(eng) Y sigue la resistencia (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Thu, 30 May 1996 08:27:13 -0700


The 9 okupas on the roof have slept up there 2 nights, and a lot of people
have spent the night nearby, taking turns to sleep, alert to a possible

Also, late tuesday we were able to provide them with a portable telephone,
and they were able to talk directly with Radio Topo (Zaragoza's free radio).

Yesterday morning a police lieutenant showed up to study the situation.

The okupation has so far been published in _El Periodico de Aragon_ (on
first page and with color picture) _El Heraldo de Aragon_ and _Egin_.

The police doesn't intervene, but neither do they leave, so we still don't
know how long this situation will last.

On thursday May 30th at 11 AM the situation at Colegio San Agustin is as

5 of the 9 okupas were sleeping on the roof adjacent to the okupied one (it
is less slanted), the police went up first thing in the morning, surprised
and evicted them.

There are then 4 people continuing the resistance. The 5 evicted people have
been taken to the police station where they have been booked and released.
It seems the cops don't want any arrests to avoid possible problems.

They are now pretty hard-assed. The okupas lowered a pail on a rope to get
water and the cops pulled out their clubs and prevented it by force.
Nevertheless, thanks to help from the neighbors, who keep supporting the
okupation unconditionally we were able to lob water bottles at them from a

Neighborhood support is really great. All during this time the people on
the roof have had food, drink, tobacco, umbrellas, a hose to shower with,
they even passed medicine for a girl suffering a stomach ache.

There are people on the street all day and all night.

Yesterday the project was presented to the municipal political groups.
Tomorrow there will be a session at City Hall and Chunta Aragonesista will
present the case. We plan to organize a street party in the afternoon, with
flamenco and other things.


- El Acratador

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