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CONTENTS: Supplement 47


1. (HtP) HAITI PROGRES: Haiti's Crime Wave -- A Result
Of And Excuse For The Occupation

Court Approves Eviction Of Jahalin

3. (NCDLJ) VERACRUZ: Another Prisoner Sentenced

4. (ATS) FREE MUMIA! Danish Solidarity Action At U.S.

5. (HRNET) Persecution Of The Left In Argentina


7. (HRNET) Czech Antifascist Arrested For Murder

8. (REUTER) Ex-Fugitive Spills Secrets Of Spain's "Dirty

9. (AP) Communists, Right-Wing Radicals Tap Czech
Enmity Towards Germans

10. (REUTER) Attorneys For Abortion Killer Seek New Trial


** Topic: This Week in Haiti 14:10 5/29/96 **
** Written 3:39 PM May 29, 1996 by haiticom@blythe.org in
cdp:reg.carib **
From: NY Transfer News Collective <nyt@blythe.org>


Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit

"This Week in Haiti" is the English section of HAITI PROGRES
newsweekly. For information on other news in French and Creole,
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"Le journal qui offre une alternative"


May 29 - June 4, 1006
Vol. 14, No. 10


For months, insecurity has been a fixture in the lives of Haiti's
peasantry and urban poor, who have pleaded for response from the
forces of "law and order." Now insecurity is beginning to touch
the lives of those forces of "law and order" and of Haiti's
bourgeoisie. Thus it has become a reality for the authorities and
international press. Only now is action is being taken.
Unfortunately, it is probably the wrong action in the form of
continued military occupation.

The week began with the killing of the fifth policeman in a month
and the kidnapping of the grandson of one of Haiti's wealthiest

Desir Valcourt, a Canadian-trained 29-year-old police inspector,
was shot in front of his home in Delmas 28 on the evening of May
27 when returning from work. A heavily armed hit squad in a red
Montero jeep had apparently followed the plainclothes policeman
and machine-gunned him in his car.

The next morning, near the church of St. Therese on the central
square of Petionville, an armed band in a dark gray Kia Master
vehicle stopped a car driven by Florence Behrmann Pautynsky, the
daughter of auto-sales magnate Carl Behrmann, as she drove her 6-
year-old son Boris to school. The men had the woman and her son
get out of the car at gun-point and then kidnapped the child.

Within hours on May 28, Port-au-Prince was thrown into a virtual
state of siege. The police put up roadblocks throughout the city
to freeze traffic so that two U.N. helicopters circling above the
capital could spot either the red Montero or the dark gray Kia
Master. Aboard one of the helicopters was the abducted boy's
father, Patrick Pautynsky, who declared to the press that if his
son was not returned to him safely "those who have kidnapped him
had better look for another planet on which to live."

While one can understand the anger of Mr. Pautynsky, one can also
now better understand the rage of the Haitian masses after months
of government inaction and impotence in stopping such crimes,
which have been visited primarily on less privileged quarters. It
must also be noted that the wheels of police response and justice
turn much more quickly for the bourgeoisie than the people. How
many peasants or slum dwellers have been allowed to board U.N.
aircraft to search for their assailants?

Captain Lawrence Rockwood, the U.S. Army officer court-martialed
last year for trying to protect the lives of Haitian prisoners,
noted that, since the very first week of the occupation in
September 1994, his commanders were only interested in the safety
and welfare of the bourgeoisie, while disregarding the daily
violence and terror endured by the Haitian masses. "We were more
concerned with reports of a possible attack on a member of a
bourgeois family in Cap Haitien than with reports of FRAPH
killing ten people each day in Cite Soleil," Rockwood told a
meeting in New York earlier this month.

Of course, the U.S. troops were also famous for their policy of
"force protection," that is protecting themselves before anyone
else. In a similar vein, PNH spokesman Herold Israel declared
this week that "the people guilty of these sorts of crimes
represent a threat to the entire society when they target agents
of order." Does that mean they are not a "threat to the entire
society" when they target mere civilians?

Meanwhile the director of the Haitian National Police (PNH),
Pierre Denize, declared that the police assassinations were part
of "a plot to destabilize and demobilize the police and we are
taking measures to thwart this plot." Echoing this theme and
referring to both the killings and kidnapping, President Rene
Preval said that, "given the kind of people who are targeted, it
is clear we are dealing with a plot." That is all very clear, but
the question is a "plot" directed by whom to achieve what? Are
not the perpetrators of these crimes the putschist paramilitary
groups who are shielded by and cooperating with the very
occupation forces to which Preval is now turning for
"protection"? Isn't the goal of the putschist criminals precisely
to keep their protectors in place, to keep the occupation?

Thus, it was no surprise this week that the Haitian government
began to reveal its hidden request for the occupation troops to
stay on. "We are in an extremely difficult situation where we are
evaluating with our foreign partners the possibility of renewing
the mandate of the MINUHA, [the UN mission]," Preval said on May

But to reassure the population, Preval also declared that "the
city is sealed up, and all the police are apprised and mobilized,
including the [U.N. civilian police division called] CIVPOL and
the Canadian soldiers." In addition, the PNH put out arrest
warrants for former Haitian dictator Prosper Avril, who continues
to live freely in Haiti under the thinly-veiled protection of the
U.S. Embassy despite a multi-million dollar U.S. Federal Court
conviction against him for torturing political opponents in 1989,
and Eddy Moise, a likely "agent provocateur" who was arrested in
1995 for alleged involvement in the assassination of putschist
lawyer Mireille Durocher Bertin, but then released.

Meanwhile the police are still investigating the abduction of a
woman last week where the kidnappers demanded US $150,000 ransom
and the killing of another plainclothes policeman who was shot to
death two weeks ago when he returning to his home in Cite Soleil.
Until now, the police have come up with nothing on these cases,
but Denize said on Apr. 27 that "I can assure you that the
investigations are continuing."

It is not difficult to see who the criminals are behind the
unsolved crimes or who supports them. Countless reports have now
detailed how the Duvalierist and putschist sector has carried out
violence and terror both during the coup and during the
occupation, with the knowledge, and often the "official backing"
of the military occupation forces, particularly the CIA and the
Pentagon. The longer the occupation is extended, the longer the
"investigations will continue," a well-known Haitian phrase
signifying that not a glimmer of light will ever emerge from the

Only popular participation in a thorough disarmament and
judgement of the forces of the coup can bring security to Haiti.
This solution is unlikely as long as the foreign military
occupation remains.

All articles copyrighted Haiti Progres, Inc. REPRINTS ENCOURAGED
Please credit Haiti Progres.

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From: lawe@netvision.net.il
Date: Thu, 30 May 96 11:15:45 PDT
Subject: Jahalin Bedouin to be Evicted


28 May 1996


(Jerusalem) This morning, the Israeli High Court of Justice
approved the eviction of the 3000 member Jahalin Bedouin tribe,
in order to clear the area for Jewish settlers. Leading the
decision, the President of the High Court Aaron Barak, ruled that
the Jahalin must leave within three months with a choice of
relocating to a site near the Jerusalem garbage dump, or
compensation (the amount not being specified). In the decision,
the court completely ignored the destruction of crucial evidence
in the case by the government.

The decision canceled the temporary injunction prohibiting
expansion of the Maale Adumim settlement near the Jahalin tents.
It is more than likely that tomorrow the settlement will begin
its construction activity around the Jahalin tents in order to
complete new apartments and villas for incoming settlers. Without
any ban on construction near the tents, the heavy building
activity effectively will evict the Jahalin even before the three
month period expires.

In a dissenting opinion, Justice Dorner held that the eviction
order must be canceled. In criticizing the majority decision
Dorner stated:

"An administrative authority that acts with fairness and
reasonableness may not evict human beings who reside for years on
land, without offering them an alternative fair site and even
compensation. We are not talking about an act of mercy to be
done outside of the law, but rather a legal obligation which
provides an enforceable legal right. ...The authorities of this
government are obligated to exercise their jurisdiction according
to the basic acceptable principles in Israel, and at all times
they are obligated to guarantee the reasonable well-being of the
population in the occupied territories."

The Jahalin Bedouin have been residing in an area now surrounded
by the expanding Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim for over 40
years. In May 1995, the Jahalin petitioned the High Court to
cancel the eviction order against them, issued by the Israeli
Civil Administration. The Jahalin obtained a temporary order
barring their eviction until a final decision in the case. In
August 1995, while the temporary order was still in effect and
the petition outstanding, the Ministry of Housing sold the land
on which the Jahalin were residing to several private building
contractors who subsequently sold the rights to the property to
Jewish settlers. In December 1995, the Jahalin obtained another
temporary order barring the building and expansion of the
settlement within 100 meter radius of the Jahalin tents, because
the construction was endangering the Jahalin.

The Jahalin were represented by attorneys Lynda Brayer and
Allegra Pacheco for the Society of St. Yves.


** Topic: update: another prisoner sentenced **
** Written 9:19 AM May 28, 1996 by moonlight in
cdp:reg.mexico **




Recent news from Mexico indicates that Mexico's State
Department remains intransigent towards the EZLN. Negotiator
Marco Antonio Bernal stated today that:

1) the federal gov't is not considering any "violent"

2) the sentencing of the prisoners proceeds and the law
which governs the peace is not a "straightjacket"

3) the EZLN should bring any issues to the negotiating table
on June 5th or re-set a date.

Meanwhile, in Veracruz, Francisco Garcia Santiago, a
presumed Zapatista, was found guilty and sentenced to 7 years in
jail and a fine of $15,000 pesos. Santiago was sentenced based
upon a confession obtained from him after members of his family
had been kidnapped by state police and threats to their safety
were used to obtain his confession. He was sentenced for the
sabotage of an electrical tower in Veracruz.

Taken from La Jornada 5/28/96


** End of text from cdp:reg.mexico **


Date: Thu, 30 May 96 22:15:59 -0701
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.cic.net>
Subject: Danish Action In Solidarity With Mumia Abu-Jamal



On Wednesday, May 15, 1996, the american embassy in
Copenhagen, Denmark, was occupied by militant activists from the
"Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign" in Denmark.

We (the 5 activists) climbed upon the front roof of the
embassy with a banner with the text "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal". The
american flag was burned and leaflets thrown about. We also
yelled "Yankee go home", "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal" and "No Justice -
No Peace".

The danish guards (in bulletproof wests) and the U.S.
marines ordered us to come down, but when we refused they gave
the big alarm, and the police (about 60 of them) arrived armed
with machineguns, and surrounded the area around the embassy,
including the street. During the action, comrades from the
campaign spread leaflets in several places in Copenhagen. After
30 minutes on the roof we were arrested peacefully and brought to
the station, where we were held 7-8 hours and then released. None
of us have been charged. The ambassador has refused to do it
because it will make the embassy security-system look ridiculous.

The action was a success and in the evening and the next day
it was mentioned in most of the danish press as well as on CNN!
The day after the action there also was a concert with Rage
Against The Machine, and the action (and the campaign) was
mentioned in a speech to the 1600 people at the concert who
responded very positively!!

The public knowledge about the campaign has grown because of
the press coverage, and that is a clear victory.

We will continue the fight for the political prisoners!!

Our address is:

"Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Kampagnen"
c/o Kafa-X
Blagardsgade 12
2200 Copenhagen N

ATS Note: We received the above statement with two photographs
(.tif files) of the comrades on the roof with the Mumia banner.
Please contact us if you're interested in receiving them. They
also should be on our web page in a day or two as .gif files.


** Topic: ARG: The Left in Argentina April 1996 **
** Written 5:01 AM May 29, 1996 by DEBRA@OLN.comlink.apc.org
in cdp:hrnet.americas **

## author: lingvoj@lds.co.uk
## date: 18.05.96



The economic crisis and recessive politics of the Menem
government in Argentina continue to provoke fierce protests in
that sector that has been most affected: the working class. After
the revolts of the public sector workers in the provinces of
Coroba an Rio Negro now it's the turn of Neuquen. There was an
important mobilization of unemployed workers in this province on
October 3rd. The unemployed entered the local government office
and significant damage was done before the police violently
supressed the action.

The police arrested comrade Horacio Panario a leader of the
Unemployed Coordinating Committee and the Movement for Socialism
(MAS), which was at the forefront of the mobilisation. This was
not just any detention: our comrade was accused of 'agravated
conspiracy' for which he can be given between 5 and 10 years in
prison. In addition this charge does not allow bail. The seizing
of Horacio is no isolated case. It is all part of an attack
launched by the Provincial government against MAS and the
Socialist Workers Movement (MST). Govenor Sobisch denounced the
candidates in the provincial elections of 8th October: Alcides
Christiansen (construction worker) and member of MAS and Hector
Etchebaster. The police also demolished the local offices of the

As a corollary to this persecution, on Wednesday the 4th,
warrants were issued for the arrest of the two candidates and
others involved in the mobilisation with the same charge that had
been levelled at Horacio Panario. These attacks on Argentinian
workers are a reflection of the mess produced by Menem's
government in trying to maintain the much talked about 'economic
stability'. The deepening of the crisis imposes on him the
necessity of trying to escape the crisis by means of a brutal