(Eng) San Agustin resiste (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Fri, 31 May 1996 09:41:48 -0700

Friday May 31 at 15.30 hrs.

Yesterday afternoon was super heavy.
At 18hrs there was a people's lunch with the neighbors, and everything was
peaceful until about 20 hrs when the panning started. There were a lot of
people making great noise (with bottles, keys, pots and pans, banging on
doors and windows ...) with the majority of the neighbors singing in chorus
the okupa's slogans from their balconies.

Taking advantage of the conmotion six more people were able to climb up to
the roof, where only 4 okupas remained since the morning.
The police were already pissed off with the din when suddenly 10 okupas, not
4, stuck their heads out over the edge of the roof. The people, very
enthusiastic started to chorus the slogans, the police became very irate and
without previous warning, without ordering dispersal, they charged, while at
the same time two police cars came speeding down the street, running over
people. San Agustin is a very narrow street, and it was full of children
playing with us, and neighbors, some of whom of advanced age.

The people escaped in between the cars, gathering at Plaza Magdalena. After
a few indecisive moments, the people gathered rocks and charged en masse
against the cops, who were routed. The police cars ended up "a little bit"

Right away lots of police came: 3 "tocineras" (??? T.N.) and 10 cars of
municipal police. They arrested 3 people. The neighbors gathered some of the
backpacks, bikes etc. that were left strewn about the street, but even so a
municipal crane took away a good amount of bikes.

At the same time the police went up to the roof and dragged down 2 okupas
amid blows, administering them a real beating. These two comrades took 2
hours to arrive at the police station, from where the cops took them to the
hospital, but one of them had to return to the trauma center due to the
injuries sustained. A neighborhood kid also got his from the cops and others
were trampled on during the stampede. Now nobody can enter San Agustin St.
since the police has blocked the 2 entrances with cars and barriers, forcing
people to gather at Plaza Magdalena.

The whole story continues to appear in the local press (El Heraldo and El
Periodico) and Antena 3 regional TV (in today's news it could be seen how
the 2 hospitalized okupas were being brought down).

Since yesterday we are gathering signatures, and all night vigils continue.
Also since the beginning of the eviction Radio Topo has followed with a
especial edition, broadcasting practically 24 hours. Around 6 AM the cops
have returned to the roof to evict the remaining okupas and have been
unpleasantly surprised to find that the 8 remaining okupas removed the roof
tiles from the area where the pigs had set up their ladder, leaving only the
frame so the cops haven't been able to get at them.

As the pigs were acting pretty crazy, the people on the roof told them they
were waiting for daylight to come down. Naturally they only said this to
gain time.

At noon there has been a gathering in front of City Hall (they didn't let us
in) because in the plenary session, so we assume, the matter of the school
is going to be discussed (at this time we don't know what they have talked
about), and there is a press conference at the same time.

The gathering continues during the day in Plaza Magdalena and in the
afternoon there will be flamenco in the street. A national level gathering
has been called for tomorrow at 20 hrs in favor of squats, in this very same
plaza. We need all kinds of support possible, we encourage you to stop by.

Long live Magdalena neighborhood.

Asamblea de Okupas.



A state level demonstration has been called for saturday June 1st. All of
you who are able to attend, do so.

Spread the word on this gathering as much as you can (free radios, word of
mouth, posters, e-mail, smoke signals, tam-tam drums, telepathy ...)


- Support the okupation of Colegio San Agustin -

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