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A Stance against Premeditated Murder
A Chronology of Events

Premeditated Murder: The planning of or planing to knowingly and
intentional kill another human being.

On March 14th the state of Indiana was planning to knowingly and
intentionally kill Ziyon Yisrayah (s/s Tommie Smith) by injecting
poisonous chemicals into his body. This act was being planned by the
highest levels of state government. The conspiracy as far-reaching as
the u.s. supreme kourt. It was being blessed by law enforcement and
media alike. Oh it was great fanfare as the state prepared to take an
innocent man's lie. And then -- Boom. Prisoners said No! No, you will
not murder this brother and expect the rest of Us to act in complicity
with your action by being silent.

On 5-28-96, Memorial day, the top half of D Cell House (D-CH),
approximately 150 prisoners, went to the kitchen for lunch and no one
uttered a word. There was no conversation about Bulls or Bullshit.
There was no laughs or jokes this day. There was only the silent
watchful eyes of 150 prisoners of many nationalities picking up their
trays. This act of solidarity with Ziyon and protest of wretched
conditions in D-CH caught the overseers totally off guard and sent them
into a panic. Their response was to go on heightened alert and send
their agents out to seek out information and the organizers.

On 5-29-96 approximately 1:30 p.m. i had dozed off while reading
a book only to be awakened by three kops telling me to back up to the
bars and cuff up. When i asked for what i was told i was wanted up front
in the administration building. i knew from past experiences that i was
either going to the hole or getting ready to be shipped to another prison.
After arriving at the administration building, i noticed another
comrad had been arrested named Akono. i was told i was being placed
under investigation for encouraging or engaging in a group
demonstration. After Akono and i were placed on IDU lock-up they brought
another comrad name Baye. All of Us were under an investigation. All of
Our personal property was packed up and taken to the investigators office
to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. We never received notice of
what might have been copied, confiscated, etc.

On 5-30-96 We were all separated from one another and access to
any property. All Our incoming and outgoing mail was being taken to the
investigators office before delivery, if it was getting delivered at
all. A lot of Our mail was/is being delayed, stolen or confiscated
without any written notification as mandated by policy.

Around 6-3-96 Akono and Baye received some miscellaneous parts of
their property. i still had not been given none of mine. On 6-5-96 i
was finally allowed some miscellaneous property. All of Us were denied
access to all law books, education books or any literature out of Our

On 6-6-96 at approx 1:30 p.m. i was awakened by Lt. McCannn and
another kop telling me to get dressed, i was being moved south. As i
crawled from under the bed where i slept, i was still disoriented and
trying to collect my thoughts. i gazed out the cell bars at these kops
who were tense and apprehensive. As i heard shouts coming from brothers
in cells around me, i though about what might be waiting for Us at the
SHU (Special Housing Unit at Wabash Valley Correctional Institution, a
control unit). i figured they were getting my other comrads. i though
about Ziyon and the fact that i would not be here at ISP on the 14th when
he was scheduled to be murdered. A fact that i had resigned myself to
accepting. And then became angry. Angry at being awakened this early
after having been up all day. Angry that i was getting ready to be moved
over 300 miles away from my family and friends. And angry most of all
because i had not did a damn thing other than speak out against murder!
i heard the shouts of "Be strong comrad!" As i heard the
defiance in the voices of many young warriors around me, it warmed my spirit.
i tried to pass some books to my neighbor that did not belong to
me only to be told "nothing goes in and nothing comes out." Instead of
arguing, which i had the impulse to do, i sat them at the door where they
could be fished out the cell. As i got cuffed and came out and shouted
my goodbyes and comradely salutes, i could see at the far end of the tier
some kops who were cuffing Akono.
As i was taken out front to the elevator and shouted to comrad
Balagoon that i was in motion, he informed that they were also getting
Baye. So all three of Us were getting moved. As i stepped off the
elevator i was surprised to see brothers Sekou, Idrix and Kopano sitting
behind a visiting screen. i knew then that this was a round up and the
D.O.C. was making a reactionary sweep. As i acknowledged these brothers
and turned the corner i found brothers Bobby, Kuumba, Lorenzo and Zolo
Azania's brother Herman Averhart. Seeing all of these brothers was a
surprise and confirmed for me that the D.O.C. was in a panic because they
were mixing apples and oranges. Tho all of Us knew one another, We did
not all rotate in the same circles. You had Muslims, aspiring
revolutionaries/Nationalist, Moors, brothers who belonged to street
Nations, etc.
After being stripped searched i was placed in one of these
holding areas and later joined by Akono and Baye. And there We all sat
for the next 3 to 4 hours while the D.O.C. got their lies, alibis and
paperwork together.
At approx 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. M.C.C. 's (Maximum Control Complex)
S.E.R.T. (Special Emergency Response Team) arrived, and its commanders
went to the captain's office where We can see them be issued red cap
pepper spray and stun guns. As these tools of torture were distributed
We were brought out one by one and escorted into the shake down area
where We were stripped, searched, had all Our medallions and religious or
cultural items seized. Then made to hop up on a hard bench on Our knees
as kops stood ready with stun guns and pepper spray. Having been made to
put on a red jumpsuit, i was now being placed in shackles, waist chain,
cuffs, black transport box, etc. Prior to having entered this room i was
asked to sit down by sometimes investigator/case manager Cadwell and was
told that i was being moved to M.C.C. Pending an investigation. Asked
if i wanted to sign. After not responding was moved to get searched.
After having been searched, i was placed back into the holding area.
After all 10 of Us went through this routine and every body was in trip
gear, about 6:30 a.m. we were placed in single file and were being
marched out the front door of the administration building. As We entered
into the lobby, the 8 to 4 shift was coming in and lining up in two lines
for their roll call. All of the administrators that had not came in were
now coming in with secretaries, unit managers, etc.
Imagine this scene. Ten New Afrikans being marched through the
lobby draped in chains. Ten strong Black Men, 6 of whom had lengthy
dreadlocks, surrounded by 9 mm Glock carrying pigs in black fatigues, red
berets and combat boots. As we moved forward meeting the hostile,
hateful and to many racist stares and gawking at Us, We stared back in
defiance and then chants of "murderers" begin to go up from some of Us.
Shouts of "Don't support genocide," "Can't Stop - Won't Stop" begin to go
up as the kops escorting Us became nervous and told Us to hold it down or
shut up.
Stepping outside on to the steps, where two vans were parked at
the curb, there were SERT members posted up all over the place, stopping
traffic, cordoning people off as they carried UZI's and others with side
arm glocks and leg pouches with tear gas masks and grenades. Reaching
the last step and the Warden stepped forward out of the crowd, standing
two feet from me, locking eyes with me. i looked in his face and said,
"Murdering ass bastard this don't change nothing" and he stormed off, and
just as i got ready to enter the van i heard a commotion behind me. i
looked, i noticed four to five pigs snatching on Akono who was right
behind me. They were trying to make him stop shouting slogans and put
the stun gun in front of his chest and pushed the button. Seeing that
was not going to intimidate him, he was manhandled and hustled into the
van. Though during this incident no threats were uttered, later many of
Us would be written up on bogus reports of threatening to kill police in
retaliation for the planned murder/execution of Ziyon.

There were five of Us to a van in a caravan of several vehicles
and a RV/bus type vehicle that transported most of the SERT team with
most of the heavy weapons. We had two young brainwashed New Afrikan kops
sitting in the back of the van with Us and a white kop driving. We
immediately set in with agitation and propaganda, primarily targeting the
two Black kops who were back there with Us. We knew it was a blatant
contradiction for these two Black kops to be participating in this
orchestrated repression, when they know it could be them tomorrow in
these chains. When they knew it could be them tomorrow on Death Row
facing murder. Later on some brothers in the other van would be charged
with making threats during the transport which was a lie. The lesson
here tho is next time to maintain strict radio silence, no talking period
and allow the lines to be clearly drawn.

Once arriving at M.C.C. We were met with club-toting kops, the
Warden and other administrators. We were taken off the van one at a time
and taken to the receiving area where the chains were removed and We were
given commands to strip, forced to spread Our cheeks, stick Our tongues
out, pull Our lips up and out. Like modern chattel slaves on an auction
block. Only red face white pigs were giving these commands even though
it was several house negros standing by. It wouldn't have made it better
if the kop giving the degrading commands would have been Black, but it
goes to show how things play out. After having went through this you
were forced to take a shower and be disinfected with bug spray. If you
refused any of the previous commands such as refusing to spread your
cheeks or say your kolonial slave name you were made to stand in the
empty cell cuffed and shackled while totally naked until they were
finished with everyone else. As you came out the shower you were given
shorts, jump suit, cuffed with an attached dog leash and taken out front
to be photographed and then escorted to a cage.
We were all taken to A-Pod which has 4 sections with 14 cells to
a section. Myself and Bobby were placed in a section together. Myself
placed in the last cell on top and Bobby the first cell on the bottom.
We all were placed 2 or 3 to a section and spread out as far as
possible. According to the warden these cell arrangements were ordered
from the central office.

The next day the warden passed out copies of an emergency "Motion
to Temporarily Modify the Agreed Entry." M.C.C. is under a consent
decree by the federal courts. According to an Agreed entry with the
courts and the plaintiffs in a class action, the D.O.C. is not allowed to
house prisoners at M.C.C. on a temporary status/basis. A prisoner must
meet a certain criteria in order to be here and he must be reclassified.
Well apparently the D.O.C. got with the sell-out Indiana Civil Liberties
Union attorney who (mis) represented Us in the class action and made a
deal with the D.O.C. that they can house up to 12 of Us here at M.C.C. up
to 30 days on an emergency basis. These attorneys did not consult with
any of the original plaintiffs, class representatives etc. before making
this agreement. Nor do We believe that this motion was ever presented to
a judge. There is no judge signature on it, no file date, etc. This
document is filled with misrepresentations of the facts.

On 6-18-96 the screening officer from I.S.P served seven of Us
with charges/reports for "attempting to riot and threatening". All of
the reports were variations of the same theme and replete with
contradictions, errors, etc. Just on the face of it you can tell that
the D.O.C. has no evidence to substantiate the allegations, and the whole
process in which the reports were written is a violation of their own
D.O.C. policies.

On 6-19-96 as We all came out for "recreation" (one hour a day,
inside, six days a week, including shower), and some of Us got on the
phone and began to mobilize folks on the streets to fight these charges,
and as we began to strategize around combating these fraudulent charges,
undoubtedly the D.O.C. was listening in. Approx one hour after
recreation We were all notified that all charges had been dropped and
that We would be receiving new charges! This is unprecedented! Later on
the warden came to each cell informing Us that I.S.P. Supt. Parke ordered
for all the previous reports/charges to be dismissed and new ones
written. Neither the Supt. nor the investigator has the authority to do
that. Once We have been informed of the charges, allowed to call
witnesses, given a cause number and a trial date set, that's it. The
only person who can then dismiss those charges is the hearing officer who
runs the kangaroo committee/board that will hear the charges. However,
in this case every rule and policy is being violated so as to ensure

On 6-21-96 I.S.P. Investigator Ayers, who wrote the initial
reports, came to M.C.C. and attempted to individually interview Us. Only
four out of the ten chose to speak with him. I was not one of them, but
i was told that he was mostly fishing for evidence and actually admitted
that he was just trying to find out was going on and that he did not
really know. This was more of a formality, in an attempt to clean up
earlier mistakes. According to D.O.C. policy We cannot be charged as a
result of an investigation without first having been interviewed. Prior
to the first set of charges, none of Us had been interviewed.

So far i have been targeted as the principal of this whole
thing. The so called mastermind, the leader and all of that. The
question, however, is whether or not We as prisoners, as prisoners of
conscience, as political prisoners and as human beings, Do we have a
right to express outrage at a decision made by the state? In the case
the decision was made to take an innocent man's life. Do we have a right
to speak out against such a kkkriminal act? i say we do. This is what
all of this is really about. This is the D.O.C. way of trying to silence
Us, to silence what suppose to be Our right to freedom of expression.
This is not about plans to riot, plans to take over or kill in
retaliation for state murder. This is about trying to crush dissent
within the prison system. This about trying to make an example out of Us
in an attempt to intimidate the rest of the prison masses. This is an
attempt to intimidate the rest of the prison population into silence,
into complicity with state murder, with genocide. Because the state
realizes that when the killing of one prisoner affects the entire prison
population it creates a dangerous situation for them and the potential of
unity for Us. Just imagine what would happen if every time the state got
prepared to murder one of Us the rest of the prison population went on a
work strike in protest or hunger strike or some other form of mass
collective protest. It would throw a monkey wrench in the entire state's
machinery of murder. They would have to either keep the kamp locked down
or build more prisons solely for murdering people. Prisoners, We, Us,
have power. We just have to recognize it and try setting some of Our
petty differences to the side.
Who gives the state the right to kill Us? Because you've been
taught all your life to bow down and support the govt? Because the state
got the power, the wealth, the guns don't make them legit or right. It
just makes them bigger criminals. The people is who have the real
power. People have governed themselves for thousands of years, made and
enforced their own laws without depending on some corrupt bureaucratic
centralized authority that tries to dictate every aspect of Our lives.
For those of us trapped behind these walls, let's not allow
Ourselves to be duped by state propaganda and state justifications for
murdering people. Even if a guy was a child molester, or whatever, i
ain't collaborating with the state. i ain't joining forces with the same
state that got its foot on my neck and call for a persons murder. We
must learn to depend on Ourselves and deal with Our own problems. Some
people are actually sick and need help, not death. Some people are a
product of the very system that is now trying to kill them.
What happens to the kriminals in the govt who kill people, who
starve people, who robs thousands of people? What happens to these
so-called politicians who are pedophiles and heavy into kiddie porn?
What about the lives they take and destroy? Why aren't any rich folks,
rich white folks, on death row? Why is the majority of people on death
row poor oppressed people? The majority being people of color compared
to their population in the overall u.s. society.

The price of Our lives must increase and the ante must be upped.
No more murdering Us today and business as usual tomorrow. You say
you're just doing your job. Well i am just doing my job to make the
price of you just doing your job a little more heavier. People, i can be
me today and you tomorrow. As assembly line executions begin to become
more common and acceptable, we have to make Our voices heard. Make these
ones pay a price for murdering Our brothers. Our Fathers, Sons and
Comrads. i say they ain't got no right to murder Us. What do you say?

In the Spirit of Resistance!
Shaka Shakur

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