(Eng.) Demonstrations against Neo-Nazi centre

R.W. Wogatzke (101607.2566@CompuServe.COM)
22 Jun 96 16:53:46 EDT

Demonstration against Neonazi-Center

place in the Hetendorf schooling-center near the German town of Celle which was
mainly attended by germanic-heathen groups, old- and neonazis. The program
contained various lectures, such as "The admittance of members to the species"
as well as a "solstice-celebration" on Friday which also marked the end of the

The week was accompanied throughout by antifascist protest-actions,
demonstrations and guardings. At the weekend several hundred antifascists had
already obstructed the journey of participants of the week. On Saturday around
500 demonstrators occupied the main road in Hetendorf as well as a crossroads in
the north of the village. Demonstrators were kept from the schooling-center
itself by several hundred policemen and two water-cannons. Many participants of
the week evaded the blockades by already arriving on Friday, taking large
detours or being escorted to the center by police. The property was permanently
guarded by neonazis armed with baseball-bats. Around 100 antifascists continued
the blockades on Sunday and smaller actions were carried out during the whole

On Thursday around 150 people demonstrated against the schooling-week and the
planned "solstice-celebration" with drums, trumpets and whistles. Later, in the
night, a second demonstration of over 300 people was immediately encircled by
the police. The antifascists were detained in the vicinity of the center for
three hours - according to police statements in order to take actions against
violations of the "Vermummungsgebot" ( a law which forbids wearing masks in
public). 56 demonstrators were taken into police custody, another 86 were
registered by the police. Five demonstrators and four policemen were injured
during small clashes.

During the week residents were attacked by participants of the schooling-week
repeatedly. One farmer was shot at with flare-guns and had his tractor-windows
smashed. Earlier his girlfriend had been beaten with iron bars. A motorcyclist
who mistook the schooling center for another house was beaten by guardians with
truncheons and iron-bars so badly that he needed hospital treatment. While
controlling arriving participants the police had found truncheons,
baseball-bats, clubs with screws and an ax. Baseball-bats and warning-pistols
were also found with some antifascist demonstrators.

The demonstrators not only meant to obstruct the conference-week with their
actions. They also demanded the closing of the center and that the society
carrying the center, the Hamburg "Heideheim e.V." should be deprived of its
welfare status, through which it is granted tax-reductions. On a rally organized
by the local GRUNEN (green party), Andrea Hoops, member of the federal
parliament, said that there should be no further tax-gifts for xenophobes and
holocaust-deniers. According to the federal intelligence of Niedersachsen the
Hetendorf schooling-center is the most important center of the right-wing
extremist scene in northern Germany.


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