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Subject: International Catalogue initiative by 'Anti' magazine

Please pass this on to your publications - thank you -

The following is the general letter, page of endorsements and form
regarding the Greek magazine 'Anti''s International Catalogue for wide
Left publications and organizations. Please
return the completed form to us as soon as possible.

Dear friends,

As we enter the "age of information", we have two developments which
hold major implication for all of our future. First is the rapid
globalization of the Free Market and Corporate Media, second is the
information technological revolution as specifically manifest in

As regards the fact of Corporate Media monopolization, the implications
are clear to all of us. More ambiguous is the path that the relatively
newly established INTERNET will proceed to take. Although INERNET
potentially allows for an international and truly democratic
interchange, it simultaneously meets with serious shortcomings: not only
is this technology financially limited to relatively few hands (and
those largely within the industrially developed countries) but also
INTERNET is under serious threat (via, for one example, the proposed
Global Information Infrastructure) of future corporate control both
through privatization and legal measures to impose a restriction of
information. Thus it is imperative that the wide Left both participate
in the INTERNET dialogue whilst simultaneously trying to develop, if at
all possible, an alternative global network.

In any case, both of these developments share one inevitable result: the
Small Press finds itself already on the periphery and is, in many cases,
struggling to survive. That the continued existence of the Small Press
is not merely desirable but is critical as a democratic voice is
obvious. That the existence of INTERNET - far from rendering the Small
Press obsolete - actually necessitates an alternative network of the
Small Press is obvious. That such an alternative network be
international is not simple appropriate but is of urgent necessity is
equally clear.

For the above stated reasons, we have decided, with the help of friends
and colleagues here and abroad, to put together and to distribute to all
participants a catalogue of wide Left organizations and publications
which - despite differences in approach - hold common concerns regarding
our respective societies and the planet that we all share. In addition
to creating a balance to both the global Corporate Media and INTERNET,
we believe that such an international network will help us to
specifically address the following issues:

1) The dangerous rising of chauvinism expresses itself at every level:
national, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, cultural - all of which
clearly serves political and economic ambitions, and which cannot be
overcome except by means of a wide solidarity within the international

2) Under the expanding monopolization of Corporate Media, the very
existence of the Small Press is threatened. In addition to the fact of
Mass Media political and cultural impact, very simply without a Small
Press there can be no democracy.

3) Due to the very nature of the Small Press, few of us are able to
function transnationally. We have been obliged, therefore, to largely
interpret foreign events and concerns via the Corporate Media. The
natural result is an unacceptable degree of ignorance and

4) We hope in directly receiving articles from one another that we can
overcome the above stated deficiency. In view of the financial
difficulties that the Small Press generally faces, we hope to work in a
solidarity which will, for example, without obligation send/exchange
articles without payment.

5) The complex political, economic and cultural interrelationships of
our respective societies cannot be correctly understood except through a
regular intercommunication of information and ideas. For only one
example, it is now generally acknowledged that we are confronting an
ecological crisis that can no longer be ignored. As ecological strategy
is mapped out on a global scale, global communications on ecological
matters is essential.

6) In general addition, it is hoped that such a catalogue network will
facilitate the more effective organization of projects, meetings,
seminars symposia etc. concerning the issues we share.

7) Having ourselv4es all too recently suffered under dictatorship, we
are well aware that many governments do not allow the basic democratic
conditions for our friends to function openly. We plan, therefore, to
make mention of specific cases where these human rights are being
violated, and we would like to be informed of ones we may have
overlooked so that all of us in solidarity may be better informed on
this fact.

It is with regret that we are obliged to limit ourselves to one language
in the catalogue, and we have chosen the English language as it is the
most internationally familiar.

* Attached to this letter you will find a description of the catalogue's
practical format, a few words about the magazine 'Anti' which is taking
this initiative, a page of endorsements, and the form to be completed
and returned to us as soon as possible.

* Any ideas or suggestions that you can offer us would be very welcome
in the spirit of solidarity. If, however, you oppose this project or do
not wish to participate, we ask you to inform us of the reasons.

* In view of the dimensions of this project, we would greatly appreciate
any help in locating and contacting potential participants. It would
must assist us if you would be able to send us a list of organizations
and publications known to you and which may be unknown to us or that we
may have overlooked.

Due to our efforts to minimize the enormous postal expenses, please
excuse us for not sending a personal acknowledgment on receipt of your
completed form. As regards financing this project, we are hoping for

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for this project, and send you

Christos G. Papoutsakis

"Anti" magazine
60 Dimoharous Str.
115 21 Athens
FAX: +30-1-7226107


Practical Format
1) All organizations and publications of the wide Left are welcome in

2) The catalogue will be printed in the English language.

3) The catalogue will be organized in two sections: the first by
country alphabetically, and the second section be category
(organization, organizational publication, independent publication,
political, cultural, literary, human rights, peace movement,
environmental, minority, other) in reference number. Participants are
invited to enter themselves into as many categories as they see

4) Participants are asked to return the attached form completed (as
soon as possible) including the self-characterizing description as they
wish to, which will be printed in the catalogue verbatim.

5) After compilation and printing (which we hope to complete by Spring
1996), each participant will be mailed a copy of the catalogue.

6) The catalogue will be annually updated to accommodate any changes in
information and to welcome new participants. .

A few words about 'Anti' magazine
'Anti' magazine first appeared in May 1972, during the dictatorship, and
was closed down by the Colonels. In September 1974, when the
dictatorship collapsed, it reappeared and has been operating since then
fortnightly; it has established a high reputation in the country as an
independent form for open discussion between different sections of the
Greek Left and Democratic forces.

'Anti' has produced special reports (the democratization of the Greek
Army, neo-fascism in Greece, an ecological campaign for 'Eleonas' and
the 'Park of Freedom', exposing the Koskotas scandal, Balkan issues, the
condition of the Greek press and mass-media in general, etc.) We have
held three 'Anti' cultural festivals (1981, 1989, 1996).

In October 1995, in co-operation with the 'Goethe Institute Athens', we
held an international symposium on 'Mass Media - Towards the Information
Society. The European Dimension'.

'Anti' is printed in the Greek language.


I am very happy to join this indispensable action.
-Samir Amin

The project which you describe there does indeed seem to be a most
useful one and we are happy to join it as sponsors.
-Robin Blackburn, editor 'New Left Review'

I was very pleased to learn of the plans for a Small Press catalogue. It
is sure to be a valuable resource for people and organizations committed
to resisting and reversing the forces of centralization and control
that are casting their ominous shadow over every aspect of social and
cultural life.
-Noam Chomsky

Quelle que soit l'irresistible necessite, et parfois les chances
politiques du developpement des nouvelles technologies de l'information
et de ce qu'on appelle leur "mondialisation", il importe d'etre plus
vigilant que jamais devant les menaces d'appropriation, de
monopolisation et de concentration que ces progres peuvent aussi
comporter. Une nouvelle culture "de gauche" doit inventer les moyens de
resister aux menaces d'un tel "marche".
-Jacques Derrida

The world is awash with information but I'm not sure we are, as yet, the
better for it. There is an urgent need to resist the pressure of
monopolies and to support the truly democratic media in transitional
democracies so that diversity is preserved and government propaganda
weakened. 'Anti''s initiative to harness information for these purposes
and to facilitate genuine information sharing is one I wholly endorse
and will support in any way I can.
-Frances D'Souza, Executive Director 'Article 19'

Yes. It's a great idea. Very useful, badly needed.
-Jonathan Kozol

We thank the organizers of this most important effort to develop an
international catalogue. Considering the absence of a compilation of
Left references on an international scale, an independent guide to
publications dealing with ideas of democracy and socialism is especially
-Charlene Mitchell, Committees of Correspondence

With ever-diminishing independent news sources to provide more than just
formulaic, conventional journalism, Greenpeace supports the efforts
of magazines like 'Anti' to free up communications and allow alternative
voices and ideas to still be heard.
-Blair Palese, Chief Press Officer, Greenpeace International

It is essential that the left stays alive and resolute and together.
This is a project of the greatest importance.
-Harold Pinter

-Authorized support of Marion Stefanou Sarafi (widow of General Stefanos

I am in full sympathy with your project and wish it all success.
-Paul M. Sweezy, editor 'Monthly Review'

Anyone who cares about human rights is pro 'Anti' which now has a chance
of competing with the Corporate Media, using the Internet as a - no, not
highway but cardio-vascular system in which injections of reality might
make us, if not well, better.
-Gore Vidal

A brave effort and I hope it succeeds.
-Michael Young



Title of publication:

Organization, political party, independent (specify):

Name of editor:

Frequency of publication (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly,

Publication format (newspaper, magazine, bulletin, newsletter, other but

Address (title, building, road, city, code number, country):

Telephone, Fax, Telex, E-mail

Category of Publication (check as many as appropriate):

[ ] Organizational

[ ] Independent

[ ] Political

[ ] Economic

[ ] Cultural

[ ] Literary

[ ] Human Rights

[ ] Ecological

[ ] Labor

[ ] Peace Movement

[ ] Minority (specify)

[ ] Humoristic

[ ] Other (specify)

Please add self-characterizing description of organization/publication
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