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Black Autonomy International, the Atlanta Olympic Protest Committee and the
Anti-Authoritarian Network of Community Organizers announced that they would
be setting up a speaker's forum at the State Capitol during the Opening
Cermonies and the first full day of the Olympics to protest the games, the
flying of the racist Confederate flag at the games, and the police/miitary
takeover of the city. A press conference is planned for Wednesday, July 3,
1996 at the state capitol downtown Atlanta for the national and
international media to explain why the speakout is being planned for the
games and announce the protest campaign related to it. The full text of the
official flyer for the Speakout follows:

"COME PROTEST RACISM AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES!! Speakout and demonstration.

"Despite all the talk by politicians and businessmen about a "new South",
the disappearance" of racism, and Atlanta being a city "too busy to hate",
the fact is that racism is alive and well in this the capitol of Dixie.
Southern Black churches are being bombed again, along with the beatings and
bombings of Black activists' homes and offices. The prisons in Georgia are
full of young Black men, and the death rows of the South are filled to
bursting with Black and poor youth. Also this city's facade of economic well
being hides a reality that this is one of the poorest cities in the country.
There are thousands upon thousands of homeless, hungry, and impoverished
citizens of this state. Thousands more are forced to live in sustandard
housing, even though the Atlanta Olympic Committee [and the city government]
promised so solemnly to redevelop their neighborhoods in time for the games
to pacify them from any protests during the Games. The Southern region leads
the U.S. in infant morality, preventable major illnesses, and premature
death from infectious diseases. Finally, labor pools exploit the labor of
poor people for a pittance, and the South generally is anti-union and low
wage. Why is Atlanta [and the United States] suddenly the example to all the
world's people of racial harmony, justice and freedom? It is simply a lie.

However, riding high over all this is the flag of the State of Georgia,
which is more than a mere [harmless] symbol, but is in fact the emblem of a
white supremacist state. The flag, under which so many Black and poor people
have suffered, is in fact still the true face of the South, not civil
rights. The politicians and the businessmen, who run the city of Atlanta,
and who are putting on this extravaganza, are trying to fool the world. We
need to speak out: come downtown to the State capital on Washington Street
for a two day speakout [July 19th and 20th] against this racist state flag
and to stop this scam to fool the world about a wonderful place this city
is, and how the South has "changed". We also need to protest the police and
military taking over the Atlanta city streets and holding us hostage in our
own neighborhoods as well.

But the International Speakout is a open microphone , where anyone from
anywhere can tell the world what you think about anything: racism and the
church bombings, American forein policy, the case of Mumia Abu Jamal and
others on death row, police brutality, homelessness and poverty, the
oppresson of colonized peoples, and anything else burning at your soul. Now
is your time to speakout. Come to Atlanta and tell the world at the speakout!



July 19th 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Open microphone

July 20th {con't} Speakout and demonstration against the Games and American

July 21-August 4, events during games will be announced later. [Parts of the
Speakout will be carried over international shotwave radio].

For more information: Contact the Atlanta Olympic Protest Committe at:
[770] 368-3958; leave a message for Lorenzo Komboa Ervin.

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