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On June 13, 1996, exactly one year after German federal police
carried out a nation-wide series of raids and arrests against left-radical
projects and organizations, three persons wanted in connection with the
underground periodical RADIKAL turned themselves in to police in Bremen.
Two women, Jutta W. and Ulli F., were released the following day on 20,000
DM bail. Both must both report to police three times each week and are
prohibited from contacting other persons involved in the RADIKAL
investigation. The third individual, Frank G., was ordered to remain in
prison because authorities claim he was also involved in the publication
of the latest issue of RADIKAL (Nr.154).
Four other persons arrested during the June 1995 raids were
eventually released on bail after spending four months in prison. One
other individual is still on the run from authorities. Lawyers for the
three persons who just turned themselves in to the police are counting on
light sentences for their defendants when the RADIKAL case finally goes to
court. The trial, originally to be held at the federal level on charges of
forming a criminal organization and supporting terrorist organizations,
will now be tried before a state court on charges of spreading propaganda
on behalf of terrorist organizations. It is unclear whether the
authorities will be able to substantiate their allegations that RADIKAL
itself is a criminal organzation under Paragrah 129 of the German penal

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