Anti-Klan Demonstrators Arrested In Ann Arbour, Michigan

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Twenty Four Protesters Arrested At Anti-Klan Demonstration In Ann
Arbour, Michigan

On June 22, at an anti-klan rally of 500, twenty four (maybe
more) anti-racist demonstrators were arrested in a standoff with
the National Guard and state, county, and city police in Ann
Arbor, Michigan. The confrontation started with the police macing
a group of demonstrators who were verbally confronting police
willingness to protect the Klan. After the macing demonstrators
fought back by throwing rocks. The police came back with tear gas
which the demonstrators threw back at the police. Downtown bank
windows were broken. What had started out as an anti-klan rally
turned into an anti-police riot. Two anti-racists were injured.
One whose leg was broken had to undergo surgery today. Those
arrested will be arraigned tomorrow at 10AM. Money for bail and
injuries can be sent to the address below:

Detroit ARA
P.O. Box 321211
Detroit, MI
48232 USA
Phone: 313 730 3555

More info when it becomes available...

- a comrade from ARA Minneapolis

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