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2. Community Organizing

--Design and assist experiments with decentralized, collective and
cooperative forms of organizing. Develop projects and systems to
increase local self reliance.
--Build a counter-culture that resists illegitimate authority,
racism, sexism, ageism and capitalism.
--Organize outside our boundaries and strengthen ties to informal
associations, support services, and contacts that enable people
to survive.

political analysis, designing and implementing strategies,
field organizing, training for organizers and leaders,
communication, outreach & alliance building, syndicalism.

neighborhood associations and centers, local currency, child care,
community gardens, environmental campaigns, labor and other unions,
crisis response (police brutality, housing demolition,
gentrification/bank lending policies, lockouts/plant closings)

Suggested Reading:
When Hate Groups Come to Town by CDR, Resource Manual for a
Living Revolution by New Society Publishers, Organizing
Communities: building grassroots anarchist movements by Tom
Knoche, Tom Brown's Syndicalism by Tom Brown, Food Not Bombs: How
to feed the hungry and build community by CT Lawrence Butler and
Keith McHenry

3. Building Revolutionary Movements

--Strengthen and expand both organizing and direct action within
the anarchist movement
--Creating connections with other radical groups: base camp
connections, networks, coalition building

campaigns (strategy, structure and development); exploring and
understand concepts like leadership, planning, theory, structure,
etc.; outreach & political education; moving from reactive to
proactive; coping strategies & culture jamming

NOLO Press/DIY legal services, legal defense, free skools,
training/counseling, organizational support, communication,
nomadic action groups, skill and tool banks, activist exchange,
share workshops, infoshops, (Dis)Connection, campaigns
(class war/poverty, solidarity, anti-fascism, health care and
reproduction issues), media, intercollective organizing
(Network of Anarchist Collectives, Anarchist Black Cross, Earth
First!, etc.)

Suggested Reading:
Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin, Deschooling Our Lives by
Matt Hearn, War at Home by Brian Glick, Anti-Mass Methods of
Organisation for Collectives by Anti-Mass, Reinventing Anarchy by
Howard J. Ehrlich (ed.), Race Traitor, Liberating Theory by
Albert, Cagan, Chomsky, et al, Night Vision by Red Rover and
Butch Lee, Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: the
unbridgeable chasm by Murray Bookchin, The Politics of
Non-Violent Action, parts 1-3 by Gene Sharp


Festival of the Oppressed
is the cultural aspect of Active Resistance. Activities will take
place between August 21-25, with a full day of events occurring during
the Democratic National Convention. The Festival of the
Oppressed, taking its name from separate proposals by The Fifth
Estate, a long-time anarchist publication from Detroit, and
Lorenzo K'omboa Ervin, author of _Anarchism and the Black Revolution_,
is both a celebration and a demonstration of solidarity,
survival and struggle. In every way possible, we maintain
our distinction from the dominant culture.

So far events include:

Propaganda Gallery: Send material produced by your collective
(posters, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, catalogues, log & journal
entries). Duplicates are acceptable. Historical material (from
bygone collectives) welcome. Submissions will be on display
during Active Resistance. Include date produced and any
accompanying text (maximum one page, one side, 8 1/2 x 11) to be
posted with the display. If you do not want your archives
reproduced and/or published please specify.

Soapbox Pageant: barter faire, speeches and diatribes,
performances, picnics

Street Theater Parade: a pedal powered puppet procession leaving
behind symbols of oppression (chains, money, television, etc.),
scavenger hunts, re-trial for the Haymarket Eight and
installation of a fitting memorial and more

Performances & Parties: Active Resistance includes a schedule of
music, theater, film & video, dance parties, spoken word and open
mic events

Projects: bike lanes, community gardens, playgrounds, free box,
semi-permanent Food Not Bombs feeding area

Please send your ideas for events, performers, etc. to AR program



Safe, effective and inclusive interpersonal dynamics are an
important part of our process. For the duration of Active
Resistance, process agreements will be adopted to facilitate full

How you can be part of Active Resistance:
--Participant: Complete and return the enclosed registration form.
We are looking forward to working with you in August.
--Facilitator: If you have a workshop/free skool class to share,
let us know what you need, duration, number of people who can
attend at once, etc. on the registration form. If one of the core
topics is an area of special interest or expertise, contact the
Program Committee as soon as possible. We want you involved with
the planning.
--Organizer: If you are in touch with groups in your region or
would like to be, plan to be part of a contingent of people or
would like to distribute information and posters, please contact
the Outreach Committee as soon as possible. We need your help.

Please fill out the enclosed registration form and mail it back
as soon as you can. There is a sliding scale pre-registration fee
of $20 per individual. After July 15 the fee will be $25. On-site
registration will begin on Tuesday, August 20 at the Autonomous
Zone, 2311 W. North Avenue, in Chicago.

We are not going to be able to house everyone who is coming. To
the extent that housing is available we will arrange it on a
first come, first serve basis. A list of inexpensive
accommodations will be available.

Seeds of Peace, a radical activist food provision collective will
serve two meals daily from August 21-31. Please bring your own
dishes and utensils and be prepared to do food prep at least
once. All meals will be vegan and free to Active Resistance

Child Care
Child care will be available between August 21-25, 30-31. If you
would like child care, you must pre-register before July 15. We
will make our plans based on the number of children then
registered. We will not be able to safely accommodate any
additional children. All participants of Active Resistance are
encouraged to welcome and support the children of our temporary
community by assisting with child care.


Some Definitions:

Cooperatives: Marked by a willingness and ability to work with
others; an organization owned by and operated for the benefit of
those using and providing its services.
Collectives: Individuals considered as one group; shared by all
members; system of ownership and control.
Economics: Of or relating to a household; concerned with
production, distribution, consumption; having practical
Community: A unified body of individuals; an interacting
population in a common location; having common history or
interests; fellowship
Organizing: Causing to develop an organic structure; to form into
coherent unity or a functioning whole; to arrange by systematic
planning; to arrange elements into a whole of interdependent
Building: To form by uniting materials by gradual means into a
composite whole; construct; to develop according to a systematic
plan; increasing; to stimulate
Revolutionary: Sudden, radical or complete change; activity or
movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the
socioeconomic situation
Movements: A change of places; tactical shifting; a series of
organized activities working toward and objective; an organized
effort that transmit a definite motion

"We must experience the implications of a different ideology. We
must build it from scratch. The pervasiveness of the reigning
ideology gives it power. We do not opt out in general because
there is nowhere to go. There is the need to create alternative
structures. The vision must be made clear: the goal is a society
organized in such a fashion that the basic activities of living
are carried out through organizations whose style and structure
mirror the values sought.... The broad social values must be
demonstrated not preached. The movement for change must seek to
mobilize the resources that can actually create the alternative
structures of work, education, community living, communication."
-C. George Benello