(eng) Action Against Swedish Neo-Nazis

Arm The Spirit (ats@locust.cic.net)
Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:34:18 +0200

Action Against Swedish Neo-Nazis

The following is a translation of a statement to the press
delivered by Birkastadens Antifa, a militant antifascist group in
Stockholm, Sweden. Everything in [brackets] are the translator's

Statement To The Press

On the night between the 24th and the 25th of March 1996 a
shop on Tomtebogatan 44 [in Stockholm] was attacked. The windows
and the protective glass inside were broken by stones and
sledgehammers and teargas and butyric acid was then thrown
inside. The shop intends to sell Nazi propaganda and also serves
as a meeting place for Nazi groups such as for example SUNS
(Stockholms Unga National Socialister, Young National Socialists
in Stockholm) and Nationella Alliansen (The National Alliance).
We refuse to tolerate the fact that fascist groupings are allowed
to spread their shit and work unhindered in our city.
We have decided to use these methods as it is impossible to
fight fascism with silence. It has also proven to be insufficient
to oppose it only ideologically. A physical resistance is
necessary. It is important to stop fascist groupings from
establishing permanent places to run their activities from.
The shop premises are owned by the tenant-owners' society
Kadetten 22. They are by now well aware of who they rented the
shop to. There is a difference between tenants and tenants. By
letting a shop to fascists you become partly responsible for the
growth of the fascist movement.
This is something we don't accept!
Kadetten 22 can now choose to continue to rent their shop to
fascists, but will then have to face the consequences. They also
have the choice to take a stand against fascism and evict the
ones renting the space. We will not cease damaging the shop until
the fascists are gone.

To the Nazis we say:
View this as a minor warning!

To Kadetten 22 we say:
Choose sides! Evict the Nazi swines!

To all fighting antifascists we say:
The struggle continues!

Birkastadens Antifa

Comment: When the shop was attacked there were around six Nazis
in it. They constitute the so-called "Aryan elite" and fled in
panic into one of the back rooms. According to some reports
Christopher "Criss" Rangne [leader of the National Alliance] got
teargas in his face and his dog Storm [also the name of a Nazi
publication] got butyric acid in its fur.

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