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B-2620 Hemiksem

{Editor's Note: The Vlaams Blok is a direct descendent of the
pre-war fascist movement in Belgium; members were political
collaborators with the Nazi occupation regime. Although a legal
political organization with members in the Belgian and European
Parliaments, some VB members have been associated with the
notorious Vlaamse Militanten Orde (VMO), founded by ex-Nazi
collaborators in 1949. The VMO, outlawed during the 1980s
because of their violent attacks against political opponents and
immigrants, have ties to Nazi terror networks spanning the
continent, including the Turkish Grey Wolves, the French
Federation d'Action Nationale et Europeene (FANE), the Italian
Ordine Nuovo, and Loyalist paramilitary death squads in Northern


Date: Fri, 7 Jun 96 04:54:14 -0700
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net>
Subject: Action Against Swedish Neo-Nazis



(Over the last few weeks we've ran into a number of problems with
posting material to ATS-L. The statement below was "misplaced"
and as a result it's a bit old. Also we're not responsible for
the translation or end comment. Attack The Nazis Everywhere! -
Arm The Spirit, June 7, 1996)

The following is a translation of a statement to the press
delivered by Birkastadens Antifa, a militant antifascist group in
Stockholm, Sweden. Everything in [brackets] are the translator's



On the night between the 24th and the 25th of March 1996 a
shop on Tomtebogatan 44 [in Stockholm] was attacked. The windows
and the protective glass inside were broken by stones an
sledgehammers and teargas and butyric acid was then thrown
inside. The shop intends to sell Nazi propaganda and also serves
as a meeting place for Nazi groups such as for example SUNS
(Stockholms Unga National Socialister, Young National Socialists
in Stockholm) and Nationella Alliansen (The National Alliance).
We refuse to tolerate the fact that fascist groupings are allowed
to spread their shit and work unhindered in our city.

We have decided to use these methods as it is impossible to
fight fascism with silence. It has also proven to be insufficient
to oppose it only ideologically. A physical resistance is
necessary. It is important to stop fascist groupings from
establishing permanent places to run their activities from.

The shop premises are owned by the tenant-owners' society
Kadetten 22. They are by now well aware of who they rented the
shop to. There is a difference between tenants and tenants. By
letting a shop to fascists you become partly responsible for the
growth of the fascist movement.

This is something we don't accept!

Kadetten 22 can now choose to continue to rent their shop to
fascists, but will then have to face the consequences. They also
have the choice to take a stand against fascism and evict the
ones renting the space. We will not cease damaging the shop until
the fascists are gone.

To the Nazis we say:
View this as a minor warning!

To Kadetten 22 we say:
Choose sides! Evict the Nazi swines!

To all fighting antifascists we say:
The struggle continues!

Birkastadens Antifa

Comment: When the shop was attacked there were around six Nazis
in it. They constitute the so-called "Aryan elite" and fled in
panic into one of the back rooms. According to some reports
Christopher "Criss" Rangne [leader of the National Alliance] got
teargas in his face and his dog Storm [also the name of a Nazi
publication] got butyric acid in its fur.

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variety of material, including political prisoners, national
liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism,
the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our
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Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 08:15:16 -0700 (PDT)
X-within-URL: http://www.infi.net/thestate/topnews.html


South Carolina's Newspaper, The State
Web Edition

Lawsuit Claims Group Encouraged Arsonists


A small black church that was destroyed by arson last year is
fighting back against the Ku Klux Klan.

Using one of the most effective weapons against the
organization, Macedonia Baptist Church in Clarendon County is
going after the Klan's money. Similar tactics have shut down Klan
chapters in other Southern states.

The church filed a suit Friday in state court in Clarendon
County with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center in
Montgomery, Ala., which used a lawsuit to drive a Klan
organization in Alabama out of operation several years ago.

Friday, Morris Dees, founder and chief trial lawyer for the
center, urged the governors of eight Southern states where 24
black churches have burned since January 1995 to take a strong
stand against the fires and set up reward funds offering $100,000
for information leading to convictions.

Gov. David Beasley of South Carolina is the only one who has
taken such a stand and set up a reward fund. Beasley is seeking
$50,000 in private donations. Friday, NationsBank contributed

In the Clarendon County suit, Macedonia Baptist accuses
Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan chapters in South Carolina
and North Carolina of conspiracy to encourage members to burn
Macedonia and Mount Zion AME church in nearby Greeleyville.

The suit says the Klan used "disparaging and inflammatory
statements about black churches" at rallies shortly before the
fires, and encouraged members "to commit acts of violence and
intimidation against African-Americans."

As a result, the suit says, Klan members Timothy Welch, 23,
and Christopher Gary Cox, 22, set fire to the churches on
successive June nights last year. Welch and Cox were charged with
arson shortly after the fires and are in custody awaiting trial.
They and the Klan also are targets of a federal and state
conspiracy and civil rights violations investigation.

In an interview in May, Arthur Haley, 52, a former Klan member
who attended Clarendon County Klan rallies before the fires, said
"the Klan never told these boys to go burn down churches."

Haley said, however, that "speakers get up and tell what these
churches are for -- propaganda and how to get free stuff. A
weak-minded person might think what they should do is go out and
burn down a church."

Macedonia's suit calls for compensatory and punitive damages
in an amount "to deter others from engaging in such acts."

It is doubtful that either of the Klan chapters has much
money, authorities say.

The South Carolina chapter is headed by Grand Dragon Horace
King, who lives on Skeeter Ridge amid the scrub pines and sand
hills of rural Lexington County.

The front yard of his small home is decorated with a robed
Klansman statue. The side yard is a large field where King holds
Klan rallies. Three 10-foot-tall charred crosses stand at one

"We don't burn crosses. We light them," he said in a recent
interview. "They're not supposed to burn down. When you burn
something you destroy it. We're not out to destroy America. We're
out to save it."

He said that is why he does not condone the burnings of any
churches. "The Klan is not for violence. It's for racial

He said he was in Clarendon County on several occasions last
year to hold Klan rallies and cross lightings to build
membership. "We're growing," he said, but he would not give
membership figures. "That's part of the secret."

He denied any involvement in or encouragement of the Macedonia
and Mount Zion fires. "Heaven knows I'm innocent," he said. "What
I do I try to do within the law."

He wouldn't say whether the two men accused of the burnings
are members, but said violent people could be in any
organization. Just because one of them had a Klan membership card
doesn't mean he is an active member, King said. "Ninty percent of
the people when they drop out, we never get the card back. That
card is going to wind up in somebody else's hands or whatever."

Federal authorities and private organizations that monitor
hate groups say Klan membership has virtually disappeared.

Virgil Griffin, founder and Imperial Wizard of the Christian
Knights in North Carolina, could not be reached for comment
Friday, but at a recent Klan rally in Lexington County he said
he, too, opposes violence and church burnings. "I don't hate
anyone," he said.

Since 1991, 29 church fires in South Carolina have been
classified as arson or suspicious by the State Law Enforcement
Division. Eighteen of those were black churches. SLED has made
arrests in 13 of the fires.


From: AOLNewsProfiles@aol.net


Date: 96-06-04 16:09:11 EDT
By Andrew Gray

BONN, June 4 (Reuter) - A German government minister blasted
Catholic Bavaria on Tuesday for demanding pregnant women explain
why they want abortions, reviving a politically-sensitive issue.

Justice Minister Edzard Schmidt-Jortzig said Bavaria was
trying to change the law on termination of pregancy, a year
after the federal parliament approved a compromise measure.

His criticism of the conservative state threatened a fresh
chapter in 20 years of abortion controversy, less than a year
after politicians hoped they had finally settled the issue.

Bavaria's draft bill makes it compulsory for a woman to say
why she wants an abortion before she can obtain official

Schmidt-Jortzig said this contravened the constitution and
would be challenged in court if it became law.

His view contrasted sharply with that of Family Affairs
Minister Claudia Nolte, a fierce defender of the unborn child.

``Bavaria is trying to introduce an element of compulsion,
if only an indirect one, which is not present in the federal
law,'' Schmidt-Jortzig said. ``Bavaria is violating the

Germany's parliament passed a measure last June midway
between west Germany's restrictive practice and
abortion-on-demand in force in communist East Germany.

``You can think what you like about the law on abortion,''
Schmidt-Jortzig told the Tageszeitung daily. ``For some it
doesn't go far enough while for others it goes too far. But with
that law, a compromise was reached.''

Bavaria, ruled by the arch-conservative Christian Social
Union (CSU), was one of those which felt the new law was too

But Schmidt-Jortzig said Bavaria could not draw up a new law
simply because it did not like the old one. The constitution
stipulates the states must follow Bonn's lead, he said.

Asked what would happen if Bavaria passed the bill, he said:
``The one-third of members of parliament required to lodge a
complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court will do so.''

Just a day earlier, Nolte told the daily Die Welt: ``I don't
share the apprehension about the Bavarian bill.''

She said the bill was just focusing on a point which was
already a normal part of any counselling session.

Under the current law, abortion is officially illegal but
permitted in the first three months of pregnancy if a woman first
seeks counselling. A doctor can only perform an abortion on a
woman who has a certificate saying she has been counselled.

The Bavarian bill, which is due to receive its first reading
in the state assembly next week, would make it impossible for a
woman to receive that certificate unless she gives a counsellor a
reason for wanting to terminate the pregnancy.

Bavaria's Social Affairs Minister Barbara Stamm defended the
plan, saying a woman had to tell her counsellor why she wanted an
abortion to make sure she got any medical help she needed.

The bill was designed to ensure ``the counselling service is
also a protection service,'' Stamm told ZDF television. ``The
reasons will not be scrutinised or checked.''





Reuters New Media
Friday June 7 5:16 PM EDT


ROME (Reuter) - An 84-year-old former SS major said on Friday
that a ``rush of blood to the head'' had spurred him to leap from
a hotel balcony to avoid testifying against a fellow ex-Nazi in a
sensational war crimes trial.

Karl Hass, who had been due to testify on Friday in the trial
of ex-Nazi captain Erich Priebke, was instead taken to hospital
with a fractured pelvis and compressed vertebrae.

Antonio Intelisano, the trial's military prosecutor, said
after visiting Hass in a Rome military hospital that the German
had blamed his attempted dawn get-away on ``stress'' but was
willing to testify on Wednesday.

``I found Hass in good shape, apart from the injuries. He said
his decision to try to flee was provoked by heavy stress,''
Intelisano was quoted as telling Italian news agency ANSA.

He quoted Hass as saying: ``My attempted escape? A rush of
blood to the head, a silly reaction brought on by heavy emotional

The prosecutor added that, ``had Hass not wanted to testify,
he could have gone straight home through the front door...There
are no restrictions on his freedom.''

Intelisano said Hass left his Rome hotel room two floors above
ground level just after dawn and had been trying to leave the
building via a balcony on the floor below when he fell a few
metres (feet) onto flower pots. His jacket was left dangling.

The escape bid was Hass's second recent mysterious action.

The German, long presumed dead, had recently fled his north
Italian home to Switzerland but was persuaded by Intelisano to
come back to testify against Priebke.

He flew to Rome on Thursday and was questioned by the
prosecutor until just before 8 p.m. (1800 GMT).

Priebke, 82, is charged with being a chief organiser of
Italy's worst wartime atrocity, the Ardeatine Caves massacre.

Occupying Nazi forces rounded up 335 men and boys, carted them
off to the caves outside Rome, and shot them one by one in the
back of the neck in reprisal for the killing of 33 German
soldiers by partisans in 1944.

Hass has denied any involvement in the massacre but Priebke's
lawyer, Velio Di Rezze, presented to the court documents which he
said proved Hass was a main participant.

``Perhaps he realised he was digging his own grave,'' said Di
Rezze, attempting to explain the escape bid.

Priebke appeared bewildered as Di Rezze whispered what had
happened. ``He's crazy,'' Priebke was heard telling Di Rezze at
the end of the hearing. ``There was no need to jump.''

``Maybe he (Hass) wanted to escape ultimatley being charged
with the same things as Priebke,'' said Paola Severino, a lawyer
for the civil plaintiffs.

Priebke, who was extradited last year from Argentina where he
had lived openly for nearly 50 years working as a hotelier, has
said that he and Hass met in Italy in the 1970s.

Di Rezze presented to the court a transcript of the first
interrogation of Herbert Kappler, the Gestapo chief in Rome, on
the massacre, saying he intended to prove Hass's unreliability as
a witness.

``It relates to the Ardeatine Caves from A to Z and the
officers who took part,'' said Di Rezze, adding that Hass was top
of the list.

Reuters Limited


Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 15:11:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bob Witanek <bwitanek@igc.apc.org>
Subject: Turning The Tide Going to Print
Posted: mnovick@laedu.lalc.k12.ca.us (Michael Novick)


We are going to press Monday with the new issue of Turning the
Tide, the journal of anti-racist activism, research and
education. It features research and analysis on the campaign of
arsons against southern Black churches, an updated look at the
tie in between the Olympics and the national security police
state apparatus, concentrating on Atlanta 1996, a calendar of
events through the summer in L.A. and nationally, a memorial to
Michael Taylor, an in-depth study of the Neo-Confederate
movement, a look at the struggle in the Dominican Republic by a
member of PART currently on a protracted stay in his Domincan
homeland, updates on Mumia, anti-immigrant hysteria, cops and the
klan, and anti-Asian violence, extensive material on political
prisoners and P.O.W.'s, letters, and lots more.

TTT has been coming out for nine years as a grassroots,
independent voice of anti-racism, anti-imperialist activism and
analysis from People Against Racist Terror, a non-sectarian
organizing project in southern California. It relies entirely on
its readers for its support. Sample copies are $4, one year
(four issue) subscriptions are $15, preferably by postal money
order to PART, PO Box 1055, Culver City CA 90232-1055. Bulk
orders (5 copies for $5) are available to movement activists.
Bookstores can order at ordinary discounts with affidavit return
either directly from PART or through some national 'zine

Please note that's a new address above, and update your records
accordingly. We are still at 310-288-5003 [voice-mail] or
mnovickttt@igc.org [e-mail] (note that igc has dropped the "apc"
from its e-address).

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