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Note from A-Infos Germany:
Especially the first two articles of the following ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN
Supplement should be of interest to anarchists world-wide!

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CONTENTS: Supplement 55

1. (ALERT) Quebec Cops Raid Anarchist Milieu

2. (DEMAN.) DEMANARCHIE: Editorial On Quebec Riots

Brutalize Antiracists - Defend The Ann Arbor 8!

4. (BA) BLACK AUTONOMY: Urgent Appeal For Funds!

Acoli Now! Benefit

German Police Attack Turkish/Kurdish

7. (REUTER) Turkish Kurd Party Members Killed After

8. (REUTER) Le Pen Fights French Fine For Gas Chamber

9. (AP) Former Nazi's Citizenship Revoked By Default

10. (AP) NAACP, Pentagon Differ On Extremism In Military

11. (NYT) CIA Plans To Counter `Cyberwar' Threat

12. (AFA) Anti-Fascist Action Strikes As C-18 And
Loyalists March In London

Subject: URGENT: Quebec Cops Raid Anarchist Milieu
Date: 27 Jun 1996 16:36:34 GMT

{Editor's Note: The post below was received from a Montreal-
based activist.}



The past few days have witnessed dramatic repression of
Quebec anarchists, following a mass riot in Quebec City on June
24th, St-Jean Baptiste Day (this is a very popular Quebec
holiday, and has often been a good excuse to riot in the past).
Thousands of people smashed windows and expropriated goods
during the riot, as well as trashing the National Assembly (the
place where the government meets), breaking its windows and
trying to set it afire.

Initially the Quebec police chief claimed that the riot had
been instigated by an unnamed "extreme right wing" group.
However, a State-controlled "anti-fascist" watchdog group, the
"World Anti-Fascist League" was quick to set them right. WAL
leader Alain Dufour, publicly fingered anarchists in general, and
the newspaper Demanarchie in particular, as having instigated the

Following Dufour's "revelations" a comrade was arrested for
selling Demanarchie at Place Youville, the popular youth hangout
where the riot had started. The comrade's house was subsequently
raided and his computer seized, and then twenty police raided the
Food Not Bombs in Quebec city (FNB is an anti-authoritarian
anti-poverty group). A total of four people were arrested, three
of whom were charged with growing pot. The comrade who had been
arrested for selling the paper has been released but is under
surveillance, and the FNB comrades will be appearing in court
tomorrow. That evening the chief investigator for the Quebec
police revealed that several dozen copies of Demanarchie had been
found at one of the raided houses, and held up a copy for
reporters to oogle, as if this was proof of anything.

The situation has not stabilized yet, and the government is
promising a through investigation, which means added heat and
surveillance on the radical left in Quebec. It is important that
comrades across Canada and the United States, and indeed around
the world, pay attention to what is happening to us. We'll try
and keep you posted as things progress. In the meantime, it
should be taken for granted that money will be needed to defend
our comrades, but as of yet I can't give any address for it to be
sent. What people can do is telephone the Victoriaville Police
Department and demand that the Quebec City police lay off of the
radical Left and cease engaging in all of this post-riot
repression. The phone number is: 819-752-4545.

In closing, today the Montreal Section of Demanarchie
released the following statement to the bourgeois


The Demanarchie collective rejects all claims of authorship
and ownership of the St-Jean riot at Quebec City. Bear unto
Caesar that which is Caesar's: the riot belongs only to those who
participated in it.

As we explained quite clearly in our editorial, the one that
you find so controversial: "The Riot is a spontaneous
phenomenon." This is to say that the accusations of a conspiracy
and premeditation are nothing but lies meant to criminalize us on
the basis of our political beliefs.

The hunt for scapegoats is an attempt to disguise the
authorities' responsibility for the ever-worstening social
climate which is making more and more young people feel like they
have less and less to lose.

If you really want to find those responsible for the damage
done on the St-Jean, go check out the cops and the mass media.
Policies of zero tolerance and sensationalistic blather provoke
the excitement and the violence of crowds.

You can gag the anarchists, but you won't be able to silence
the cries of the excluded.


Subject: Demanarchie Editorial on Riots
Date: 27 Jun 1996 20:25:03 GMT


{Correspondent's note, followed by Demanarchie editorial-- AFIB.}

Since the Quebec City police's crackdown on the anarchist milieu,
all of the bourgeois newspapers have been having fun with Alain
Dufour of the World Anti-Fascist League's "revelations" about
violent anarchists. The prime target of Dufour's poison is
Demanarchie, a radical anarchist newspaper. Some newspapers have
gone particularly gaga over the editorial of the most recent
issue. For your own erudition, here is that editorial:

Editorial to Demanarchie vol.2 #4

What with the recent events in Quebec City and Montreal (1),
we here at Demanarchie feel compelled to take a stand on the
question of Riots as a means for social revolt.

As an alternative newspaper, we have every intention of
sounding a different note than the bourgeois media, which just
couldn't wait to "expose" young people as the sole, eternal force
behind all riots, while obscuring the true nature of things in
order to better protect the status quo. For our part, Demanarchie
unconditionally supports the riots of Place Youville and Saint
Laurence Boulevard.

Certain essential preconditions must be met before a Riot
can break out. You've got to have a bunch of people, and there
must be an atmosphere of tension, one where you can feel the
pressure building. This tension can be positive, as was the case
with the fans who rioted after the Stanley Cup victories in 1986
and 1993. Or it can be negative, resulting, to give one example,
from police harassment. Such was the case during the recent riots
on Saint Laurence Boulevard and at Place Youville.

But the true catalyst is people's sudden realization of the
power that freedom has to offer. During every riot there comes a
moment when people realize that the State's repressive machinery
is temporarily powerless in the face of their rage. For example,
a Riot will often break out once someone smashes a window or a
cop and avoids arrest.

This freedom, this power which can be expressed thanks to
the momentary balance of power in the favour of the rioters,
allows them to take revenge on everything that has always
oppressed them. And this means all of those unaffordable
commodities - perfect symbols of the capitalist system. This is
why people smash windows and expropriate goods in a joyous
proletarian shopping spree. The rioters are also bound to attack
the cops, who represent both authority and repression, who
protect all of these commodities, and who are often the ones who
provoked the Riot in the first place.

Commodities are the means through which human beings are
exploited. Everything's for sale and everything can be bought,
including human relations. It's thanks to commodity relations
that those with money can oppress us. To attack commodities is to
attack the very source of our exploitation as well as those who
have money. In this way the Riot is class warfare between those
who own and those who are owned.

Such acts, whether politicized or not, take place as soon as
the State loses control and people instinctively take action. It
is unfortunate that a group of young people in Montreal
apologized for these acts, as we have yet to hear a murmur of
disapproval for the police harassment which started it all. The
media, for one, only shed their hypocritical tears for the
shopkeepers whose windows were smashed.

The Riot is a spontaneous phenomenon. While hooligans or
professional vandals may take part, they do so after the fun has
already begun (such as in the Stanley Cup riots).

The Riot is a response to all of the different instruments
of social control which leave us powerless to express our desire
to truly be alive: school, work and the media... These
instruments fuel our rage, and it is from this rage that the Riot
is born. Fuck rules. Fuck harassment. Fuck control.

The spectre of a counter-attack against those who wage war
on the poor haunts capitalist society. This is why capitalism is
trying to up its control of all human relations. They want to
know all about us; witness the proliferation of databanks,
community police stations, etc. Witness the sinister cooperation
between the media, businessmen and cops, not to mention the
community collaborator groups like Sun Youth(2). This is how the
ruling class seeks to maintain control.

The State will reap what it sows. And this long-suppressed
freedom to fight the State will certainly express itself by means
of the Riot.

Support Class Warfare!
Support the Riots!
We will rebel!
We'll fuck shit up!

-- the Demanarchie Collective

(1) There riots in both Quebec City and Montreal earlier this
summer as people responded militantly to police harassment.

(2) Sun Youth is a Montreal food bank which organizes community
patrols in close cooperation with the police.


* D E M A N A R C H I E *

C.P. 32100
Montreal, Quebec H2L 4Y5


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 07:09:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net>
Subject: A2 OAK Statement



Below is the text of a flyer so far endorsed by a number of
groups protesting the large-scale display of police brutality at
the anti-KKK rally in Ann Arbor on June 22. To help build the
defense of those arrested and to support anti-Klan organizing for
Saginaw on July 6, here's how you can get involved:

1. Attend the Ann Arbor Organizing Against the Klan meeting on
Wed. June 26 at 7pm in B-119 MLB

2. Come to the picket and packing of the court at 8:30am Wed.
July 3 at the County Courthouse, Main & Huron.

If your group is interested in endorsing the four demands listed
in the text of the flyer, email me back. Thanks.

- Paul Lefrak, plefr@umich.edu



Although mainstream media reports would have people believe
that a lawless mob attacked an innocent police force "just doing
its job" at the June 22 anti-KKK rally in Ann Arbor, this is far
from the truth. In reality, there were numerous incidents of
unprovoked police brutality against anti-racist
counter-demonstrators there. Protesters who did nothing illegal
were randomly maced, beaten and gassed. Several of the eight
people arrested were beaten and maced while they were already
handcuffed and in police custody and were offering absolutely no
resistance at that time. One passerby who did not even
participate in the counter-demonstration was maced apparently for
questioning a police officer. Police maced a man holding a baby.
A puppy belonging to a counter-demonstrator was repeatedly and
deliberately kicked and maced. A woman organizer was maced after
the rally was over as she was walking to her car; the police
stopped their car, rolled down the window and sprayed mace in her

The police did everything possible to ensure the Klan had a
successful recruitment rally. All told, 200 cops from several
different police departments were deployed to protect the KKK, a
group whose history of murder and racist terror are well-known.
This deployment consisted of tens of thousands of tax dollars
spent on erecting fences around City Hall, blocking and
re-routing traffic, paying for overtime for the police, providing
transportation for the KKK to and from the rally site, and
allowing the KKK access to the second floor terrace of City Hall
as a staging area for their rally. Apparently, one has to
advocate genocide in order to be afforded these amenities!

In a telling display of racism, of the eight people
arrested, only the two Black arrestees had to post bond!

Based on these and many other incidents of widespread police
brutality, we demand the following:

1. Drop all charges against the people arrested.
2. In the future the City of Ann Arbor will not provide
preferential police protection for the Ku Klux Klan,
Nazis or other fascist groups.
3. An independent investigation of overall police conduct
and tactics on June 22 with the power to implement its
4. The immediate, unpaid suspension of those police officers
involved in brutalizing the counter-demonstrators and

Drop The Charges Against Those Arrested!
Picket And Pack The Pre-Trial!

Ann Arbor)

Supported by the following organizations (as of 6/25/96):

Minority Affairs Commission of the Michigan Student Assembly,
Free Mumia Coalition, Industrial Workers of the World, Workers
World Party, Trotskyist League, Malcolm Marts, President UAW
Local 1976*, Judy Wraight, member Executive Board, Tool & Die
Unit UAW Local 600*, La Onda Latina, Culturas De Las Razas
Unidas, Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano De Aztlan de MSU (MEcha),
Brown Berets, Lansing Chapter. *Organization used for
identification purposes only. Labor donated. For more info, call


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 21:00:06 -0700
From: bd982@scn.org (Greg Jackson)
Subject: Urgent Appeal for Funds


Well, it's all said in the heading. Basically, the new issue of
Black Autonomy is out but postage is severly lacking. In
addition, the number of prisoner subs has jumped (along with the
number we are helping with litigation in our partnership with
Raze the Walls). I know you all are sick of hearing the
above-mentioned sad refrain, but I thought I'd ask.

Gotta go, library's closing...

G. jackson.


* B L A C K A U T O N O M Y *

323 Broadway Ave. E #914
Seattle, WA 98102 USA
206-680-8916 (voice mail)


** Written 12:14 AM Jun 23, 1996 by nattyreb@ix.netcom.com
in cdp:misc.activism. **


free the land sistas and brothas, i just wanted to let yall
folks know about an upcoming program/poetry reading for Prisoner
of War, Sundiata Acoli.



Speakers: Chokwe Lumumba, Chairperson of the New Afrikan
Peoples Organization (NAPO)

Mujhah Shakir, Co-Founder of the New Afrikan Women
for Self-Determination

Kiilu Nyasha, Knowing Injustice Coalition

Poetry Reading featuring Brotha Masauko, Sista Clark, Brotha
Baye, Sista Ayanna, and Brotha Toussaint and an Open Mike!!


Date: Saturday, July 6th 1996
Time: 6:30 to 10:00 pm
Place: El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Cultural Center
8021 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland CA

Donation: $5 - $20 Sliding Scale

All Proceeds Go to the Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign

Event sponsored by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the
Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign, and the National Plebiscite
Education Campaign for Self-Determination


For Further Information call 510-635-2516


From: "DHKC informationbureau Amsterdam" <ozgurluk@xs4all.nl>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 21:33:39 +0000
Subject: Solidarity with the Hundred from Cologne!

{Editor's Note: The text below is a compilation of 2 communiques
from the DHKC informationbureau.}


After our last message on the sixty arrests in Cologne,
Germany of people who were on hungerstrike for nineteen day in
solidarity with the hungerstrike of political prisoners in
Turkey, another fourty arrests were made in Cologne!

The following fax was sent to the following political
parties in Germany:

-Buendnis 90, Gruene central headquarters
-In Cologne: SPD, Gruene Fraction, the Greens

Call on all political parties in Cologne and Germany

Today the police in Cologne brutally attacked and arrested
more than a hundred Turkish and Kurdish activists who were in
hungerstrike for 19 day's.

We condemn this brutal action by the German state. The
German state is the state in Europe that knows best of all
countries the face of fascism. By supporting the Turkish state
with it's fascist civil society on such a horrible way shows that
Germany has not learned its lessons from the time, the Nazis
ruled in Germany.

We are informing the world about this brutal attack at a
group of people who were doing nothing wrong. The eyes of the
world will watch Germany in this case.

The brutally harassed and arrested people were in a
hungerstrike in solidarity with the hungerstrike of the political
prisoners in Turkey.

The demands in Turkey as well in the numerous solidarity
hungerstrikes in Europe are:

* 1. The so called May 6 Decree must be withdrawn.
* 2. All isolation prisons, like the one in Eskisehir, must
be closed down.
* 3. The prisoners must be allowed adequate medical
* 4. The prisoners must have the opportunity to attend their
own trials.
* 5. The policy of systematic abuse must come to an end.
* 6. The repression against relatives and lawyers must be

In Cologne, Germany, the German state acted like a watchdog
from the fascist Turkish state. Many people were wounded. One
person was wounded so heavily that he had to be transported to
the hospital by ambulance. Also two German lawyers, who protested
the violent, unjustified behaviour against the weakened
hungerstrikers were arrested as well.








Protest faxes:


Head of Police: # 49-221-22 98 922
Head of State: # 49-221-14 731
State Prosecuter: # 49-221-47 74 050


Minister of Justice, M. Agar: # 90-312-417 39 54
Minister of Internal Affairs, U. Guney:# 90-312-418 17 95

Visit HTTP://WWW.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk
For regular news and information
about the classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan




ANKARA, June 24 (Reuter) - Unknown assailants on Monday
shot dead three members of a Kurdish activist party in Turkey who
were returning by car from a party congress that has enraged

A group of between eight and ten attackers firing automatic
weapons ambushed the car with the People's Democracy Party
(HADEP) members on a road near Kayseri, in central Turkey, local
gendarmerie forces said.

One other passenger was wounded, they said.

``HADEP membership cards were found on them. They were HADEP
members,'' a gendarmerie commander told Reuters.

HADEP leader Murat Bozlak and about 30 aides were detained in
Ankara earlier by police following Sunday's congress during which
masked youths tore down a large Turkish flag at the crowded

They replaced the flag with a banner of the Kurdistan Workers
Party (PKK) rebel group and a poster of PKK leader Abdullah
Ocalan. Hundreds of participants chanted pro-rebel slogans.

``(The shooting) is related to the congress. Certain people
were trying to take revenge,'' HADEP Ankara provincial chairman
Babur Pinar said.

Anatolian news agency said the detained party offficials were
being questioned on charges of ``separatism'' and ``insulting the
Turkish flag.''

Caretaker Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz called for calm. ``I
urge all our citizens to keep calm and cool-headed in the face of
this ugly affair,'' Anatolian quoted him as saying.

Twenty-two people were injured when police dispersed party
members after the congress, HADEP officials said. Turkish
television showed pictures of police beating participants
protesting at the arrests.

European Parliament Greens group leader Claudia Roth, in
Turkey for an inter-parliament meeting with Turkish deputies,
condemned the police.

``I have seldom so closely witnessed what brutality and
violence can be used against basic human rights,'' she told
journalists at HADEP headquarters.

HADEP was formed in 1994 after another Kurdish party was
forced to disband by the constitutional court for separatism and
13 of its deputies were thrown out of parliament.

Six Kurdish MPs were later sentenced to up to 15 years in
jail for links to the guerrillas. Two have since been released.

More than 19,500 people have been killed in the rebels'
12-year-old fight for autonomy or independence in the mainly
Kurdish southeast.

Anatolian said 50 protesters and 10 police officers were
injured in clashes in Ankara on Monday between police and
supporters of the far-left Labour Party, facing a constitutional
court ban for supporting Kurdish separatism.




Paris, June 21 (Reuter) - Far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen
said on Friday he wanted the European Court of Human Rights to
punish France for fining him 1.2 million francs ($233,000) for
dismissing the Nazi gas chambers as a ``detail of history.''

Le Pen, the firebrand leader of France's National Front, said
he had asked the Strasbourg-based Euro-court to order France to
pay him 1.5 million francs ($292,000).

In a radio broadcast in 1987 that outraged France, Le Pen
said: ``I'm not saying the gas chambers didn't exist. I did not
see them myself. I have not studied the question, but I think it
is a mere detail in the history of the Second World War.''

Le Pen was initially convicted in May 1990 of inciting racial
hatred and fined a symbolic one franc (about 20 cents) after a
court ruled that he had cast doubt on Nazi persecution suffered
by the Jews and gypsies during World War Two.

Le Pen challenged the judgment, but an appeals court in
Versailles rejected his arguments and raised the fine. He was
also ordered to publish the ruling in national newspapers and

In his request to the European rights court, Le Pen argued
that his words had been taken out of context and that the fine
had violated his right to freedom of speech and to a fair trial.

In his 1987 remark, the National Front said in a statement,
Le Pen ``stated that he recognised the horror of the tragedy
lived by Jews as well as non-Jews in the concentration camps, but
he left it to historians to deal with the details of the Second
World War as far as concentration camps were concerned.''





Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (Jun 26, 1996 4:53 p.m. EDT) -- A man accused of
collaborating in the killing of Jews during World War II has had
his U.S. citzenship revoked -- more than two years after he moved
back to his native Lithuania.

The Department of Justice won a default judgment in U.S.
District Court late Tuesday revoking the citizenship of Kazys
Gimzauskas, 88, a retired machinist who once lived in St.
Petersburg, Fla., said department spokesman John Russell.

The department's Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations
sought last October to remove Gimzauskas's citizenship.

Calling it a "significant victory," OSI Director Eli Rosenbaum
said, "Others who, like Kazys Gimzauskas, played a provable role
in the Nazi regime's genocidal reign of terror should be on
notice that the government remains steadfast in its commitment to
tracing them, revoking their ill-gotten U.S. citizenships and
removing them from these shores as expeditiously as possible."

The department alleged that from 1941 through 1944, Gimzauskas
was a senior official in two units of the Saugumas, the
Nazi-sponsored Lithuanian Security Police. The Saugumas played a
major role in the annihilation of that nation's Jews.

The government alleged that Gimzauskas served in the
Lithuanian city of Kaunas in 1941 and was deputy province chief
of the Saugumas in Vilnius from late 1941 until July 1944.

In the latter job, he was second-in-command to Aleksandras
Lileikis, now 89. A federal court in Boston ordered Lileikis
denaturalized on May 24, and he returned to Lithuania last

The next day, investigators for Lithuanian prosecutors
interrogated Lileikis for two hours before adjourning until early
July after doctors insisted he be hospitalized, the Baltic News
Service reported, citing prosecutor Gintautas Starkus. Lileikis
could face charges of crimes against humanity.

Documents signed by Gimzauskas and found in the Lithuanian
Central State Archives show that he ordered the arrest,
interrogation, incarceration and turnover to the German Security
Police for execution of civilians, including many Jews, at least
one of whom was born in the United States, the Justice Department

Gimzauskas "was in a position of considerable authority and
was instrumental in the death of thousands of Jews," former OSI
Director Neal Sher said recently.

The Justice Department told the Lithuanian government last
year that Gimzauskas had moved to Vilnius, the Lithuanian
capital, and supplied details of his wartime record so he could
be prosecuted there.

Gimzauskas entered the United States in 1956 under the Refugee
Relief Act of 1953. The government said the law would have barred
him from this country for assisting in persecution on the basis
of race, religion or national origin had his wartime activities
been known.

Since it began work in 1979, the Office of Special
Investigations has caused the revocation of citizenship from 57
Nazi persecutors and gotten 48 removed from the United States.
More than 300 people remain under investigation.




Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) The Pentagon and the NAACP are offering
widely varying assessments of how deeply extremist groups have
penetrated the military.

In testimony Tuesday before a House committee, the civilian
heads of the military services said the problem was minimal, a
view disputed by an official from the NAACP.

``It is clear that Fort Bragg has serious problems,'' said
John J. Johnson of the National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People. ``Anecdotal evidence suggests that the
military's finding of only 22 skinheads out of 14,736 soldiers
assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division is unbelievably

Army Secretary Togo West said a task force he created to
study the problem concluded that ``extremist activity in the Army
and touching the Army is minimal.''

Navy Secretary John Dalton said that ``the problem of
extremist activity in the Navy and Marine Corps is a limited

Air Force Secretary Sheila Widnall said that ``we found no
evidence of hate groups operating on any of our bases around the

All said they are pursuing policies of ``zero tolerance''
toward active participation in hate groups.

The hearing by the House National Security Committee was held
to assess steps the services are taking to combat extremist
activity in the wake of the April 1995 bombing of the federal
building in Oklahoma City and last December's killing of a black
couple in Fayetteville, N.C., home of Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne

Two former soldiers with ties to militia groups were charged
in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Three soldiers at Fort Bragg were arrested and charged with
killing the black couple. Two of the soldiers reportedly had ties
to neo-Nazi skinheads.

Among the questions the services are wrestling with is the
distinction between active and passive participation.
West said the Army has dropped that distinction in favor of
basing its disciplinary policy on ``What did you do?''

Nonetheless, he said, membership in extremist organizations
``can be taken into consideration for promotion and can be taken
into consideration for assignment purposes.''

(Copyright 1996 by The Associated Press.)

{Editor's Note: Looks like the cover-up of neo-Nazi/militia
activity in the military is proceeding as one might expect. For
further background see: Todd Ensign, "A Real Threat to National
Security: Racism in the Ranks," _Covert Action Quarterly_, Summer
1996, Number 57; posted to Antifa Info-Bulletin, "Research
Supplement," June 14, 1996}




June 26, 1996


WASHINGTON -- Alarmed at the growing threat that computer
hackers pose to national security, the director of central
intelligence Tuesday announced plans to create a "cyberwar"
center to protect the bits and bytes that weave the nation

The United States cannot be brought to its knees by a madman
with a modem. But the director, John Deutch, said the nation's
intelligence agencies were alert to the threat of "very, very
large" attacks on the computers that run Defense Department war
rooms, power plants, telephone systems, air traffic control
centers and international financial transfers.

"The electron," Deutch warned, "is the ultimate
precision-guided weapon."

Deutch said he was seeking to create a cyberwar center at
the National Security Agency, the giant electronic eavesdropping
branch of American intelligence. He said the center could focus
the government's previously scattershot efforts to understand and
combat the threats posed by governments, terrorist groups and
mischievous teen-agers.

Deutch's first public statement about information warfare
came in testimony before Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Ga., who called a
hearing of a Senate Governmental Affairs subcommittee to discuss
the little-understood, highly classified problem.

"There are some who believe we are going to have to have an
electronic Pearl Harbor, so to speak, before we really make this
the kind of priority that many of us believe it deserves to be
made," Nunn said. "Do you think we're going to need that kind of
real awakening, or are we fully alerted to this danger now?"

Deutch replied: "I think that we are fully alerted to it
now. I don't know whether we will face an electronic Pearl
Harbor, but we will have, I'm sure, some very unpleasant

He added, "I'm certainly prepared to predict some very, very
large and uncomfortable incidents."

Deutch said cyberwar could become a 21st-century national
security threat second only to nuclear, biological and chemical

Potential attackers may already possess the sophisticated
techniques they would need to bring off a cataclysmic crash, many
experts believe, but they still lack the deep knowledge of their
targets and direct access to the computer systems they would seek
to disable.

Military and civilian organizations are increasingly
dependent on ever-more complicated and interlinked systems. They
run the risk of understanding the threat less and less as it
becomes more and more complex, Nunn and Deutch suggested.

Nunn also said intelligence agencies have communications
problems with banks, telecommunications companies and other
business ventures vulnerable to cyber attacks.

"There's a great reluctance by the private sector to discuss
the threat that they've faced or even the attacks that have
already occurred," he said, "because they fear that the word
would go out they're vulnerable, and therefore could destroy or
damage consumer confidence and thereby cost them business."

"At some point," the senator added, "there's got to be
communication here."

Copyright 1996 The New York Times Company


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 07:08:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net>
Subject: AFA



Combat 18 and Loyalists combined forces again last month to
stage marches in London and Bolton under the banner of the
English Committee of the Amalgamated Apprentice Boys of Derry. On
both occasions, Anti-Fascist Action mounted effective political
and physical opposition.

The London march, on April 27, attracted about 250 marchers,
including Loyalist bands which came down from Scotland for the
occasion. As on previous marches, C-18 were to provide the
stewarding. In response to this open link between the Loyalists
and the openly Nazi C-18, London AFA put together its first full
stewards mobilisation for about a year.

Despite heavy policing, the AFA stewards were able to enter
the area where the march organisers were preparing. Once again,
C-18 boasts of being able to control the streets of Central
London were exploded as AFA hit a pub where a Loyalist band from
Aberdeen had chosen to hole up.

As AFA appeared around the corner, the Orangemen at first
appeared unworried, evidently taking C-18 at their word and
mistaking the AFA stewards for good national socialist comrades.
A rude awakening was not long in coming.

The marching band was sent into disarray as AFA hit,
scattering them. Some managed to run into the pub, locking the
doors behind them - which was not at all appreciated by those who
were not so quick off the mark, and resulted it a row among the
Loyalists after AFA pulled out.

Those who did not make it into the pub were introduced to
AFA's distinctive combination of political and physical
confrontation. One of the injured Loyalists also got himself
lifted for laying into a copper while being helped into an

The Orangemen have not been hit when marching in London
before. AFA's actions were not the result of its views on Irish
politics - it does not have any. Rather, it was a clear response
to the decision by the Loyalists to use C-18 stewards. If you
want Nazis to protect your march, you have to be prepared to pay
the consequences when their inability to deliver is exposed.

C-18, who were nowhere to be seen when AFA was introducing
the Aberdeen bandsmen to the London pavement, did manage to hit a
handful of ANL supporters near Chancery Lane, jumping out of
vehicles in order to pile into a soft target in their usual brave

Things went even worse for C-18 and the Loyalists at the
Bolton march. After AFA's intervention into the proceedings, the
Loyalists and C-18 lost control of the streets, and the police
decided to ban the march.

(Source: Communist Action - Monthly Journal Of Communist
Politics, Issue #11 - May 1996)


Anti-Fascist Action Press Release


The English Amalgamated Committee of the Apprentice Boys of
Derry with Combat 18 security intend to march on Saturday, April
27, 1996, assembling at Lincoln's Inn Field at 1pm. Anti-Fascist
Action is calling for a counter-demonstration to assemble at the
same site for 12:30. The claim by loyalist organisers that Combat
18 are 'unwelcome' on the demonstration is a sham. C18 stewarded
the same march last year. Political fraternisation between the
two is long established. Throughout the eighties fascists and
loyalists openly collaborated, violently opposing initiatives by
the Irish community. AFA is a single-issue organisation. It has
no policy on Ireland. It is the evidence of long-standing
fraternisation between loyalists and fascists and the active
participation of C18 in the event that makes it an inevitable,
legitimate and inviting anti-fascist target.

Anti-Fascist Action, April 20, 1996


And from the mainstream press...

(Irish Post, May 4, 1996) Anti-fascists clashed with loyalists in
central London last weekend as the Apprentice Boys of Derry
staged a march. Members of Glasgow's Pride of Goven Band were
drinking in the White Hart pub, Theobolds Road, Holborn, when
counter-demonstrators attacked, smashing the pub's windows and
hospitalising four people. Anti-Fascist Action claimed
responsibility for the attack. A bomb scare caused by a suspect
vehicle delayed the march in setting off from Lincoln's Inn
Field, and Pride of Goven band members required a police escort
to the assembly point after being attacked. An estimated 100
counter-demonstrators were cordoned off in Holborn to prevent any
further clashes. A massive police presence, including officers
with batons and riot gear and some on horse back prevented any
further fighting.

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