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No 25 - Free or donation June 1996
EMAN Box EMAB, 88, Abbey St., Derby.


There are a lot of events to
report this month. Locally there
is to be a Conference on
Saturday 15th June, at
Nottingham University, titled
International Involvement in the
Spanish Civi@ War. The
conference has been organised
by the Departments of Adult
Education, Hispanic Studies,
History and Politics. If you are
interested in attending you
should contact the Department
of History, University of
Nottingham, University Park,
Nottingham, NG7 2RD.

We were saddened to hear of the
death of veteran Anarchist
Albert Meltzer. Not all
Anarchists may have shared his
vision of Anarchism, but his
passing deprives us of one of the
movements most determined

Shef@leld Anarchists are hosting
a Conference of the Northern
Anarchist Network on the
weekend of 15th and 16th June
at The Sheff@leld Red and Black
Centre, Wharncliffe Works,
Green Lane, Sheffield. Further
information is available from
Sheff@eld Anarchist Group, Black
Star, PO Box 446, Sheff@leld

Hackney Anarchists are organ-
ising a week of events in their
part of the capital entitled
Hackney Anarchy Week. The
events run during May 25th to
June 2nd. Details are available
from Hackney Anarchy Week,
BM Active, London WClN- 3XX.

East Midlands Anarchists,
attended the Picnic in the Park
event in Loughborough on Sat
18th May. Our stall was a
success attracting interest from
young and old. East Midlands
Anarchists have produced a
small, 8 page introductory
leaflet on Anarchism. If you
would like free copies of this to
distribute among contacts and
friends in your locality send an
A5 stamped addressed envelope
to Box EMAB.There is good
news from Leicester. Littlethorn
Books is a new Radical
Bookshop recently opened,
which will be making Left
Libertarian, Green, Feminist
and Anarchist books, peri@d-
icals and papers available again
in Leicester. This issue of
EMAB includes articles on The
Countryside Movement, The
Skye T@ll Bridge, Drugs, Voting
as well as our regular contacts
section. Keep sending articles,
news etc to Box EMAB, 88
Abbey Street, Derby.


Sometime soon expect to hear
that tens of thousands, maybe
hundred@ of tholl@ar@d@. have
joined the Countryside
movement because they think
that the countryside is our
greatest national asset and they
think that the five million or so
people who live there deserve to
be heard, and they also want to
help ensure that children know
that eggs come from chickens
and that rabbits need to be
controlled. Motivated by a love
of open spaces rather than acres
of factory farming, and by a love
of fresh air rather than the
stench from units of intensive
pig rearing, they responded last
November, (ie they filled in the
coupon) to a =A33.5 million
massive newspaper campaign.
This was not an inYitation to
join anything, just an invitation
to ask for more information, and
it was all made so easy, with
nothing to pay, just f@lll in your
name and address and send off
the coupon. A brilliant piece of
inertia selling ensured that if
you did nothing after you
received your information pack,
you had automatically been
enrolled as a supporter of the
Countryside Movement. To get
out of it you had to return your
membership card and say that
you didn t want to be a member,
and you could keep the car
sticker. So is there a secret
agenda here, where is the money
coming from and who are the
people behind it all?

The organisation, sorry move-
ment, is fronted by Sir David
Steel. the former Liberal
Democrat Leader. Less con-
spicuous but probably more
influential we have Lord Peel
and the Duke of Westminster,
two of the richest men in
England, the latter owning 25
square miles of the high
moorland in Lancashire, known
as the Forest of Bowland, from
over 90% of which walkers are
excluded. it is backed financially
by the Countryside Business
Group set up originally by a City
Of London based American
Lawyer to raise millions of
pounds for a public relations
offensive against the Animal
Rights Movement.

Far from extending an invitation
to the town dweller to come and
share the country@ide with the
landowners, there is already
enough evidence to show that
the movement is more designed
to keep them out except under
strictly controlled conditions. Its
main purpose is to lobby for the
defence of field sports, aka blood
sports, and to counteract the
threats to the "traditional"
activities of the countryside now
being made by the animal
welfare and animal rights
movements, and it is clearly
concerned about the initiatives
being explored by the land
reform coalition of people and
organisations engaged in
environmental and social justice
campaigns, known as 'The Land
Is Ours@. We expect the
Country@ide Movement will soon
turn its attention to the
Ramblers Association and
attempt to rubbish its @Freedom
to Roam on Uncultivated Land"
campaign. Some secret agenda!
The major land owners, with
some encouragement from State
Quangos, are going on the
offensive. Walkers have had it far
too easy for far too long - able
to walk freely on an extensive
network of paths, when, after all
the ground beneath the path is
still privately owned. So expect,
in the future, plans to control,
regulate and charge the walker
even just to walk. Suggestions
have already been made to
reduce this network of paths to
a much smaller number of major
walkways, so how lo@g before
these are no more than paths to
link together a series of
sanitised country parks, well
provided with chargeable
facilities, with an expensive
theme park every fifty miles,
and a 'Macdonalds at every
major junction? Investment
opportunities enough to delight
the City of IJondon.
This is the future for the
country walker unless we do
something about it. H.S.


Many people will have heard of
the Skye Bridge fiasco, where
the islanders have to pay the full
toll - now over =A35 00 for a
single journey - to cross onto
the mainland. It is a story which
highlights much of what
Anarchi@t@ have to @ay about
power and corruption of
government and large businesses.
Here are some features of the
1. None of the locals appear to
have wanted the bridge. People
in the area have recognised that
t@e sc@err@e was pro@oted for
entirely political reasons. Its
significance is that it is the first
private, Government sponsored
monopoly of its type in the U.K.
The people have no alternative
means of access because the
Goverr@nent, which part owned
the ferry service, has
discontinued the ferry service.
2. The ferry crossing was less
than 10 minutes and the Skye
crossing point docked at
Kyleakin. This small town is
now completely cut o@f because
the bridge and its road bypass it.
Local businesses have drastically
declined as a result, with no
passing tourist trade, and yet
the council tax for them has
increased by 5096.
3. The ferry service employed
45 people. who earned on
average =A32 - 300 a week. When
the @erry closed, 15 people were
offered jobs on the bridge and
when they protested, they were
told if they did not accept them,
they wc>uld l@se their benef@lts.
They have taken the jobs and
earn on average about =A3120 a
4. The Courthouse at the main
town of Portree on Skye has
recently been re@urbished at the
cost =A3500,000. Those
protesters who have refused to
pay the toll and subsequently
are being prosecuted, asked to
have their cases moved to
Portree, as most of them live on
the island anyway. This was
refu@ed and they now have to
travel to Dingwall Court, about
100 miles away, and h@ve to
cross the bridge to do so.
5 Th.o @ @ct of the bridge to Skye
and Lochalsh each year will be a
staggering =A33 million - a huge
drain from Scotlands fragile
So.. if you are in the area, the
local prote@t group SKAT
suggests ways you can help in
their protest, other than the
drastic one of not paying the toll.
The main theme is to pay as
awkwardly as possible: the
company needs to clear one car
every 20 seconds in order to
avoid queues, so if you take 1
minute or more, then queues are
inevitable. They suggest:-
(a) Pay in small change - up to
=A31.00 in pennies, the rest in 5p
(b) Do not have the money ready
and if you are clumsy and drop
any, so be it.
(c) Have a prepared very big
cheque, pasted to card or
(d@ Ask for a handwritten receipt
for tax purposes.
(e) Ask the collector to identify
The local people are organising
themselves well and are united
in their protest movement - it is
yet another example of what can
be achieved when people co-
operate to challenge government.
Without such groupings@ then
the machinery of the
bureaucracy, with its injustices,
its disregard for the individual
and its primary concern for
profit will ride roughshod again
over communities such as Skye.


What is an appropriate response
to the issue of the use of either
legal illegal drugs for non-
medicinal purposes?
Libertarian perspective it
becomes clear that there is a
conflict between the issue of
personal freedom and that of
social responsibility and the
struggle against Capitalism.
While each of us has the right to
decide what we put into our
body the addictive nature of
many substances actually remove
that freedom @nd control from
the user as a result of the
withdrawl symptoms they create~
when use is stopped. How much
freedom is there in the right to
be enslaved by a drug?
Another factor is that the use of
drugs restricts the ability of the
individual to make decisions or
to take part in socially useful
activities. While sitting stone
and listening to your favourite
music it is very unlikely that you
will be doing anything to
improve society for your fellow
humanity. Some conspiracy
buffs even go so far as to suggest
that governments allow a degree
of drug use to keep an otherwise
active population subdued, and
at least as far as prisons go this
may have some truth to it.
The third point is that the
majority of the drugs used are
part of @ mas@ive i@ter@at;or@al
trade that is both Capitalist and
Authoritariarl in nature. The
barons of the drug trade are not
concerned with pers@nal
freedom but with getting power
and profit for themselves. These
motives should make their
actions unpalatable to
Anarchists and Libertarians the
world over.
Finally any call for the
legalisation of drugs of any kind
must automatically recognise the
legitimacy of those who would
pass such a law to make
decisions for others. this of
course undermines their
argumen@ -as, @f t@y have the
right to legalise a drug then then
they must also have the right to
ban it, and so a challenge to
such a ban is illogical. Rory.


NO TA stands for None of The
Above, and it is the way I hope
many people will vote in the
next General Election I think
voting NO TA is better than not
@otiT@g at @11 t>eca@se @y
abstaining you just become a
kind of non - person in the
I think its better than voting for
the smaller parties basically
because they are just not going
to get Yoted in.
The reasons for not voting for
any of the three stooges are
obvious, particularly as the only
time th@y care about the voters
is at election time
Voting NO TA is a vote for big
changes, as opposed to minor re-
It is a vote for the ending of
Party Politics
It is a vote for representation by
real people.
It is a vote for decentralisation.
Many people have had enough of
Politics and Political Parties. I
think the best way to bring this
ho@e to them is to vote NO TA.
With less people voting for them
their 'democratic' power- base
will be weakened. If hundreds of
thousands vote NO TA it will be
severe kick in the arse for this
States politicos. I don't know
what exactly will happen, but I
do know that a NO TA vote will
be a positive step in the right
direction. Everything must

Swansea Freedom Collective
PO Box 235



Corani is a Housing Co-op with
property in Leicester and
Stafford. Formed in 1978, at
present we have 3 houses and an
allotment. Each member has:
* their own room
@ shared living space (other
living options are not ruled out)
* fresh food from the allotment
(in Leicester)
* a chance to sample other s
cooking and to offer up their
* a chance to get involved in
running things for themselves.
Peoples other requirements are
also considered.
All CORANI members income
share weekly. More details on
how we do this are available.
Capital is not essential,
although if you do have any you
would be expected to invest
some in the co- op. Capital
pooling is an option.
Many supporters, friends and
family, have invested in CORANI
over the years. We welcome new
Corani is part of the Some
People in Leicester co-operative
network, which provides
opportunities to share:
@ vehicles
* income
* childcare
@ work - there is a well
established workers co-op.
CORANI is a member of Radical
Routes, a countrywide network
of Housing, Land and Workers
Co- op@ involved in actively and
ethically working for social
change. All members participate
in running this secondary co-op
through which they can give
e@ch othel~ s@ppor t a@d f@lrt@e@
their commitment to a collective
and sustainable lifestyle. We are
expanding and invite you to join
Contact CORANI Housing and
Land Co-operative at:
12 Bartholomew Street
Tel. (0116) 254 5436

35 Dartmouth Street
ST16 3TU
Tel: (01785) 248394


Because I am not free
I bow down
because I bow down
you step on my neck
I rebel
because I rebel
you use your arms against me
because you use your arms
against me
I am weak
because I am weak
I am not free

Anarchists in the East Midlands
have a number of Radical
Bookshops within easy reach.
There are also good mail order
services available from Freedom
Press in London, and AK Press
in Edinburgh

Mushroom Bookshop
10-12 Heathcote Street
Since 1972 Mushroom have been
@elling a wide range of books
including politics, fiction &
esoterica. Also papers,
magazines, postcards, posters,
tapes. Conveniently situated for
Nottingham s vegetarian eating
Frontline Bookshop
1 Newton Street
Piccadilly, Manchester

Formerly ~ ~ Grass Roots Books
founded in 197@. Has a wide
ranging stock including
Anarchism, Socialism, Feminism,
Ecology etc.

Independent Bookshop
69 Surrey Street
A co- operative founded in 1979.

Bookstall Services
86 Abbey Street, Derby
A wide range of books strong on
Socialism and Green issues,
sadly little on Anarchism.

Freedom Press Bookshop
In Angel Alley
84b Whitechapel High Street
London El 7QX
0171 247 924@
Long established Anarchist
bookshop stocking a wide range
of Anarchist books, papers,
periodicals, pamphlets from
home ar@d abroad. Fast mail
order service. Send an A4 SAE
for free booklist and sample copy
of Freedom Anarchist

AK Pre88 & Distribution
33 Tower Street
Edinburgh EH6 7BN

0131 555 5165
Good mail- order service with
extensive booklist.

Littlethorn Books
13 Biddulph St.
(off St.Stephens @d)
Highfields, Leicester LE2 lBH
Tel. (0116) 254 5728
A New Radical Bookshop
with a wide selection of stock


Nottingham Anarchist Black
P.O.Box 192

East Midlands Anarchists
88 Abbey Street

Loughborough Anarchist@ c/o
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Leicester Anarchi@ts
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Sheffield Anarchists
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Northern Anarchist
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Solidarity Federation
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c/o 75 Humberstone Gate

Nottingham Rainbow Cent@e
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Leed@ Anarchi@t Group
c/o 145-149 Cardigan Road

Published fortnightly by the
Freedom Press Group. Available

Freedom Press
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The York@hire Anarchi@t
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Green Line
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News from the eco- front, well
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