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Update On Mumia Abu-Jamal And The Jamal Summit

From: Marpessa Kupendua <nattyreb@ix.netcom.com>

Warm Greetings, Mumia Supporters and Supporters of Freedom
for all Political Prisoners/Prisoners of War!

On Wednesday "In Defense of Mumia" contributors met the
public at a Poetry Reading/Book Signing fund raiser. Lamont
Steptoe was there, Dennis Brutus, and the Newark, NJ posse.
There was also a screening of the HBO documentary.

On Thursday July 4th thousands gathered at City Hall at
noon to mark the anniversary of Mumia's conviction and
sentencing. Media estimates of mass of people ranged from 250-
3,500, but the number 1,500 seemed most agreeable by reliable
witnesses. At 2:00pm protestors slowly marched the 8 blocks to
the Liberty Bell pavilion, stopping at each intersection for a sit-in,
and speak out!

That evening Pam Africa and Ramona Africa received
thunderous ovations at a gathering put together by Rev. Luther
Bevel's organization. Min. Louis Farrakhan was the featured
speaker, and he denounced the system of oppression holding sway

According to published reports, Farrakhan gave America
a "civics lesson" on the birthday of the nation. He told Black
America "what you are celebrating today is not yours."

On Friday, a last minute entertainment program showcased
the best conscious rap, jazz, poetry, and singers in the area.

On Saturday the highlight of the commemoration was the
Jamal Summit, a conference designed to tie together the various
social movements into one unique fighting block. It originated out
of a desire by Mumia himself to make sure everybody is fighting
the same war. The day appropriately began with Mike Africa's
popular rap "Just Because It's Legal Don't Make it Right." It
uplifted and moved the audience first to dance, and then to hold
hands and chant along with the powerful lyrics.

The unity remained evident all day, as one by one,
presenters gave a view of many different angles of our oppression,
from environmental issues raised by Ramona Africa, to political
prisoners being discussed by Dhoruba bin-Wahad of the Campaign
to Free Black PPs and POWs and by Safiyah Bukari, who also
spoke on the impending execution of Ziyon Yisrayah, and political
repression in prisons. Also participating was Carl Dix of the
Revolutionary Communist Party, Larry Holmes of the National
Peoples Campaign. Attending was folks from all over the world.

The dominant theme that "no matter what the front, its the
same struggle," was successfully brought home to the Pan
Afrikanists, Animal Rightists, Ecologists, Liberals, Friends, Social
Reformers, etc. in attendance.

Everyone agreed to spread the word about the Dec. 9, 1996
MARCH ON WALL STREET to commemorate not only Mumia's
15th year in jail, but to let the world see the United Front against
the system of oppression that is headquartered on Wall Street, New

But most importantly, everyone left the conference fired-
up, with plans to work hard to integrate the struggles of Mumia
Abu-Jamal and ALL Political Prisoners into their organizing
efforts, because we must save the lives of all of our warriors.

Call and Fax HBO and Time Warner thanking them for having the
courage to show the Mumia documentary, especially in face of the
Fraternal Order of Police's so-called boycott of HBO and Time

Support the August 27 "NOT ON THE GUEST LIST"
demonstration at the Chicago Democratic Convention. Co-endorsed
by many, including Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign, ICFAF-
MAJ, etc.

Support the DAY OF ATONEMENT --- Oct. 16 at UN

Posted: Mumia@aol.com Mon Jul 1 19:44:54 1996


Nearly one year later, after the State said, "Mumia you will die
this summer", our beloved brother is still alive, still against
injustice and oppression. Determined legal and political efforts
by people world-wide - -from California to Germany, from the
courtrooms and streets, and yes, from behind prison walls - -have
prevented this calculated act of murder. A victory!

Mumia, we are glad you are still with us dear comrade. We love
you and need your probing voice.

As political prisoners, our lives are inextricably bound to
Mumia's, The same blood of struggle pulses in our veins in
prisons coast to coast. we have leaned from hard experience that
it is the small victories - - staying alive in the face of state terror
and murder - - that carry the potential for continued resistance and
movements for liberation and social justice. we are living through
a difficult time. The US is powerful. Yet there are cracks in
that seemingly impenetrable force. You, we, many others not
here, are the potential that can widen those cracks. Keeping
Mumia alive, freeing him, and abolishing the death penalty across
the US are challenges to US imperialist power. Continue the fight
Let us stand together as militants for justice and liberation




Puerto Rican POWs
Dylcia Pagan
Carmen Valentin
Lucy Rodriguez

Anti - imperialist political prisoners
Marilyn Buck
Linda Evans
Laura Whitehorn
Donna Wilmott


Following a long and expensive investigation Veronica Jones, a
prostitute who had offered damaging testimony against Mumia in
the 1982 trial was located. She readily told the investigators that
she had lied during her testimony as the result of coercion by the
police and admitted she had, in fact, seen two people run from the
scene of the shooting. It had always been the prosecution's that
Mumia had to be the shooter since there was no evidence that
anyone else had been present. She. signed a sworn statement
admitting her trial testimony was untruthful and related the true
version of events.

On June 10th, 1996, we filed a motion with the Pennsylvania
Supreme Court asking that the case be remanded back to the Court
of Common Pleas (any Judge but Sabo) so that her testimony could
be taken and added to the appellate record. The District Attorney
objected and (told) the Court to simply ignore this new
development. We filed a reply to the District Attorney's objection
noting that the DA. didn't dispute the fact that Veronica was
coerced and had lied at trial. As of this writing, we have not yet
received the Court's decision on our request.

On June 11th the District Attorney filed a 192 page answering
brief to our opening brief in the Supreme Court. The rules allow
for only a 70 page brief. but the DA. asked for special permission
to file a brief more than twice as large and the Court agreed.
Also the rules require the answering brief to be filed within 30
days. The DA. took 70 days, with the Court's permission. We
now have till August 5th to respond. We are currently working
on ant drafts of the reply and have searched the record to uncover
many false representations made in their brief Their document
was a particularly nasty piece of writing, blaming Mumia the
lawyers the supporters and the media for trying to "manufacture
bias" on the part of a beleaguered Judge Sabo. It reminded us of
the comment made by a Philadelphia lawyer about an earlier brief
filed by that office In the Scarfo case:

"This is the first time in councel's long tenure at the bar that
such a throughly scurrilous, unprofessional and vicious attack has
been launched under the guise of a legal document."

When the Scarfo case was finally decided in 1992, the Court's
opinion contained the following unprecedented observation about
the Philly DA.

"We are especially concerned that prosecutorial misconduct seems
to arise in Philadelphia County more so than in any other county
in this Commonwealth."

The DA was was reminded that "the Commonwealth's client is
justice" and asked to take "...a more thoughtful approach to the
prosecutor's role in our society." It hasn't. Incidentally, the
proscutor in the Scarfo case was none other than Joey Grant, the
DA who handled Mumia's post conviction hearing last Summer.

On the executive front It's worth noting that Governor Tom Ridge
has now signed over 42 warrants for execution since taking office
15 months ago, exceeding the total number of warrants signed by
all the former Governors in the. last 33 years. And the US
Supreme Court has recently upheld a part of the "reforms"
contained in the Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 which are
designed to both restrict and speed up the appeals process of those
on death row. The major portions of the act which will restrict
Murma's ability to get a new trial have yet to be tested but the
trend is ominous.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Column Written 6/12/1996
Copyright 1996 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Move" Column, Philadelphia Tribune (7/29/75)

When a Philadelphia politician recently dared to criticize the
city's mayor for his sluggish response to the police killing of a
Slack resident, the mayor dismissed the criticism out-of-hand, by
boasting he received eighty-percent of the city's Slack vote in his
last election.

Translation: If Slacks don't like my stand on certain issues, they
won't vote for me: but since they did, what's your beef?

In city after city, in election after election, some Black leaders
make much ado about the vote, the 'sacred franchise', so much so
that Blacks make a fetish of the vote, obsessing over it as a
symbol of citizenship, forgetting it is a secular exercise with one
objective: power

Some 30 years after African-Americans have won the franchise,
that central objective, power, seems as elusive as ever.

We should not confuse presence with power, for although many
government bodies have Blacks present, they are so constructed
that power, or the ability to exercise the will of their
is, more often than not, a mirage.

How could this be otherwise in a system that practices 'majority
rules'? In a system where whites are in the overwhelming

In such a system, Black politicians may don the same suits or
skirts; if judges, they may be clad in the same robes of office,
but they are never free to exercise the power of their white
colleagues. Never.

Several years ago, Black intellectuals and civil rights people were
sorely distressed at US President Sill Clinton's slighting and
rejection of an alleged 'friend', law professor Lani Guinier, for
a high post in the US Justice Dept., reportedly because her
published views were out of some presumed mainstream'. What
'mainstream'? We shall see.

Prof. Guinier's area of expertise is the Voting Rights Act, and how
to apply those theoretical statutory rights to the real world. In
her view, the 'majority rules' way meant a permanent denial of
meaningful representation for the numerical minority; thus, she
suggested proportionality, or banking votes according to a group's
percentage in a given population.

Thus, Guinier's theories challenged the US historical and
contemporary practice of white, i.e. 'majority' supremacy, and its
monopoly of power.

Clinton, fundamentally a Southern politician, in the interest of
continued white supremacy, could not be seen supporting a
political appointee who supported a theory that diluted white

So, in our millions, North and South, we continue to vote for
politicians whose interests are not our own.

We vote for politicians who spit on our dreams.

We vote in a system that was initiated, is sustained, and continues
on the foundation of Black oppression and containment.
Mumia Abu-Jamal


Posted lewinte@earlham.edu Wed Jul 3 20:10:09 1996 to police
abuse list
Subject: Ziyon: A letter to Bayh - MORE NEEDED! - Please post

Dear Bob - Please post this message.

Ziyon's execution date has been set for July 18th. Below is a letter
I just sent to Gov. Bayh. It summarizes the central issue, the
"execution on the porch", and embodies the central demands of his
clemency attorney, Andy Maternowski, who is terrific.

We have just two weeks to urge Bayh to do right, and that will
happen only if we generate political pressure. We want his phones
ringing off the hooks! Once again, here are Bayh's addresses and
Governor Evan Bayh
State House (Suite 200)
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-4567 phone
(317) 232-3443 FAX
email: "Governor's Mailroom"


July 3, 1996

Dear Governor Bayh,

Fifteen years ago Tommie Smith was convicted of murder and
sentenced to death because the state convinced a judge and a jury
that as Sgt. Ohrberg was lying wounded and helpless on the porch,
Tommie Smith then leaned from the doorway and deliberately
pumped two shots into his back at point-blank range in cold blood.
Deputy Prosecutor Garrison urged the jury to convict Smith of
murder in the following language:

Now, what about Tommie. Tommie signed his name for us and
we owe him a debt of gratitude. Because Tommie couldn't be
satisfied with tearing Jack's guts apart [with] that first shot. Oh,
no. He's got to play super-fly [sic] and come out here and blow
holes in a man who is lying dying on the sidewalk.

Stephen Goldsmith, who was the Prosecutor, cited this "execution
on the porch" as the principal reason for asking for the death
penalty. (In fact, Goldsmith was being less than forthcoming,
because he carefully avoided the physical evidence, no doubt
recognizing that it would tear his case apart.)
Years later evidence came to light that shows the theory of the
execution on the porch to be IMPOSSIBLE. This evidence was
the physical evidence, available all along, but not examined until
the post-conviction hearing. For various technical reasons, NO

The Parole Board has been discredited by Chairman Raymond
Justak's June 13th letter to the editor of the Indianapolis Star.
In that letter he justified Smith's pending execution by a totally
new theory: that Smith fired eight shots before Ohrberg fired his
AND SENTENCED TO DEATH. Thus, the Parole Board does
not believe the theory of the "execution on the porch" and
was therefore bound to recommend clemency. What is even more
astonishing, however, is that Justak's new theory shows that the
THE CASE, for the record does not show whether Ohrberg fired
first or Smith fired first, and there is evidence that shows that it is
impossible that Smith fired eight shots before Ohrberg fired.
[N.b., Justak's letter claimed that the record shows that Smith
fired first.]

The Parole Board has shown itself biassed and incapable of
evaluating the physical evidence or the facts in the case.

I know that you want Tommie Smith's factual claims addressed
fairly. I know that you do not want Indiana to unjustly execute a
man. Therefore you should order the Indiana State Police to
evaluate the physical evidence and the facts in the case. They
have earned a reputation for competence, integrity, and

If the evidence exonerates Smith, Ohrberg's death must be treated
as manslaughter and accordingly Smith given clemency.

Yours very truly,
Tekla Lewin
Visiting Professor of Mathematics

Tekla Lewin, lewinte@earlham.edu
Dept. of Mathematics, Earlham College, Richmond, IN 47374

From: Bob Witanek <bwitanek@igc...apc.org>
Subject: 7/8: NYC, ARA/Cop Watch Presentation
Posted lnr@blythe.org Fri Jul 5 20:34:58 1996
From: Love and Rage <lnr@blythe.org>

Come to a presentation and discussion
with Katrina & Molly of Minneapolis ARA about


Monday, July 8 7:00 pm at Blackout Books 50 Ave B between 3
& 4 St. Manhattan

Minneapolis ARA is one of the most active and vibrant Anti-Racist
Action groups on the continent. They do ongoing work
confronting orgnaized nazis in the Twin Cities, and they have also
maintained a confrontational Copwatch program for about two
years. Come find out how Minneapolis ARA confronts police &
neo-nazis through direct action in their city. Also find out about
the ARA Network and what's going on in the North American
anti-racist / anti-fascist movement.

Sponsored by:
Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
PO Box 853 Stuyvesant Station, NY, NY 10009

Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa
10:00 PM - HBO


HBO and Court TV Collaborate on Documentary Special "Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case
for Reasonable Doubt?"

In 1982, Mumia Abu-Jamal, a black journalist and radio commentator with ties
to radical groups, was tried and convicted for the murder of white
Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner. A worldwide controversy over the
decision has raged ever since: some believe he is a cop killer who should be
put to death, while some believe he is a political prisoner, the victim of a
racist, corrupt judicial system. Others are undecided on his guilt or
innocence, but feel he did not get a fair trial and should have another day
in court.

In an unprecedented arrangement, HBO and Court TV both will broadcast the
documentary special "Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?" which
features for the first time, Abu-Jamal on camera telling his story in his own
words, along with archival footage and interviews, including witnesses not
heard in court. HBO will premiere the one-hour documentary on Sunday, July 7
at 10pm (ET).

On Thursday, July 11, beginning at 9pm (ET), Court TV also will present the
documentary, followed by a one-hour panel discussion of the case.

The discussion, "Fair or Foul? The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal," will be hosted
by Harvard University law professor Arthur Miller. Participants in the
discussion will include: Vernon Geberth, homicide and forensic consultant
and former Lieutenant Commander of the New York City Police Department; Ira
Glasser, Executive Director of the ACLU; Jeanine Pirro, Westchester County
District Attorney; Stuart Taylor, Senior Writer for The American Lawyer and
Legal Times; Judge Carolyn Temin, Chief Criminal Calendar Judge for the Court
of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County and Cornel West, Professor of
Afro-American Studies and Philosophy of Religion at Harvard University.

The panel will address a wide range of issues, including police misconduct,
what it takes for a defendant to get a new trial and the death penalty.

"This case has elicited strong reactions on both sides, and while we take no
position as to Abu-Jamal's guilt, we will try to present significant
information about the case and the issues it raises through HBO's documentary
and Court TV's in-depth discussion," says Steven Brill, Court TV founder &



HBO, in association with Court TV and Channel 4 (UK) presents MUMIA ABU-JAMAL:
A Case for Reasonable Doubt, produced by Otmoor Productions, John Edginton
and Sarah Teale. This breakthrough program is an in-depth investigation into
the trial and death-row case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The film is to air on HBO:

July 7 Sunday 10:00 pm
July 23 Tuesday 9:45 pm
July 24 Wednesday 4:05 am
July 26 Friday 3:15 pm

It will also air on Court TV on Thursday, July 11 at 9:00 pm, along with a
debate on the legal argument for a retrial for Mumia featuring Mumia's
lawyer Len Weinglass and former prosecutor Joseph McGill.

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