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CONTENTS: Supplement 49

1. (AP) Magistrate Says Mumia Abu-Jamal Unfairly Denied
Access To Media

Habitat: Imperialism, The Policy Of The New
World Order; Political Prisoners Hunger Strike,
Daily Events

Xulam Free On Bail

4. (AFN) ANTIFA NETWORK: New "Fuhrer" To Lead Vlaams

5. (BAF) BIRKASTADENS ANTIFA: Action Against Swedish

6. (TS) THE STATE, South Carolina: Church Targets Klan

7. (REUTER) Row As Bavaria Demands Women Give Reasons For

8. (REUTER) SS Officer Leaps From Balcony {Priebke Trial}

9. (PART) New Issue Of Turning The Tide Going To Press


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PITTSBURGH (Jun 6, 1996 10:30 p.m. EDT) -- Prison officials
unfairly denied a death row inmate the right to give interviews
in retaliation for a book he wrote describing his life as he
awaits execution, a federal magistrate ruled Thursday.

Kenneth J. Benson said state prison officials also violated
Mumia Abu-Jamal's civil rights by opening and photocopying
private mail sent to him by his lawyers.

Abu-Jamal, a former radio reporter and Black Panther, is on
death row in the State Correctional Institution following a 1982
murder conviction in the death of Philadelphia police Officer
Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal's attorneys have asked for a new

Benson issued his 66-page ruling in response to Abu-Jamal's
request for an order prohibiting state prison officials from
blocking future interviews or opening mail from his lawyers.

Benson recommended a court order that would prohibit officials
from opening the prisoner's mail outside his presence unless they
could show they had expected to find evidence of a crime or
violation of prison rules.

Citing Abu-Jamal's constitutional right to free speech, Benson
criticized prison officials for barring him from talking to
reporters for three months soon after they learned last February
that he planned to publish "Live From Death Row."

Nor were officials justified in taking legal documents
addressed to Abu-Jamal and passing them to state officials
outside the Department of Corrections, Benson said. Prison
officials had defended their actions by saying they were
investigating whether Abu-Jamal had violated rules against
conducting a publishing business from prison.

Benson dismissed Abu-Jamal's claim that prison officials
violated his civil rights when they refused him access to a
paralegal who also visited him socially.

And the magistrate said officials had a right to ensure that
Abu-Jamal didn't operate a business from prison, which is a
violation of prison rules.

Both Abu-Jamal and prison officials have 10 days to file
objections to Benson's report. U.S. District Judge Donetta
Ambrose will then issue a ruling based on the report.

Abu-Jamal's supporters say he was framed for the white
officer's shooting because of his past affiliation with the Black
Panther Party and his radio reports critical of police.

Prosecutors say Abu-Jamal shot Faulkner after seeing the
officer struggling with Abu-Jamal's brother, William Cook, whom
Faulkner had stopped for a traffic violation. Authorities say
Abu-Jamal was fairly convicted on eyewitness testimony and
physical evidence.


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 18:34:22 +0000

from: ozgurluk@xs4all.nl



For months they have been preparing our people for the Habitat
Conference. Months ago they started a - totally incomprehensible
- advertisement campaign with slogans like "6 billion people are
coming to Istanbul". Habitat II, for which they have spend
trillions of lira for conference buildings, streets and board
walks, and for which they saw our people as idiots, is opened
today with a big party.

This opening party, is led by Boutros Gali, secretary-general of
the UN - which has been transformed into a War Council of
imperialism - and by Demirel, president of a fascist state. The
people aren't welcome at this opening party and the sessions.
This means the peoples of Turkey and the peoples of the world
aren't represented at this conference, they are not going to make
decisions which are in the interest of the peoples.

The decision to organise Habitat II in Turkey is significant in
itself, because the UN rejected the application by Israel because
of the problems with Palestine. The application by South Africa
was rejected because of its then racist policy and the violation
of borders. The application by Argentine was rejected as well -
because of the violation of human rights.

But the same UN accepted the application by Turkey... Turkey is
at the top concerning the violation of human rights. Turkey
conducts - without asking anybody - military operations in Iraq.
This was all known to the UN when they took their decision in
1992. The state terror doesn't fit in with the principles of
Habitat, albeit that these principles are just principles on
paper. But the UN are very content with their decision.

We aren't in the least surprised that Habitat II is being held in
Turkey, of all places. The UN, that's the "War Council" of
imperialism which let the Iraqi people bleed, which looked at the
peoples in Bosnia bleeding to death... This has merely been a
decision by imperialism.


One look at the reality in Turkey is enough to know that this
Habitat Conference will not take one decision in the interest of
the peoples.

This Habitat II, called "City Conference" will not even discuss
the problems of our peoples, let alone that they are looking for
solutions. The forced eviction of villages in Turkey and the
misery of city-building are concrete indications for this.

What kind of housing problems are those people talking about,
those people who destroyed more than 3.000 villages until now?
About what city-planning, what kind of housing problems, what
locations of housing is this state talking about, a state which
forcibly expelled 3 million Kurds, which only increased
unemployment and poverty and which made the cities uninhabitable?
What kind of policy of city-building have they conducted until
now? How can one ever believe that things will improve from now
on? In this matter the marks of the imperialists and Turkey are
bad ones.

About which human rights will Turkey, on top in violating human
rights, and the imperialists, with their endless list of crimes.
talk about in this conference in Istanbul? To talk about human
rights in a country where more than 400 people "disappeared", a
country with systematic torture and other forms of violations of
human rights, that's a enormous swindle.

Today, the day the Habitat Conference was opened, the
hungerstrikes of the political prisoners against the "May 6
decision" (the first step of the aggression policy of the
peoples' enemy, professional torturer and minister of Justice
Mehmet Agar) have spread across the whole country. Why don't the
people in the conference halls who talk sanctimoniously about
human rights, why don't they see these hungerstrikes of 1.500
prisoners? Don't they know that the present policy of the Turkish
government will result in new dead people in the prisons? Of
course they know, they only know too well. But they don't give a
damn. They only care about taking the necessary decisions to let
the "New World Order" function, and to impose these decisions
upon the peoples.

The imperialists and the fascist state in our country, controlled
by the imperialists, who are responsible for the pollution and
destruction of the environment, can not discuss the environmental
problems at all. They are guilty in this matter as well.

About which health question are the imperialists talking, the
imperialists who after the Gulf War proclaimed an embargo to deny
medicines for the children in Iraq? About which health question
is the Turkish government talking, a government responsible for
the death and life-long disability of children because of the
unhealthy living conditions? Today hundreds of people die in the
hospitals, millions of people become disabled, because the state
doesn't care. Don't the people who spent trillions of lira for
the Habitat Conference and the renovation of the neighbouring
streets know that this money was wasted, just to present a nice
picture to the representatives of the imperialists and the media?
Don't they know that Turkey doesn't exist of the conference area
in Macka alone? In Istanbul, a place where 12 million are living,
there are the conference area and the luxurious neighbourhoods,
but there are the neighbourhoods for the poor people as well. In
this one city, there are two worlds and two kinds of life.

Did this state, which chased the street vendors out of Taksim,
which closed all the cafes and shops in the conference area,
except for the luxurious hotels and the luxurious restaurants,
did this state solve the problems of the people? So how can they
talk about these problems on Habitat now?

The revolutionaries, patriots, democrats and neutrals must not
have themselves misled by this Habitat Conference. They only
represent the reality of the "New World Order". They must support
the continuing resistance of the political prisoners. The
ANAYOL-government (ANAP and DYP), its contra-guerrilla minister
of Justice Mehmet Agar, and the imperialists are responsible for
all the crimes which are committed against the political


From: "DHKC informationbureau Amsterdam" <ozgurluk@xs4all.nl>
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 14:51:56 +0000



June 6, 1996:

Eskisehir. Students and youth from TODEF, Ozgur Genclik, YDG and
Yutsever Genclik, together with members from the Socialist
Journalist Platform and the TSIP, ODP and EP began a solidarity
hungerstrike inside the bureau of the EP. Solidarity messages:
0090-222 221 2814

June 7, 1996:

Relatives of the political prisoners wanted to organise a
press-conference in front of Sagmalcilar-prison in Istanbul. The
press-conference was scheduled for 11 a.m. but the police banned
the conference and from 7.30 a.m. the police was present in the
area and they surrounded the prison. They also started to search
the people in the metro station of Bayrampasa and arrested more
than 40 people.

Among them were Oya Gokbayrak from the Freedom and Rights
Platform, Guzel Sahin, Mustecep Batu, Naciye Ceylan, Mehmet
Soylu, Fatma Hambayat and Selvi Gulmez from the Solidarity
Platform of Relatives of Revolutionary Prisoners (DETUDAP), and
members from several unions from DISK (Confederation of
Revolutionary Workers Unions) like Genel-Is (General Union),
Hava-Is (Airport Workers Union), Deri-Is (Leather Industry
Workers), Nakliyat-Is (Transport Union), Tez Koop-Is (Food
Industry Union) and Belediye-Is (Municipal Workers Union).

Sirkeci-Istanbul. Members from the IHD (Human Rights
Association), CHD (Contemporary Lawyers Association), TOHAV,
DETUDAP and other democratic organisations wanted to stage a
press-conference in front of the post-office and send a telegram
to prime-minister Mesut Yilmaz. However, the police surrounded
the area and several people were arrested, such as Ercan Kanar
(chairman of the IHD-Istanbul), Zeynep Baran (board member of the
IHD), the lawyer Mustafa Ucdere (chairman of the CHD-Istanbul),
the lawyer Ayhan Erhan (CHD) and the artist Suna Aras. After
these arrests, the relatives went to Taksim-square to continue
their protest against the repression against the prisoners and to
voice their protest against Habitat II as well. Again the police
attacked the relatives and 15 people were arrested. Among them
were Huseyin Yalcinkaya, Turkan Coban, Sehriban Tufan, Arzu
Baysungur, Baris Yildirim, Gulsah Karadag and Doga Aciker.




Visit HTTP://WWW.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk
For regular news and information
about the classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan


Date: Thu, 6 Jun 96 15:08:59 -0701
From: American Kurdish Information Network <akin@kurdish.org>
Subject: Kani Xulam Free On Bail, Back At Work In Washington


Press Release #9
June 3, 1996

Kani Xulam Free On Bail, Back At Work In Washington, D.C.

On April 12, 1996, Kani Xulam, Director of the American
Kurdish Information Network (AKIN), was arrested by armed U.S.
federal agents in Washington, D.C. Mr. Xulam was charged in
federal court with having acquired a United States passport in
1986 using an assumed name. He was also charged by the
Immunization and Naturalization Service (INS) with having
overstayed a visitors visa after entering the United States in
1985. During the arrest, federal agents raided Xulam's home and
the offices of AKIN, seizing computers, video tapes, and
documents, all materials related to Mr. Xulam's human rights
efforts on behalf of the Kurds.

The Department of Justice initially took the position that
Mr. Xulam should be held without bail since he was allegedly
linked to unidentified "terrorist" groups operating on behalf of
the Kurds of Turkey. Kani was held without bail for approximately
40 days, often detained in solitary confinement, before being
transferred to Los Angeles, California where the criminal charge
was filed.

Following his arrest, the United States Department of
Justice convinced a federal court judge in Washington, D.C. that
Mr. Xulam should be held without bail on the criminal charge of
passport fraud. On May 14, 1996, a federal appeals court in
Washington, in response to an emergency petition filed by
attorney Daniel Alcorn, overturned the decision to hold Mr. Xulam
without bail and ordered that his eligibility for release on bail
be reconsidered by the lower court. By the time the appeals court
ruling was issued, Mr. Xulam had been transferred to Los Angeles.

On May 15, 1996, Mr. Xulam, now represented by Los Angeles
civil rights lawyer Peter A. Schey, President of the Center for
Human Rights and Constitutional Law, was ordered released on
$50,000 bail by a Los Angeles federal magistrate. Under the terms
of his release, Kani is permitted to travel throughout the United
States and continue his work on behalf of AKIN. Mr. Xulam was
then transferred to the custody of the INS. On May 20, 1996, the
INS agreed to release Mr. Xulam without bail on his own
recognizance, pending the outcome of his deportation hearing.

Shortly before his release by the INS, Mr. Xulam presented
an application for political asylum, claiming that as a result of
his political and human rights work on behalf of the Kurds and
his efforts to stop U.S. arms sales to Turkey, he would face
persecution, torture, and possibly death if forcibly returned to
Turkey. That application is now pending before the INS with a
decision expected in the next several months.

In a statement released today, attorney Peter A. Schey
stated: "We believe that the United States government's criminal
and deportation charges against Kani Xulam are politically
motivated and were encouraged by the government of Turkey. The
United States government is more concerned with its strategic
relations with the undemocratic government of Turkey than with
the human and democratic rights of the Kurds. Mr. Xulam and the
American Kurdish Information Network are dedicated to reaching a
peaceful resolution of the conflict in Turkey, a war which today
continues to result in the burning of Kurdish villages in
southeastern Turkey, the massive displacement of Kurdish
refugees, and the persecution of Kurds seeking democratic


For more information, contact:

American Kurdish Information Network, (202) 483-6444
Peter A. Schey, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional
Law, (213) 388-8693, ext. 104


American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN)
2623 Connecticut Avenue NW #1
Washington, DC 20008-1522

Tel: (202) 483-6444
Fax: (202) 483-6476
E-mail: akin@kurdish.org
Web: http://burn.ucsd.edu/~akin

"The American Kurdish Information Network provides a public
service to foster Kurdish-American understanding and friendship."


From: afn@afn.knooppunt.be (AntiFa Netwerk)
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 96 22:29:06 +0100
Subject: Vlaams Blok, Flemish fascist party has a new leader


As of today, 8 June 96, the Flemish fascist party has a new
leader. Karel Dillen, the party's lifetime leader, resigned
because of his age (age 70) and because of open confrontations
between fraction leaders, Philip Dewinter and Gerolf Annemans,
over who should be the next leader of the 'Vlaams Blok' (Flemish
Block - VB). Dillen, a sitting VB representative in the European
Parliament, appointed Frank Vanhecke (age 37), another VB
representative in the Euro-Parliament, as the party's new leader.

Franck Vanhecke is a friend and confidant of Philip Dewinter; he
completly supports Dewinter's confrontational and racist line.
He is a hardliner. With the appointment of Vanhecke, it seems
that the Dewinter fraction is stronger than ever.



Anti-Fascistisch Netwerk -> Antifa maillist
Webside: www.knooppunt.be/~afn

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