from
>Amnesty International and requests your immediate response.
>Global Exchange has worked extensively with El Barzon and
>is very concerned about the safety of its members. We take
>this threat very seriously.
>Those of you who had the opportunity to hear Jose Maria
>Imaz, Foreign Relations Coordinator when he toured the
>United States last April with Global Exchange have special
>reason to know how important the El Barzon movement is and
>why it could face the kind of violent threats described
>Thank you for your prompt action.
>Ted Lewis
>Global Exchange
>UA 174/96 Fear for safety
>9 July 1996
> Liliana Flores Benavides, aged 41, activist
> Viridiana Villareal, aged 17, Liliana's daughter
> Nancy Rodriguez Villareal, aged 32, activist
> Marta Rodriguez Martinez, aged 37, activist
>There is serious concern for the safety of the members of
>the non-governmental organization El Barzon in Nuevo Leon
>state, following the discovery of a bomb in their office on
>9 July 1996. It was set to explode at 1.00pm on 9 July,
>but it was taken away safely from the building. El Barzon
>is a non-violent legal organization of farmers, peasants
>and professionals working for the defence of land rights
>and better conditions on credits.
>This incident follows a series of anonymous death threats
>against one of the organization's leaders, Liliana Flores
>Benavides, apparently as a result of her work. On 3 and 5
>July 1996, Liliana Flores Benavides was followed and
>threatened by members of the Judicial Police, Policia
>Judicial, and the Ministry of the Interior, Secretaria de
>Gobernacion. She recorded the incidents on video and also
>took some photographs.
>The threats and acts of intimidation against Liliana Flores
>Benavides began in April 1996 when she received more than
>23 anonymous calls against her and her family. Her
>daughter, Viridiana Villareal, has regularly been followed
>since 10 June by unidentified men in a van.
>Two other members of El Barzon's staff, Nancy Rodriguez
>Villareal and Marta Rodriguez Martinez, have also been
>threatened. On the night of 8 July they received anonymous
>phone calls, warning them 'You will see if you keep on
>Amnesty International fears for the safety of those active
>in promoting and protecting human rights in Mexico in view
>of the increasing reports of threats and harassment against
>them. The organization has repeatedly expressed its
>concerns to the Mexican authorities about the lack of
>safeguards provided to protect human rights activists. It
>believes that the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators is
>the main reason for the persistence of these abuses.
>Other human rights activists in Nuevo Leon have been
>threatened in the past, including members of Ciudadanos en
>Apoyo a los Derechos Humanos, A.C., CADHAC, Citizens for
>Human Rights.
>telegrams/telexes/faxes/express/airmail letters:
>- expressing deep concern about the attempted bombing and
>threats against members of El Barzon, apparently made as a
>result of their work on behalf of peasant and farmers's
>- calling for an immediate, thorough and impartial
>investigation into the threats and bombing, and asking to
>be kept informed of developments; - urging the government
>to take appropriate measures to protect Liliana Flores
>Benavides and her daughter, and other members of El Barzon,
>including Nancy Rodriguez Villareal and Marta Rodriguez
>Martinez; - expressing deep alarm about continuing human
>rights violations against leaders of human rights
>organizations, those defending peasants and indigenous
>people and the apparent lack of effective action to stop
>human rights violations and to end the impunity currently
>enjoyed by most perpetrators.
>1) President of the Republic (Sr.
>Presidente / Dear President )
>Lic. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon
>Presidente de la Republica
>Palacio Nacional,
>06067 Mexico D.F., MEXICO
>[Faxes: 011 52 5 271 1764 but preferably to 011 52 5 515
>1794 or 542 1648 (voice line: ask 'me puede dar tono de
>fax, por favor')] [Telegrams: Presidente Zedillo, Mexico
>D.F., Mexico]
>[Telexes: 383 170937 sppnme; 1774468 sppnme]
>2) Minister of the Interior (Sr.
>Secretario / Dear Minister) Lic. Emilio Chuayffet Chemor
>Secretario de la Gobernacion
>Secretaria de la Gobernacion
>Bucareli 99, 1er piso, Col. Juarez
>06699 Mexico DF, MEXICO
>[Faxes: 011 52 5 546 5350]
>[Telegrams: Secretario Gobernacion, Mexico D.F., Mexico]
>3) Interim Governor of the state of Nuevo Leon (Sr.
>Gobernador / Dear Governor)
>Lic. Benjamin Clariond Reyes
>Gobernador Interino del estado de Nuevo Leon
>Palacio de Gobernacion
>Zaragoza y 5 de mayo
>Monterrey, 06400,
>Nuevo Leon, MEXICO
>[Faxes: 011 52 8 344 9877]
>[Telegrams: Gobernador Clariond, Nuevo Leon, Mexico]
>1) Centro de DD.HH.
>Ciudadanos en Apoyo a los Derechos Humanso, A.C. CADHAC
>Padre Mier 617 Pte., Zona Centro,
>64000 Monterrrey,
>Nuevo Leon, Mexico
>[Faxes 011 52 8 343 5058 (voice line: ask 'me puede dar
>tono de fax, por favor')]
>2) Centro de DD.HH.
>Miguel Agustin Pro-Juarez (PRODH)
>Puebla No 153, Col Roma
>06700 Mexico DF, Mexico
>[Faxes: 011 52 5 208 7547]
>3) Ambassador Jesus Silva Herzog
>Embassy of Mexico
>1911 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
>Washington DC 20006
>4) Attn:Ted Lewis
>Global Exchange
>2017 Mission St.
>San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
>Fax 415 255-7498
>e-mail globalexch@igc.apc.org
>Please send appeals immediately. Check with the Colorado
>office between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, Mountain Time, weekdays
>only, if sending appeals after 5 September 1996.
>The preceeding information is from Amnesty International's
>research headquarters in London, England. A.I. is an
>independent worldwide movement working for the
>international protection of human rights. It seeks the
>release of people detained because of their beliefs, color,
>sex, ethnic origin, language or religious creed, provided
>they have not used nor advocated violence. These are termed
>prisoners of conscience. It works for fair and prompt
>trials for all political prisoners and works on behalf of
>such people detained without charge or trial. It opposes
>the death penalty and torture or other cruel, inhuman or
>degrading treatment or punishment of all
>prisoners without reservation.
>Please do not repost the information below to any part of
>the Internet without prior permission from Amnesty
>International. Thank you for your help with this appeal.
>PO BOX 1270
>NEDERLAND CO 80466-1270
>PHONE: 303 440 0913
>FAX:303 258 7881
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>Subject: Urgent Action: Threats to El Barzon Activists (fwd)
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