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CONTENTS: Supplement 58


Hunt For Oklahoma `Witness'

2. (AP) Man Pleads Guilty To 19 Bank Robberies In 7

3. (AA-M) Game Over, Celle! Stamement From Autonome
Antifa (M)

4. (BA) BLACK AUTONOMY: Anti July 4th Action

5. (DHKC) TURKEY: Update On Arrested European Human
Rights Delegation

Unjust Asylum Laws

7. (WW) WORKERS WORLD: Probe Cops' Role Aiding KKK

On July 6th KKK Demonstrations; Midland And
Saginaw, Michigan


{Editor's Note: AFIB received the post below from another list.
There are many potential links to be explored here, not least of
which are those which may -- or may not -- connect neo-Nazi
operative, "Pastor" Mark Thomas and his Pennsylvania Christian
Posse Comitatus (the local Aryan Nations affiliate) to Michael
Brescia, the purported "John Doe 2," described in the piece
below. AFIB is currently exploring Thomas' connection to
suspects recently arrested near Philadelphia associated with the
Aryan Republican Army, a gang of bank robbers modelled after the
Silent Brotherhood, aka "The Order;" see item #2, current


Foreign News
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


"A Couple grieving for grandchildren killed in the bombing last
year think they have identified a name missed by the huge
resources of the FBI, says Ambrose Evans Pritchard"

While President Clinton is in Europe demanding a tougher
response to terrorism, his own government is having trouble
getting to the bottom of the Oklahoma bombing, the most deadly
act of terrorism ever committed on U.S. soil. The Oklahoma
investigation is losing credibility fast, with talk of a cover-up
now reaching fever pitch. Glenn and Kathy Wilburn, who lost two
grandchildren in the blast, have accused the Justice Department
of playing politics with their grief.

Conducting their own investigation they have already raised
doubts about the official story implicating Tim McVeigh, the
chief suspect, in the April 1995 Oklahoma City blast in which 168
died. Now the Wilburns believe they have tracked down the
elusive witness known as "John Doe II", the tanned, tattooed,
muscular man said to have been with McVeigh when he allegedly
rented the Ryder truck used in the bombing.

The man they name has been identified from a photo by one of
the witnesses who helped draw up the artist's impression of John
Doe II. Several other witnesses have said they think the photo
is of the same person. If the witnesses are right, the man is a
former university student from Philadelphia named Michael
Brescia. Over the last month, some of the major US newspapers
and TV networks have been searching nationwide for him, with no

It is remarkable that the FBI has shown so little interest
in Brescia, if the Wilburn's are correct. The search for John
Doe II involved half the FBI's entire staff of special agents.
The vast investigative machinery of the US government had not
been mobilized in such a way since the assassination of President
Kennedy. Apparently, it found nothing. After two months the
Justice Department announced that the sighting of John Doe II was
a simple matter of confusion. The witness was an innocent
soldier who happened to visit the Ryder rental office in Junction
City the day after McVeigh, said the official statement. This
account is disputed vehemently by the three witnesses at the
Ryder agency who said they saw McVeigh with John Doe II.

The Wilburns' have now learned that two witnesses came
forward immediately after the bombing and told the FBI that they
knew who the John Doe II in the artist's impression was. One, a
college student named Catrina Lawson, was a close friend of Tim
McVeigh. The other was her mother, Connie Smith. In a
confidential statement to the FBI dated April 23, Smith said her
daughter "dated McVeigh for two years." Lawson says that she was
just a friend, but admits to having attended parties in Kansas
where McVeigh was present. Moreover, also knew Michael Fortier,
the man who allegedly "cased" the Oklahoma federal building with
McVeigh and who has started a 23-year prison sentence after
pleading guilty to lesser charges related to the bombing.

On April 20, 1995, the day after the bombing, Lawson told
the FBI that the sketch of John Doe II resembled a muscular man
with an olive complexion who had moved in McVeigh's circle. "I
told them he had a tattoo on his arm and his name was Mike, but I
didn't know the rest of his name," she said. Her FBI statement
is slightly different from this. The document says that she
identified John Doe II but did not know his name.

Lawson, now 22, told The Sunday Telegraph that "Mike" had a
brief affair with a housemate, who has since disappeared. She
believed it occurred in the summer of 1992. "I never found out
what he was doing in Kansas," she said. "But I remember her
saying that he came from Pennsylvania and I saw the Pennsylvania
tags on his car."

Smith remembers being introduced to "Mike" by her daughter.
She later saw him in the local town of Herington with McVeigh.
In her FBI statement she said that the man was a friend of
McVeigh and that "she believed he was John Doe II." She said in
an interview "I kept telling them that the man in the sketch was
that Mike guy, a nice looking guy, dark-skinned. But the FBI
made me feel guilty, then ignorant, as if i didn't know what I
was saying. Then, later, I tried to call in with more
information and they said they wouldn't even talk to me."

Their testimony is sketchy. It may be incorrect. What is
astonishing is that the FBI apparently failed to pursue the leads
given by Lawson. It was not until February of this year that two
local FBI agents came back to ask Lawson a series of questions on
behalf of the bombing investigation. They asked if she knew
"Michael Brescia." She said no because she did not know the
second name of the man she remembered only as Mike. Sources
close to the Justice Department say that the FBI has still not
interviewed Brescia, even though it has conducted more than
21,000 witness interviews.

It was not until the Wilburns showed them a picture of
Michael Brescia this month that Lawson and her mother learned his
full identity. Both identified him once from the picture.
Brescia, 24, comes from a solid catholic family in Philadelphia,
the son of a battalion chief in the fire brigade. He was an
Eagle scout at a private high school, and then went on to LaSalle
University in Philadelphia.

"He was very outgoing, likeable guy, but he tried to set up
a white supremacist group on campus," said George Ralko, a
"brother" in the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity. "We threatened to
revoke his membership. We told him the fraternity wouldn't
tolerate that kind of behavior. In 1993, in his third year at
LaSalle, he mysteriously dropped out, telling friends that he was
taking up a job offer in Oklahoma.

In fact he went to join an armed religious cult in the
Ozarks, called Elohim City, where he fell in love with the
granddaughter of the community patriarch, Pastor Robert Millar.
The sect is a branch of the Christian Identity Church, which
believes that the Aryan peoples are the 12 lost tribes of Israel.

Brescia shared a house at Elohim City with Andreas
Strassmeir, a former officer in the West German army and a man
the Wilburns have announced that they plan to name in a lawsuit
as a "US federal informant with material knowledge of the
bombing." Strassmeir said that he has not worked on
intelligence matters since his discharge from the german army and
denies working for the US government. Strassmeir said that
Brescia was in Little Rock, Arkansas, on the day of the bombing,
attending a clemency rally for the right-wing leader Richard
Wayne Snell (who was executed for murder convictions the same day
and who was then brought back for burial at Elohim). "I don't
think Mike was involved in any way," he said. He was just a
typical kid of his age searching for something in life."

Joan Millar, one of the leaders of Elohim City, says that
Brescia could not possibly be John Doe II. "He was right here
with us on April 17 (the day the Ryder truck was rented), helping
to prepare the grave for Wayne Snell," she said. Brescia was
expelled from Elohim in the summer of 1995, apparently for a
curfew violation. He went to live with George Eaton, a neighbor
who publishes the "Patriot Report" (a tiny, right-wing militia
publication to which McVeigh, among others, subscribed). Eaton
told The Sunday Telegraph that Strassmeir and Brescia had been
stirring things up at Elohim City.

"They were pushing for all these military maneuvers, and it
got to be a problem," he said. Eaton does not believe that
Brescia played any role in the bombing. "All these rumours are
just nonsense," he said. He said that Brescia has a tattoo on
his left arm (John Doe II was described as having one). He
described it as a circle with four spokes. Experts on the far
right say this is the symbol of the Order, the violent military
wing of the Aryan Nations. The Order was supposedly disbanded in
the mid-1980s, but it may have been reconstituted. As they try
to find all the pieces to this jigsaw puzzle, the Wilburns
believe that the bombing was a broad conspiracy by members of the
Aryan Nations. Now they want to know why the Justice department
has been so slow in following up obvious leads.


X-within-URL: http://www.nando.net/newsroom/ntn/nation/070396/



Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

CINCINNATI (AP) -- A member of a Midwest robbery gang that
heckled the FBI in newspapers and wore bureau logos during
holdups admitted Wednesday to robbing 19 banks in seven states.

Richard Guthrie, 38, pleaded guilty in federal court after
prosecutors agreed to recommend he serve no more than 30 years in
prison for the 1994 and 1995 robberies.

In return, Guthrie must provide the FBI with evidence against
three other men awaiting trial, as well as information on Aryan
Nations, a white supremacist organization to which he was

The "Mid-Western Bank Bandits," as they called themselves are
accused of robbing banks of more than $200,000 in Missouri,
Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio and Kentucky.

They approached the record of Jesse James, who led about 25
robberies of banks, stage coaches and trains in and around

No one was hurt, but the FBI was irked by the robbers'
tendency to wear FBI logos on shirts during holdups and poke fun
at the agency in letters to the press.

In some robberies the suspects bought older used cars and
signed the names of retired FBI office chiefs' on the titles.

One letter sent to the The Plain Dealer nominated an agent to
be the bureau's new spokesman, expressing the hope that he would
do a better job reporting their robberies than the spokesman at
the time.

Three others have been arrested and are awaiting trial. Peter
Langan, 37, was arrested in January in Columbus. Scott Anthony
Stedeford, 27, and Kevin McCarthy, 18, were arrested in May
outside Philadelphia.

Guthrie said he was introduced to Stedeford through an Aryan
Nations activist. Literature and videotapes for an organization
called the Aryan Republican Army were found in Langan's home,
said authorities.


Date: Sat, 6 Jul 96 05:32:12 -0700
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net>
Subject: Statement From Autonome Antifa (M)



Statement From Autonome Antifa (M)

For the past two and half years, Autonome Antifa (M) has
been investigated as a "terrorist organization" (Paragraph 129a),
then for another two and a half years as a "criminal
organization" (Paragraph 129). More than 13,929 telephone
conversations were recorded, 143 persons suspected of being
members of the group were followed with all technical means
available to the state, all participants in political rallies and
events were filmed, and 30 house raids were carried out. In the
end, 17 people were charged with being members of Autonome Antifa
(M), a "criminal organization", and 131 court days, three per
week, were scheduled at a location some 250km away from the
defendants' homes and 380,000 DM were budgeted to convert a
police riding stable into a large enough courtroom to house the

In the past, the Attorney General's Office (GSA) in Celle
and the State Security Chamber (SSK) in Luneburg tried to score a
political victory over Autonome Antifa (M) by trying to force the
defendants to admit their guilt and distance themselves from
their politics. But over the past few weeks, the conditions for
having the case be dropped were lowered substantially. Instead
of having each defendant turn in individual written statements, a
collective statement will now suffice.

At present, the deal being offered to drop the trial is as

1) The lawyers will declare that their clients have been
informed about the public assembly and demonstration laws. The
clients, for their part, will state that they will "keep these in

2) Each defendant will pay a fine of 3,000 DM to a
concentration camp memorial site.

3) The materials, including computers, which were seized
during the raids on July 5/6, 1994 will be handed back. All
documents relating to Autonome Antifa (M) will be donated to the
Institute for Social Research in Hamburg.

By agreeing to these conditions, not only will the charges
against the original 17 defendants be dropped, but also the
preliminary proceedings against 17 others persons "accused" of
being members of Autonome Antifa (M), due to investigations of
demonstrations which have taken place after the July 1994 raids,
will also be halted.

Autonome Antifa (M) remains committed to fighting the roots
of fascism. As in the past, we will continue to utilize adequate
means in this political struggle.

Autonome Antifa (M)
June 25, 1996

For more information, contact:

Autonome Antifa (M)
c/o Buchladen
Rote Strasse 10
37073 Gottingen

Fax: +49.551.549081
E-Mail: aam@paxo.nadir.org
WWW: http://www.nadir.org/Gruppen/aam/

(Translated by Arm The Spirit)

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Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information
collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide
variety of material, including political prisoners, national
liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism,
the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our
writings, research, and translation materials in our magazine and
bulletins called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

E-mail: ats@etext.org
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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 16:17:34 -0700
From: bd982@scn.org (Greg Jackson)
Subject: Anti July 4th Action


The Black United Front for Revolution (Black Autonomy
Collective/Black Autonomist International-Seattle, Nation of Gods
and Earths [5%Nation], and the PanAfrican Student/Youth Movement)
held its first annual speak out against "independence day". We
set up a p.a at 23rd + Union in Seattle's Central District,
invited two d.j.'s and began to speak on police brutality,
chattel slavery, and why the 4th of July has no meaning except
continued oppression for Black and other non-white workers.

The Seattle police Department ordered us to stop from a
patrol car p.a. the first time they came by; we promptly refused.
The second time they tried to say that the Sunni Muslims across
the street had complained; a lie.. we asked the brothers about it
and they said "we say what you all are sayin' everyday at the
mosque!" Finally, the third time the pigs put pressure on the
Black-owned business that granted us permission to set up,
threatening fines and calling the landlord,etc. The pig also
threatend to confiscate our rented p.a. gear.

Unfortunatly, the d.j.s never got a chance to perform, but
we did send a clear message and played the phat cuts like Goodie
Mob, Sly and Family Stone, and the Last Poets.

We intend to do another event like that to dedicate a
memorial to all of those killed by police; in direct opposition
to the one the city built for fallen officers.

All of the Black revoltionary groups are totally open to any
donations or word of encouragement from progessive out there in

Feel Free to post, copy, and distribute....

G. Jackson.


* B L A C K A U T O N O M Y *

323 Broadway Ave. E #914
Seattle, WA 98102 USA
206-680-8916 (voice mail)


Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 02:30:57 +0200
From: DHKC Informationbureau Amsterdam <ozgurluk@xs4all.nl>
Subject: Turkey: European


Cologne, 2nd of July 1996

On Monday, 1st of July 1996, an international delegation
tried to visit the prison of Bayrampasa in Istanbul. The
delegation consisted of the Greek Lawyer Dimitris Hadjipamayotou
and his wife Kanelya, the Greek human rights representative Magda
Spiliopulo, the German Member of Parliament of the Green Party
Heidi Lippmann Kasten, the German journalist Heike Schrader and
the German Civil servant Udo Kim.

When the delegation arrived at prison on 11 o'clock, p.m.,
the participants immediately have been surrounded by the Civil
police, who checked their identifications. In presence of
numerous press representatives all of the participants of
delegation, accept the Member of Parliament, Heidi Lippmann
Kasten and the Lawyer Behic Asci have been arrested.

First of all the arrested people has been taken to the
police station Bayrampasa. There they explained to them, that
there's no permission for the visit of prison and assured their
request will be checked. But instead ask for the required grant
at the public prosecutor, the people has been brought to the
anti-terror-department of Istanbul. There the translator of the
delegation, Sueleyman Ozcan, has been separated and put under
torture by police. He was beaten very hard, strangled at his neck
and trampled upon the genitals. The journalist Heike Schrader who
wanted to prevent Sueleyman,s isolation has been tugged out of
the room by three Civil-policemen. At the field one of the
Civil-policemen blowed into her face with fist by telling: "We
will show you, what we do here with people like you!" Then he
tried to dislocate her elbow, but prevented by the other

The foreign participants of delegation have been brought
into another room, where they waited for hours. Again and again
Civil-policemen entered the room and insulted the arrested
people. Especially the Greek participants have been menaced, that
now, if Erbakan is prime minister, all Greeks would be shot.

About two hours later the translator Sueleyman Ozcan has
been brought to them again. At his neck have been marks of
strangulation and his face was swollen by the punches. The
director of anti-terror department appeared and accused the
participants of delegation working together with terrorists. He
called the Lawyers of the office of people's rights terrorists,
exclusive pleading the terrorists causes. He said, if the
delegation wants to know something about the prisons, they should
please talk to police, but not to terrorists. Police could give
all required informations.

After longer discussion about aims of delegation and about
mind, calling Lawyers, who do their job, as terrorists, he
promised to release the delegation. But some more formalities
must have been checked. The arrested people, first have been
brought to police station in Bayrampasa once more. From there
they were brought to department for foreign affairs. The
responsible director of department informed them, that they would
immediately deported and commanded some Civil-policemen to escort
the arrested people, who should fetch their package and flight

In the meantime Heidi Lippmann Kasten had informed the
responsible consulates. When the arrested people were brought
back to the department of foreign affairs, the Greek consul and a
Lawyer of trust of the German embassy awaited them. Although both
the embassy and the Lawyer stood guarantee for the arrested
people, they even not were allowed to spend the night in hotel.

Instead of it the participants of delegation were accused ,
that they made a protest manifestation in front of prison and
should have wanted to read a press release. Everyone of the
arrested people deposed, that nothing of the kind was planed and
they only wanted to visit the prison.

The responsible director of the department stayed with the
decision, to let the people deport. All of them had to spend the
night in prison. All night the people set at the chairs in the
guard's room. Next day each of them has been brought to the
airport by Civil-policemen and escorted as far as behind the pass

The translator of the delegation, Sueleyman Ozcan, should
have been brought before the public prosecutor. In fact of
intervening by the Lawyer of German embarassy, Oguz Ugur Olcat,
could be prevented, that they bring him back to the anti-terror
department. The Lawyer could also achieve Sueleyman's release on
Tuesday noon.

We're shocked, that human rights delegations, who wants to
inform themselves about the situation in Turkey, are treated in
this way. Especially the torture on the translator of delegation
clearly shows how it is about human rights in Turkey. A Country,
where it is a crime to read a press release, has no right to call
itself democratic. A government, who deports representatives of
human rights, who wants to inform themselves about the situation
in Turkey, can't have place in institutions of democratic states.

The hungerstrike of some prisoners in Turkey, these days
will pass over to death strike. The Turkish government tries
everything to denounce the legitimate demands of the prisoners
and to make their voice silent. We demand the German government
to strike the cooperation with the Turkish terror state. We
demand you to make pressure to the Turkish government, so that
the human rights in Turkey are shown to advantage. We demand the
present representatives of press to inform the public about the
situation in Turkey to save the lives of the prisoners in death

Visit http://www.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk
For news and information
about the classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan


** Topic: Germany: Actions against unjust asylum laws **
** Written 12:29 PM Jul 1, 1996 by
WRI-AG.FOEGA@OLN.comlink.apc.org in cdp:gen.racism **


* Without us *
* Action day against the unjust asylum laws *
* in Germany *

On Saturday, 29th June, a coalation of groups from
Oldenburg organised an action day against the unjust German
asylum laws. Three years ago, on 1st July 1993, the new asylum
law, which in practise means the abolishmeht of the right to
asylum, was in troduced. On 14th May 1996 the constitutional
court decided, that this change of the asylum law and the German
constitution was correct according to the constitution. Only
very small and not important parts of the law have to be
corrected. Three years ago, when the German Bundestag
(parliament) decided on the law (with a large coalation of CDU,
CSU, FDP and SPD in favour of this so-called Asylum compromise)
more than 8,000 people blocked the German parliament. Since
then resistance against this unjust asylum law nearly disappeard.
The new law is mainly based on three newly introduced
regulations: a list of "safe home countries", created by the
German government, in which nobody is politically persecuted, a
second list of "safe third countries", in which asylum seekers
can seek for asylum (and therefore are not allowed to seek for
asylum in Germany) and several aggravations within the asylum
procedure concerning especially entering the country through an
airport. As all the members of the European Union as well as
all neighbouring countries of Germany have been declared "safe
third countries" there is no legal way to enter Germany by car or

The consequences of this unjust asylum law are known:

- in 1995 only 30,252 people were deported from Germany;
- because of the massive border controls in 1994 145,000
people were stopped in their attempt to enter Germany and
sent back - without ever getting into the asylum procedure;
- according to official figures 33 people drowned in the
rivers Oder and Neisse (the border to Poland) since 1993.
The actual figures should be much higher;
- between October 1993 and August 1995 at least 21 people
have committed suicide because of the threat of being
deported to the country from which the had fled;
- more and more people are being pushed into an illegal life
through this unjust asylum law. The authorities estimate
that more than 500,000 people are living in Germany without
a legal residence permit.

Against unjust asylum laws - residence permission for all,
open borders!

On the action day in Oldenburg crosses in the pedestrians
zone symbolised the victims of this unjust asylum laws. The
exact number of victims will never be known. Leaflets informed
the public about the situation of refugees and the demands of the
groups in support to the refugees. A symbolical blocking of the
pedestrians zone with banners showed the policy of the "fortress
Europe", the more and more closed borders for refugees. The
passers-by were asked to fill in a visa application form, which
was written in English, to let them experience the problems of
refugees and all peoples without a Northern states passport, when
the want to enter the rich northern countries. This form was
written in English, to show how difficult it is to fill in form
in a language you are not able to understand. Although nobody
was hindered to enter the pedestrians zone the police interfered
in an unappropriate manner and escalated the situation. Only the
considerated intervention of passers-by could de-escalate the
situation. The action day was closed with two speaches on the
situation of refugees in German refugee camps and the special
situation of female refugees.

Against the racism of the state: action week in Hamburg from
10.-17. August

This local action day in Oldenburg was only one activity
against the unjust refugee policy in Germany. On the 30th June a
women action day took place in several German cities. A action
week is planned from August 10th to 17th in the city of Hamburg.
This action week focusses not only on deportation camps (the is
one in Glasmoor, a part of the city of Hamburg) but also on the
"normal" work of the administration, in which nobody feels
responsible for the results of his/her work. Through actions of
civilian disobiedience and nonviolent actions this normal work of
the administration should be made visible to the public. Part of
the action week is a concert action of the group, "Lebenslaute".

Andreas Speck



Initiative for open borders - against deportation and
special laws! Karlstrasse 14a, 26123 Oldenburg, Tel.: +49 441

Graswurzelwerkstatt, Scharnhorststrasse 6, 50733 Koeln,
Tel.: +49 221 765842, Fax: +49 221 765889, email:

Oldenburg grassroots group, Brahmweg 178, 26135 Oldenburg,
Tel.: +49 441 203864

** End of text from cdp:gen.racism **


** Topic: Probe Michigan Cops for Aiding KKK **
** Written 11:48 AM Jul 5, 1996 by nyt@blythe.org
in cdp:misc.activism. **


Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the July 11, 1996
issue of Workers World newspaper


By Jane Cutter
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Two members of the Ann Arbor City Council plan to introduce
a resolution to investigate police activities during a June 22 Ku
Klux Klan rally and counter-demonstration. On that day, police
provided extraordinary protection to the Klan, including allowing
them to conduct their rally from the roof of City Hall.

Police attacked anti-racist counter-demonstrators with tear
gas and mace. They arrested eight, charging seven with felonious
assault, and releasing one juvenile to his parents.

In a telling show of racism, the court set bail only for the
two African American defendants.

Councilwomen Tobi Hanna-Davies and Pat Vereen-Dixon will
introduce their resolution July 1. It calls for an independent
investigation into police actions and creation of a civilian
police review board.

They also want the city to research ways to deal with hate
groups without using massive police presence, and to find ways to
legally show the Klan "they are not welcomed in our community."

Anti-Klan organizers from a variety of organizations plan to
speak at the city council meeting in favor of the resolution.
They will describe the many acts of police brutality that took
place on June 22, including macing of arrestees who were already
in handcuffs and of a man holding a baby.

Organizers are also demanding that all charges be dropped
against the seven defendants.

The KKK rally and its aftermath has been very big news in
Ann Arbor, a small city that is home to the University of
Michigan. The local media went on a rampage for several days,
smearing the anti-racist demonstrators as a "mob" out looking for

The media quoted Police Chief Carl Ent as saying that one
anti-Klan group, the National Women's Rights Organizing
Committee, was "more dangerous than the Klan." Ent is a notorious
racist who last year ordered hundreds of African American men
rounded up as suspects in a serial rape case and forced them to
give blood samples in order to be cleared of suspicion.

The final tally on costs to the taxpayers for the massive
support given to the Klan by the cops? Over $85,000 in equipment
and overtime.

- END -

(Copyright Workers World Service: Permission to reprint granted
if source is cited. For more information contact Workers World,
55 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011; via e-mail: ww@wwpublish.com. For
subscription info send message to: ww-info@wwpublish.com. Web:

NY Transfer News Collective * A Service of Blythe Systems
Since 1985 - Information for the Rest of Us
339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012
http://www.blythe.org e-mail: nyt@blythe.org

** End of text from cdp:misc.activism. **


Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 22:27:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Paul Steven Lefrak <plefr@umich.edu>
Subject: Report on July 6 KKK demos Midland & Saginaw, MI -
Update on Ann Arbor anti-fascist defense work


I was able to get to Saginaw, but not Midland. According to
one ARAnet supporter active in Ann Arbor Organizing Against the
Klan (A2 OAK), there were about 150 counter-demonstrators in
Midland for the 10am rally. ARAnet people and local organizers
concentrated on Saginaw. Along with a handful of RWL/NWROC'ers,
I think the rest who were there were locals. There were some
fascist supporters wandering around, too. Lots of cops; the
usual cage, which no one went in. No arrests, no police physical
attacks. One KKK supporter took to running after he was made to
feel mighty uncomfortable.

The Klan was set to appear in downtown Saginaw at 3pm.
Saginaw is more working class, with both integrated and
segregated Black, white, and Latino neighborhoods. In Saginaw
there were maybe 400 counter-demonstrators. There was a large
diversionary "unity" rally in a park across the river at the
same time organized by Black and white churches and NAACP and
other mainstream liberal groups including a multiracial new group
called The Bridge. This was held in a park in a mostly Black and
Latino neighborhood. I don't have any report on this, so I don't
know how well attended it was, but since of course there was a
major concerted media/politician/church/cop campaign to divert
people from confronting the fascists, I would assume it was
well-attended and likely bigger than our same-time/place

The assembled counter-demonstrators were mostly local
residents, largely young white, Black, and Latino youth, some
interracial couples with kids, punkers, some middle-aged white
workers, Black families, leftists... just to give a flavor of the
people who were there. It was pretty diverse and not too badly
representative of the city.

There were a ton of cops. Everywhere as you drove up,
directing traffic, standing there looking like... well, cops.
The area around whatever city building the Klan spoke from was
all blocked off. A quickly-erected chain link fence separated us
from the Klan. There was no visible cage and so entering one was
not even an issue. Like Ann Arbor, two weeks earlier, the Klan
spoke from a balcony area of the municipal building. Also, like
Ann Arbor, no one could hear them. The dozen or so (it was hard
to see) KKK'ers were escorted out, as they were escorted in, so
generously by the cops.

In contrast to Ann Arbor, this was a rally by Tom Robb's
Harrison, Arkansas group. The group that rallied in Ann Arbor, a
more militant grouping, was called the American Knights of the
Klan and are out of Butler, Indiana headed by some asshole named
Jeff Berry.

Organizations represented among counter-demonstrators in
Saginaw included Detroit Anti-Racist Action Network (ARAnet),
NWROC/RWL, Workers World Party (WWP), activists from Ann Arbor
OAK, Active Transformation, Trotskyist League/US (TL), Workers
Voice, a Black motorcycle club, and probably others as well as
assorted independents. In a show of labor solidarity in this
union town, the ad hoc coalition against the KKK also put out a
flyer calling on people not to speak to scab reporters of the
struck Detroit Free Press or Detroit News (the one year
anniversary of the strike is July 13).

We took no arrests and there were no overt police attacks on
counter-demonstrators in Saginaw today, which may have reflected
the fact that in the wake of the cop riot against anti-fascists
in Ann Arbor on June 22, public opinion has increasingly begun to
turn against the police recently. While still countering a "free
speech for all" propaganda assault from the media which initially
put all the onus for violence on us, anti-fascists have been able
to turn the tide somewhat through persistent organizing and
defense work for those arrested (formerly 8, now 6 as charges
against 2 have been dropped, although one defendant is receiving
two additional counts of felonious assault). While the cops,
city government, and local media in Ann Arbor and southeast
Michigan have attempted to demonize counter-demonstrators, this
has not been entirely successful, as widespread public opinion
now views the cops and their tactics as at the very least
partially culpable. Many religious liberal/left types and more
mainstream civil rights leaderslocally are also publicly
questioning that it was a mistake for them to ignore the Klan.
Many have called for the dropping of the charges and the other
demands put forward by A2 OAK of an independent investigation of
police conduct that day, the suspension of cops involved in the
brutality, as well as a demand calling for never again for there
to be preferential police protection for the fascists.

Even some liberals on Ann Arbor City Council have put
forward a resolution expressing concern about the use of
approximately $100,000 in city revenue to protect the fascists
and what they view as "possibly" inappropriate police violence.
Most of the resolution did center on some meaningless feel-good
measures for the police, but significantly did echo A2 OAK's call
for an independent investigation of police conduct on June 22.
How "independent" that could possibly be is anyone's guess, but
the fact that it came at all shows that anti-fascist outrage over
the police riot has scared the liberals. However, in true
liberal fashion, the two sponsoring Democrats on City Council
members have backed off from actually introducing the resolution
to Council.

Ann Arbor OAK has operated as a broad united front of
several different area groups including groups such as the local
chapter of Jobs With Justice, the local chapter of the
newly-founded Labor Party, National Lawyers Guild, Industrial
Workers of the World (IWW), Coalition for Community Unity,
Trotskyist League/US (TL), Workers World Party (WWP), Active
Transformation, Detroit ARA, Free Mumia Coalition, Homeless
Action Committee, Welfare Rights Union. Activists from Latino
and Black student organizations from Michigan, Michigan State,
and Eastern Michigan Universities have also collaborated and
endorsed A2 OAK's demonstration and defense work of those
arrested. NWROC/RWL has also done its own separate organizing
and has engaged in some questionable tactics throughout, but has
also assisted, along with the local NLG, in donating legal
defense for those arrested.

Militants in A2 OAK are also planning on linking up with a
local group organized out of a Black church that is planning
actions demanding justice in the death of Jamar French, a Black
Ann Arbor resident who died mysteriously immediately after being
released from police custody. That group is initiating a mass
meeting for this Monday night in neighboring Ypsilanti. Pastor
Larry Davis of New Tabernacle Christian Church spoke forcefully
and eloquently at the packed July 1 City Council meeting about
how he had been there two weeks earlier calling for an
investigation into Jamar French's death and in the meantime, the
City had spent not one dime on investigating the death of a Black
man in police custody, but had spent $100,000 ensuring the Klan
had their rally.

Ongoing work to raise money and support for the "Ann Arbor
6" is continuing. Plans in the works include a benefit concert.
A2 OAK is also looking at ways to unify and strengthen various
campaigns against police brutality that have emerged in the Ann
Arbor/Ypsilanti area over the last few years. Much interest in
ARAnet has also been generated among anti-fascists in Ann Arbor
and there will be discussion about setting up a chapter of the
network in future meetings of A2 OAK.

If you would like to donate to the defense of the Ann Arbor
6 please make checks out to Anti-Fascist Defense Fund and mail

Anti-Fascist Defense Fund
P.O. Box 2635
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Paul Lefrak
A2 OAK, Free Mumia Coalition, Trotskyist League/US

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