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1. Editor's Introduction
2. Update On Demanarchie
3. Open Letter: "The Committee Without A Name"
4. Lettre Ouvert: "Le Comite Sans-Nom"
5. Nic Pouliot: "Wankers," Letter to Arm The Spirit
6. NOW Magazine: Anti-Fascist Activist Says CSIS Tried To
Recruit Him



The report below was sent to AFIB by a Quebec-based
activist. During this critical period when escalating tensions
could lead to further repression against Demanarchie, it is
imperative that activist organizations sign and fax the "Open
Letter" below to "The Committee Without A Name," an ad hoc
defense coalition formed to contest the police crack down against
the anarchist movement and the radical left.

In the interest of clarification, we are publishing a letter
sent by Nic Pouliot to Arm The Spirit. This character was a
former "investigator" with the misnamed "World `Anti-Fascist'
League." Since Pouliot shamelessly brags he "regret(s) that LAM
never had the time or money to investigate groups like yours," we
are reproducing it as a public service -- and a warning to
antifascists who underestimate the perils of collaborating with
admitted police spies.

As further background, AFIB is reprinting a 1993 article
from Toronto's _Now Magazine_, which reports on attempts by the
Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) to recruit
Pouliot as an informant. It is interesting to note, while CSIS
was attempting to recruit these purported "anti-fascists" as
undercover snitches, they had planted their agent, "Grant
Bristow," into the neo-Nazi Heritage Front (HF).

The HF is a notorious fascist organization led by Wolfgang
Droege, a veteran of the Canadian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and
the Western Guard. Droege was arrested in 1981 for his role in a
plot to invade the Caribbean island of Dominica as part of a
scheme to transform the island nation into a white supremacist
bastion. During the period that "Bristow" was involved with the
Front, antiracist activists were physically attacked by neo-Nazis
on the basis of intelligence supplied by the CSIS spy.

(For further background see: Ken Lawrence, "Behind the Klan's
Karibbean Koup Attempt," _Covert Action Information Bulletin_,
Washington, D.C., Number 13, (July-August 1981); Ken Lawrence,
"Behind the Klan's Karibbean Koup Attempt, Part II," _Covert
Action Information Bulletin_, Washington, D.C., Number 16, March
1982; Richard Cleroux, "Canadian Intelligence Service Abets Neo-
Nazis," _Covert Action Quarterly_, Washington, D.C., Number 51,
(Winter 1994-95); Antifa Forum, "The Canadian State and the
Extreme Right," _Antifascism in Canada_, Toronto, 1996)

By defending Demanarchie and other activists persecuted by
the State, we are defending our own rights to free speech and
free association. Dufour's slanderous allegations have a
sinister purpose. Through his sordid machinations against the
anarchist movement, Dufour is attempting -- as the history of
LAM/WAL amply demonstrates -- to discredit the antifascist
movement and to transform it into a police auxilliary unit. This
is something we should not and cannot accept.

As the "Grant Bristow" affair and other notorious cases of
police infiltration and "private" spying on the left clearly
demonstrate, the State and their handmaiden's have their own
agenda -- the maintenance of privelege and power through brutal
police repression. Isn't this in a nutshell, the agenda of the


E-mail messages of support to Demanarchie can be sent to
AFIB for forwarding <tburghardt@igc.apc.org>. Please send
defense funds, all other correspondence and of course, subscribe

* D E M A N A R C H I E *

CP 32100


Subject: Update on Demanarchie
Date: 04 Jul 1996 15:07:50 GMT


On June 23rd/June 24th, thousands of people rioted in Quebec
City. Two million dollars of property damage was done, including
extensive smashing of the National Assembly (the equivalent of
the State legislature). The police were overwhelmed and looked
real stupid, which is probably why they initially blamed it all
on an unnamed extreme-right wing group.

Alain Dufour, president of the World Anti-Fascist League, a
local government-funded anti-racism group, was quick to set the
police right. He publicly claimed that it was not the far-right
but the far-left who was behind the troubles. Furthermore, he
fingered the anarchist movement, specifically the anarchist
newspaper Demanarchie, as having organized and instigated the
riots. He claimed that the newspaper was "widely read" and
"highly influential" on the far-left, and that it's "call to
riot" was obeyed.

Despite the ridiculous nature of these accusations the
police were glad to accept any scapegoat they could. Following
Dufour's statements one comrade was arrested for selling
Demanarchie. His house was then searched by police who seized
his computer and several hundred copies of Demanarchie. The
police also raided a house where people who worked with Food Not
Bombs lived (they shared a post office box with Demanarchie).
Three people were arrested when police found a few alleged pot
plants. Although the charges are not in themselves political,
their trial promises to be: At their bail hearing the prosecutor
described them as dangerous agitators and noted that they had not
been in Quebec City the night of the riot but had distributed
subversive propaganda and then had "others do the actual work"
for them. The judge refused them bail, declaring that "It would
make me feel ill to free anarchist philosophers" and claiming
that their pot plants were part of a sinister plot to "make the
people fall asleep to better be able to indoctrinate them"!

Following these arrests, Quebec City and Quebec Provincial
Police searched the house of a Montreal activist, seizing his
computer and several boxes of documents.

Demanarchie now exists in a twilight zone between legality
and illegality. There have been no police provocations for a
week now. Demanarchie has announced that it will distribute its
newspaper publicly at Berri Square (a popular youth hangout) this
Sunday, July 7th at a rally against political repression
organized by the local Left.

The following letter has been drafted by a Committee Without
a Name, an ad hoc anti-repression group which has come about as
the result of this clampdown. We ask all progressive people to
sign it and fax it to 514-938-8193.

On July 4th the first of the eighty-some people who were
arrested during the riot was sentenced to 20 months in jail.
This highlights the need to get in touch with us and offer
solidarity to the arrested rioters, something that the Quebec
left has yet to do.

You can also send faxes, telephone calls or letters to the
Quebec Justice Minister, Paul Begin, demanding that the
charges against the 3 FNB activists be dropped (the activists'
names are Stephane Gugy, Chany Pilote and Stephane Roy):

Paul Begin,
1200 route de l'Eglise, 9ieme etage
Ste-Foy, PQ
G1V 4M1
telephone: 418-643-4210
fax: 418-646-0027



Following the events of St-Jean Baptiste day at Quebec City,
a group of young anarchists have become the object of a veritable
witch hunt. Ever since, on the sole basis of their newspaper
Demanarchie, Alain Dufour of the World Anti-Fascist League
publicly accused anarchist activists of having organized the
St-Jean Baptiste Day riot, we have been witnesses to a true
melodrama of police repression with a clearly political agenda.
(Three activists from the anti-poverty group Food Not Bombs were
refused bail even though they are only charged with possession of
a few marijuana plants. A Demanarchie member's computer was
seized and he must appear in court for having distributed a
newspaper, and in Montreal an activist's home was searched by
police who seized his computer as well as several documents.) Is
this the beginning of a new era where social disorder will become
an alibi for the surveillance of left-wing groups and a series of
trials for crimes of opinion against the State?

In defending these people's right to their opinions we are
also defending your right to yours. Furthermore, we are refusing
to remain silent before the creation of political crime squads
and those who, like Alain Dufour, would give them carte blanche
as they supply the media with paranoid and repressive

The committee without a name



Un groupe de jeunes anarchistes fait l'objet d'une veritable
chasse aux sorcieres depuis les evenements de la St-Jean-Baptiste
a Quebec. Depuis qu'Alain Dufour de la Ligue Anti-Fasciste
Mondiale les a pointes du doigt et accuses d'avoir organise
l'emeute de la St-Jean sur la seule base de leur journal
Demanarchie, nous assistons a une serie noire de repression
policiere de nature politique. (Trois jeunes militants du groupe
anti-pauvrete "La Bouffe Pas Les Bombes" se sont vus refuser un
cautionnement et ils ne sont pourtant accuses que de possession
de quelques plants de marijuana. Une member de Demanarchie devra
comparaitre (on a saisi son ordinateur) pour avoir diffuse le
journal, et puis a Montreal un autre militant a subi une
perquisition a son domicile ou l'on a saisi des documents ainsi
que son ordinateur. Est-ce le debut d'une ere nouvelle ou les
troubles sociaux deviennent pretextes a la surveillance des
groupes de gauche, a des series de proces pour delit d'opinion
contre l'Etat?

En defendant le droit de ces personnes d'avoir leurs
opinions c'est aussi le droit a la votre que nous defendons. Qui
plus est, nous ne desirons pas assister sans reagir a la creation
d'une escouade de crimes politiques a qui des gens comme Alain
Dufour donnerait carte blanche en alimentant les medias de sa
diffamation alarmiste et fascisante...

Le comite sans-nom


Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 15:12:01 -0500
From: cafe electronique <cafe@infobahnos.com>
To: ats@etext.org
Subject: wankers

Hello red scum,

You wrote:

In 1993 the situation continued to clarify itself. A local
newspaper called the Montreal Mirror reported allegatioons that
WAL research-director Nicholas Pouliot had tipped off the cops
that an anti-racist activist was planning on going to a neo-nazi
gathering to beat some of them up (a highly unlikely plan). While
Pouliot denied that he had done any such thing, he explained that
"I would do it if I knew of a case of direct confrontation. We
don't exactly have time to track left-wing groups but if I had
the manpower and resources I would." Referring to the issue of
"political correctness" on university campuses, he claimed that
"It's frightening and I consider it to be the same as fascism."

Following these remarks Pouliot apparently left the WAL, but the
group's leftphobia continued unabated. In a letter to Voir,
another community newspaper, WAL explained that when "communists
choose to support organizations such as the Shining Path (Peru)
et use the same methods such as terrorism, we will take a stand".
Shortly following this pious declaration, Radio-Canada reported
that WAL had shared information with both CSIS and the Quebec
Provincial Police's intelligence unit.

Let`s get a few things straight.

1-Calling the Montreal Mirror a credible news source is a real
laugh. Their left wing, wacko bias has always shown thru. On top
of that, ALex Roslin, who wrote the article is less than
professional in his work. I had to correct him a number of times,
and had to ask his editor to "fix things".

2-My work at LAM included working with police to stop a number of
criminal activites. Although most of it was dealing with radical
right wing groups, once in a while we dealt with those peace
loving rock throwing anarchist(hahahaha). I also took care of
infiltration, writting intelligence reports, writting research
papers, attending research seminars and so on. If you have a
problem with any of what I did, screw you.

3- Yes. I considerer "political correct" biggots just as
dangerous as right wing wackos. If you chose to inculde
yourselves in this group, heh, all the more power to you. That it
be Hammer Skins beating people up in the streets, or maoist
jackasses trying to hijack political groups and students
organizations, I will always consider both as fascism. And while
I'm on the topic, I have always had a profound distrust and
dislike for left wing wackos like you. Blah Blah Blah, workers
unite, blah blah blah oppression from the government. Get a life
loser. If You like commie regimes that much, move to one (hahaha,
for those that are left!). Ya, you'll try and tell me that you
are not commies, just peace loving anarchist....mouhahahahah,
same thing in the end.

4- And yes, I regret that LAM never had the time or money to
investigate groups like yours. Hehehe, maybe next time...

Oh yeah, I no longer work for LAM. Do whatever you want with this
letter. Send it to the media and tell them that it is proof that
I am a "right wing agitator" hahahaha, or even a "representative
of the oppresive bourgeois liberal regime" hahahahaha! Hell, I
even joined the army, that has to make me one bad dude hey...


Nic Pouliot

Viking Communications
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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 10:32:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net>



Experts say old habits die hard despite end of cold-war era

By Nantha Kumar
(Now Magazine, Toronto - May 20-26, 1993)

Montreal - It all began about a year ago with what seemed to be
an urgent phone call from a person claiming to be from the
solicitor general's office.

Within minutes, a man and a woman made their way up to the
offices of the World Anti-Fascist League (League Anti-Fasciste
Mondiale, or LAM) to have a chat with its president, Alain

Dufour says they came in, shut the door, seated themselves
and then flashed their badges. They were from the Canadian
Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada's civilian spy

The agents were interested in LAM's research on right-wing
groups, but wanted to talk specifically about political groups
that could potentially resort to criminal activities.

What began as formal contacts between CSIS agents, Dufour
and LAM vice-president and head of research, Nick Pouliot, grew
into a series of informal meetings in busy restaurants, and
finally a cloak-and-dagger meeting in a downtown hotel room last


CSIS was not interested in recruiting the French-speaking
Dufour, who is in charge of the overall running of LAM, which was
founded in 1989 by a Montreal street gang and eventually grew
into an operation employing 32 people and 600 members.

"I started getting scared when the situation changed", says
Pouliot, of his final rendezvous at the Chateau Champlain. "I
told them I was not interested in becoming an informant, but we
should continue to work over the board."


Coincidentally, the government funding that LAM was getting
ended about this time. The group receives about $150,000 annually
from both the federal and provincial government. LAM temporarily
closed its doors last week, after Quebec's ministry of cultural
communities and immigration cut off grants totalling $60,000
because the group as unable to account for $7,000.

The secret service agents apparently took this as the right
time to zero in on Pouliot, who had been doing most of the
intelligence gathering on right-wing groups through a network of
informers within neo-Nazi groups, skinheads and other white

Pouliot, who speaks both English and French fluently, is a
walking encyclopedia on racist groups, was definitely a potential
double-agent. And when he turned up alone at one meeting, agents
Marcel Fontaine and Anik Tremblay popped the question, "Do you
want to work for us?"


"They kept telling me that it would make their work a lot
easier if I could do it covertly and not as an executive as LAM",
recalls Pouliot. "I told them I had to think about it and
reported this to Alain (Dufour)".

Pouliot says he has trouble understanding why they would
need this special arrangement, because "we were already sharing
our information with the local and provincial police".

Last year, for instance, LAM tipped off local police that
the homes of two blacks were going to be firebombed. As a result,
police thwarted the attack and made arrests.

However, criminologist Jean-Paul Brodeur, director of the
Montreal-based international centre for comparative criminology
at the Universite de Montreal, says that it's not uncommon for
agencies like CSIS to target individuals within organizations
that do good analysis of security threats.

Brodeur says that studies done on several national security
"deep-cover" infiltrations show that "It's nice to have an
informer inside a group like LAM, especially if you look at the
way the RCMP (intelligence unit) operated between 1965 and 1984".

Asked why they would insist on paying for information they
were getting free, Brodeur says there is a deeply ingrained
professional culture that places more importance on information
from paid sources.

But Reg Whittaker, who teaches political science at York
university, has another explanation.

He says, "Based on past experience, there might be some
rivalry between Quebec (provincial security agencies) and the
Feds. I wouldn't be surprised if CSIS is trying to establish its
own direct connection.

"Once you get into an arrangement where you are paid for
information, it becomes a double game, and you can get trapped,
says Whittaker, who is presently working on a book about "Canada
and the Cold War in the 1940's to 50's".

He refers to the case of Claude Morin, a high-ranking member
of the Parti Quebecois, whose credibility suffered recently when
it was disclosed that he was a paid informant for the RCMP
security service (CSIS's precursor) in the 1970 crisis in that


Whittaker adds that, in addition, job prospects with the
federal government could be affected. CSIS does the security
checks for Ottawa and, obviously, a person's cooperation or lack
of it would show up in the agencies' records.

He says that with the end of the cold war, CSIS has to look
for other justifications for its existence and is now focussing
on the rise of right-wing terrorism. He says, "As far as
terrorism is concerned, there's just as much coming from the
right as from the left, and CSIS is waking up to it".

Anti-racism groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress and the
B'nai Brith refuse to say if they work closely with CSIS, but
stress the importance of working together.

"You have to draw the line between briefing them and working
for them", says Jack Jedwab, spokesperson for CJC's Quebec

"It's not surprising that police agencies at all levels will
enter into contact with people who are collecting information on
this phenomena", adds Jedwab. "What's at issue here is if they
are using the appropriate means".

B'nai Brith Quebec's Jonathan Schneiderman agrees. "We're
not into covert action, but we're all in the same struggle".

Similar views are expressed by Rodney Bobiwash, coordinator
of Toronto's Klan Busters. "It's not in our interest to work
against CSIS and other police agencies", he says. "Everyone who
is working against racism has a reason to work together".

He does not see much of an issue here, but when asked
categorically whether his group has been approached by CSIS, he
replies, "I work for an anti-racist organization, and I won't
work for CSIS or any other police agency".

CSIS refuses to confirm or deny the LAM story, or to discuss
the issue. CSIS spokesperson Gaetan Blais will simply say it's
part of their mandate to talk "to a lot of people and
organizations in carrying out our work with regards to assessing
threats to Canada".

* * * * *

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