Anti-Fascist News From Germany

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Anti-Fascist News From Germany

March To The Reichstag? Not!

On Sunday, June 16, 1996, the far-right "Republikaner
Partei" (REP) tried to organize a "nation-wide mobilization" to
Berlin. The REPs announced that some 2,000 of their members and
other neo-nazi supporters would march through the center of
Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (Hitler's former
seat of government and home of the German parliament the
Bundestag as of 1998). Leftists and anti-fascists in Berlin
quickly mobilized, and Greens and the Party of Democratic
Socialism (PDS) organized a legal counter-demonstration.
Despite their high expectations, only about 250 REPs came to
the rally, bussed in from all across Germany. Well-known younger
fascists such as Christian Wendt of "Die Nationalen" and Thorsten
Thaler and Michael Aulich of the banned "Wiking Jugend" were also
spotted among the nazis. Berlin riot police, many of whom are REP
supporters/members themselves, pledged to protect the nazi march
to the Brandenburg Gate, and they brought along two water cannons
and other heavy gear just in case. As the nazi rally got underway
(behind a fenced-off construction site, out of the view of
tourists and other pedestrians in the area), anti-fascists
managed to move in groups outside of the fenced-off counter-demo
area and got close to the nazi rally. Shouts and whistles
continually disrupted the REP gathering, which was totally
surrounded by police. When the REPs started waving their German
flags and looked ready to march, people went into action,
breaking off in small groups into various side sreets. It was
clear that if the nazis tried to march, the police would have to
use heavy force to keep back the anti-fascists. In the end, REP
leader Rudolf Schlierer decided not to march through the "red
mob", so the nazis all got into their busses and left the city
under police protection.
After it was announced that the Republikaner had cancelled
their march, about 1,000 people took part in a victory march
through the streets and up to the Brandenburg Gate. There were no
arests, and despite a few chases after some nazi stragglers, none
of fascists got hurt. Oh well! At least we spoiled their day and
kept them off the streets.

Attack The Fascists Wherever They Are!!

(Source: Arm The Spirit)


Demonstration Against Neo-Nazi Centre

From Saturday the 15th until Friday the 21st of June 1996 a
conference-week took place in the Hetendorf schooling-center near
the German town of Celle which was mainly attended by
germanic-heathen groups, old- and neo-nazis. The program
contained various lectures, such as "The admittance of members to
the species" as well as a "solstice-celebration" on Friday which
also marked the end of the week.
The week was accompanied throughout by antifascist
protest-actions, demonstrations and guardings. On the weekend
several hundred antifascists had already obstructed the journey
of participants of the week. On Saturday around 500 demonstrators
occupied the main road in Hetendorf as well as a crossroads in
the north of the village. Demonstrators were kept from the
schooling-center itself by several hundred policemen and two
water-cannons. Many participants of the week evaded the blockades
by already arriving on Friday, taking large detours or being
escorted to the center by police. The property was permanently
guarded by neonazis armed with baseball-bats. Around 100
antifascists continued the blockades on Sunday and smaller
actions were carried out during the whole week.
On Thursday around 150 people demonstrated against the
schooling-week and the planned "solstice-celebration" with drums,
trumpets and whistles. Later, in the night, a second
demonstration of over 300 people was immediately encircled by the
police. The antifascists were detained in the vicinity of the
center for three hours - according to police statements in order
to take actions against violations of the "Vermummungsgebot" (a
law which forbids wearing masks in public). 56 demonstrators were
taken into police custody, another 86 were registered by the
police. Five demonstrators and four policemen were injured during
small clashes.
During the week residents were attacked by participants of
the schooling-week repeatedly. One farmer was shot at with
flare-guns and had his tractor-windows smashed. Earlier his
girlfriend had been beaten with iron bars. A motorcyclist who
mistook the schooling center for another house was beaten by
guardians with truncheons and iron-bars so badly that he needed
hospital treatment. While controlling arriving participants the
police had found truncheons, baseball-bats, clubs with screws and
an ax. Baseball-bats and warning-pistols were also found with
some antifascist demonstrators.
The demonstrators not only meant to obstruct the
conference-week with their actions. They also demanded the
closing of the center and that the society carrying the center,
the Hamburg "Heideheim e.V." should be deprived of its welfare
status, through which it is granted tax-reductions. At a rally
organized by the local GRUNEN (green party), Andrea Hoops, member
of the federal parliament, said that there should be no further
tax-gifts for xenophobes and holocaust-deniers. According to the
federal intelligence of Niedersachsen the Hetendorf
schooling-center is the most important center of the right-wing
extremist scene in northern Germany.

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Leftists Fight Police As Neo-Nazis Mark Solstice

Hanover, Germany (Reuter - June 21, 1996) Around 150 militant
leftists protesting against a neo-Nazi celebration of the summer
solstice attacked police with clubs and signal flares overnight
in the north German town of Hetendorf, police said on Friday.
Some 300 leftists held a peaceful rally in the town centre
and then moved to the outskirts of a private property where the
neo-Nazis, many of whom draw inspiration from Norse mythology,
were marking the traditional pagan festival.
Police had warned the neo-Nazis not to leave the property,
to prevent a clash betwen the two groups. They used batons
against the leftists who attacked them, and briefly detained 56.
Hetendorf is the home of an institute which the Office for
the Protection of the Constitution, the anti-extremist watchdog
in Lower Saxony state, says is a centre for far-right activity
all over northern Germany.
The celebration of the shortest night of the year came at
the end of a one-week symposium at the centre.

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