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Tue, 11 Jun 1996 10:38:02 +0200

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a counter-convention
chicago, august 21-31, 1996

Active Resistance
c/o The Autonomous Zone
1573 N. Milwaukee #420
Chicago, IL 60622
ugwiller@bgu.edu or chill@burn.ucsd.edu

"Anarchy: A self governed society in which people organize themselves
from the bottom up on an egalitarian basis; decisions made by those
affected by them; direct democratic control of our workplaces, schools,
neighborhoods, towns, and bio-regions with coordination between differing
groups as needed. a world where women and men are free and equal and
all of us have power over our own lives, bodies and sexuality; where
we cherish and live in balance with the earth and value diversity of
cultures, races and sexual orientations; where we work and live together
--Without Borders 1989

Active Resistance Schedule

August 20
--Begin daily meetings for event facilitators
--Early registration at the Autonomous Zone

August 21-25
--Morning: Forums, mini-gatherings, workshops conducted by participating
collectives and organizations, continuing registration and orientation
--Afternoon: Core Meetings
--Evening: The Autonomous Zone Free Skool hosts selected and ad hoc
workshops and discussions
--Night: Shows, bike rides, movies & more

August 26-29
--Festival of the Oppressed
--Bus Tour
--Special Events & Dinners
--Meeting space available

August 30-31
--Network of Anarchist Collectives meetings and workshops
--Free Skool continues
--Wrap-up of Core meetings
--Closing celebration

Sponsoring groups so far:
Earth First!, Network of Anarchist Collectives, Lumpen Media Group,
Seeds of Peace, North American ALF Support Group, Autonomous Zone Infoshop,
Wise Fool Puppet Intervention Theater, Cures Not Wars, C & D Printshop,
Neither East Nor West.

Active: to move; distinct from mere existence; having practical
operation or results; tending to progress; energetic.
Resistance: an opposing force; the inherent capacity of a living being
to resist untoward circumstances; the ability to withstand.

--from Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary


Active Resistance, a counter-convention an introduction

Active Resistance is a counter-convention in Chicago, August 21-31, 1996.
This event will bring together the critical elements of our potential.
We can and will make our future. Active Resistance will provide space
and time for conversations, planning meetings, workshops and caucuses
on practical campaigns and projects.

Participants will share perspectives, experience and information with
each other, plan long term activities, engage in training and skill
sharing, and come away with building blocks for sustainable communities.
Active Resistance is an opportunity.

Active Resistance is not about electoral victories.

This Counter-Convention is not about seizing control of the state.
Active resistance is about the promise of autonomy, mutual aid and community.

Active Resistance has a Core.
--Cooperatives, Collectives & Alternative Economics
--Community Organizing
--Building Revolutionary Movements
The Core topics fit the key types of interactions we need for basic
survival and fulfillment. We hope to address and transform how we live,
how we connect, how we grow.

Active Resistance is about outcomes.
--We will achieve solutions to common problems.
--We will develop long-term vision.
--We will create infrastructure for creating and living in radical


The Core of Active Resistance:

--how we live
--how we connect
--how we grow

is a blueprint of the communities we hope for. How we live, How
we connect, How we grow form the basic framework of the manner in
which we order our lives. Here we will approach the future. With
the possibilities outlined below (by no means an exhaustive list)
is a corresponding suggestion for developing counter-institutions
and oppositional politics which offer the most profound impact on
our daily existence. Daily sessions devoted to each of the three
topic areas will be central to Active Resistance. Familiarity
with the suggested readings is encouraged, though not required.
The concepts will be springboards for our own exploration and
determination. Your suggestions are welcome.

1. Cooperatives, Collectives & Alternative Economics

--Formation of cooperatives for basic needs
--Formation of worker collectives for income and/or a source of
material goods exchange

Lessons & Experiments:
barter, L.E.T.S. (Local Exchange & Trading System), local
currency, living off the grid, appropriate technology &

mutualism, collectivism, communism, syndicalism, mixed.

food, health care, housing, repair & construction, land trusts,
transport, finance co-ops, food service (including bakery, brew
pub, diner/cafe), print/copy shop, bike workshop, Community
Supported Agriculture collectives, goods & services collectives
for exchange and interaction with the dominant community,
temporary services, messenger service, labor/construction, design
& publishing, networking collectives (means of exchanging
resources, skills and information with networked groups and

Suggested Reading: