[Eng] ** A-Infos Meeting 1996 **

R.W. Wogatzke (101607.2566@compuserve.com)
Thu, 30 May 1996 23:21:27 +0200

In the cicrcular we sent to all A-Infos groups and published
on the discussion list at the beginning of this year we
mentioned that we would appreciate to hold the "annual"
general meeting of the A-Infos network again this year
since these meetings have not taken place since 1993.

The annual meetings are gatherings of groups and
individuals organised in or sympathising with the A-Infos
network and were meant to be held on a regular basis
to improve contacts, exchange information and discuss
about the development of the international anarchist
movement in general and the of the a-infos network

We had originally intended to hold this years meeting
during the International Anarchist Gathering that
was planned in Paris for this Summer. During the
meeting of the IFA-Secretaries (IFA is the International
of Anarchist Federations) in Toulouse (France) on the
18th of May we were informed that the International
Gathering would not take place for financial and
organisational reasons. Apparently the french
comrades had sent several letters during the year
to let us know about this. None of these letters reached
us (german Verfassungsschutz (secret service) and/or
police forces seem to be a bit lax in processing and
passing on our mail :-|) so that we were not able to
inform you about this earlier.

We have now decided to hold the meeting in Germany,
propably in August this year. We will publish the exact
date within the next week and send it to all A-Infos
groups and contacts also.

(On behalf of A-Infos Germany)

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