Collingwood Squat Evicted

will (
Fri, 31 May 96 09:47:17 AEDT

Collingwood Squat Evicted

On Wednesday the 29th of May, they finally evicted the squatters from the
Collingwood squat in Melbourne, Australia. The building, an old factory,
had been a home and community centre for nine months.

At about 9 in the morning, 36 sheriffs (court officers) and several state
police arrived, ready for their imaginatively named "Operation Squat"
(there were 5 squatters inside!!!) The barricades worked reasonably well,
but they didn't slow down their entry very much. They threw out the
squatters quickly, but without violence, and began to take out the
furniture and stuff from the building. It was a circus - as usual - but a
much sadder circus than the day two weeks before when we were originally
expecting the eviction and it didn't happen. More people arrived quickly to
give support, but there was nothing to do except help us move our things.

The Sunday before we had an open day at the squat (the sheriff can't evict on
a sunday), with photos and posters about squatting in Melbourne and so the
neighbours could see what we were up to there. There were also stalls with
vegan food, anarchist books, shiatsu massage and candles, a kids area,
music, etc. It was a good day.