(AA)++ AAWR EXTRACTS - 29th May 1996

esperanto (lingvoj@lds.co.uk)
Thu, 30 May 1996 02:35:27 +0200


In an attempt to stack the odds against Australian workers, the coalition
government has drafted and is attempting to pass legislation through the
Senate that will remove what few rights workers have. In Howard's brave new
world workers will have the right to accept what pathetic offer is made to
them by their employers. If they don't like what they're offered, too bad,
they won't get the job.

Although the proposed changes to the current industr@al laws are draconian,
they do open a window of opportunity for workplace militants. For the first
time in decades militant workers will be able to form workplace
organisations outside the orbit of the traditional trade union movement.
Employers and the coalition government want to break the so-called power of
the trade unions because they want to destroy collective bargaining. The
greatest thing that employers fear is workers ability to bargain
collectively. No wonder they're so bloody keen to reduce the employer
employee relationship to an individual contract. In their attempts to break
the trade union movements grip over labour they have left the way open for
workers to organise outside the established trade union structures.

These proposed changes present a window of opportunity for workplace
militants to form new militant shop floor organisations in workplaces across
the nation. Instead of crying crocodile tears about the misfortunes of the
trade union movement, anarchists should be using this opportunity to build a
new grass roots workers movement that not only bargains collectively but
also wants to replace capitalism with an egalitarian society. Let's not
waste our time defending the very organisations that have brought workers to
their knees. Let's breathe new life into a movement that supports collective
bargaining principles not individual contracts.

If workers decide to meekly accept the proposed changes, industrial
relations will revert back to a nineteenth century model. If on the other
hand they refuse to accept these changes and use the loop holes in the
legislation to build new militant workplace organisations the days of this
government and capitalism itself are numbered.


If you believed everything you read, saw or heard in the mass media you'd
think the gun lobby were a bunch of rednecks. When you analyse the gun
lobby's response to the current hue and cry re proposed uniform gun
legislation, you realise that what some of them are saying has a grain of
truth in it. Australians are being asked to support the State lock, stock
and barrel. We are being told that the only body that has the moral right to
arm itself is the State.

When some gun lobbyists claim that an individual's or countries freedom
relies on an individuals ability to defend themself not on the State's
ability to defend them people think that these people are short of a quid.
Any govemment that reserves the right to arm itself and act on people's
behalf is capable of the grossest atrocities in its efforts to maintain its
power. What the rednecks in the gun lobby are saying makes a great deal of
sense. Do we allow the State to protect people, by disarming people or do we
allow individuals the right to arm themselves.

The first thing any totalitarian government does, is disarm its citizens. No
totalitarian government can tolerate its citizens having access to arms.
That access challenges the potential power of the State. Do communities
allow the State to defend them or do they defend themselves? Should the
States armed forces, the police and private security agents be the only ones
allowed to carry arms? Should we give the State the power to control society
by only allowing members of the State apparatus the Aght to arm themselves?

Although many people die because of their exposure to fire arms, a
communities eventual survival and freedom depends on that group's ability to
defend itself. The number of people who die because of firearm abuse are
insignificant when you compare their numbers to the numbers that have died
because a centralised State apparatus has the arms to keep its population in

Although access to guns does cause unnecessary death and suffering, no
access to guns leaves a community at the mercy of the government of the day.
If citizens are not in a position to counteract the force of the State,
because they have no access to arms. Those who control the State apparatus
can get away with whatever they want.


It looks like Victoria's finest can't take a trick. The police force that in
the past
few years has distinguished itself by killing heaps more people than any
other State police force is facing another crisis. In a particularly bad
hair week the same outfit that battened peaceful protesters and used
potentially lethal pressure points on protesters is finding that things
aren't going all its own way in Victoria in 1996.

In a landmark decision the Victorian County Court has awarded Ms. Sally
Gordon a patron of the Tasty Nightclub in Melbourne $10,000 for an illegal
strip search. On the 7th August, 1994 the victrian police strip searched 46
people at a gay night club in their quest to discover illegal drugs. Judge
Ostrouski ruled that Victorian's finest had exceeded their powers and they
had acted unreasonably in carrying out the search. The way is now open for
hundreds of others to sue the Victorian Police Force.

In another set of extraordinary revelations the Victorian police have been
accused of carrying out illegal arrests at the behest of their masters in
Spring Street. Not only has it been exposed that the Grand Prix race body
prepared th@ track laws for the Kennett regimes Grand Prix, they and the
Kennett regime also used the Victorian police force as their own private
praetorian guard.

Hundreds of people were arrested illegally while the Victorian police knew
that they were acting illegally. It's interesting to note that the Victorian
government, that bastion of morality, that claims to live by the rule of
law, is willing to ignore the rule of law when its own interests are at
stake. The Victorian police force like all other police forces is first and
foremost a servant of the @overnment of the day. The govemment of the day,
the Kennett regime in Victoria .las used the Victorian police force as its
wn personal, private praetorian guard in lts attempts to intimidate
opposition to the Grand Prix. The Victorian police force 'ad no power to
remove protesters from the Grand Prix site. Their arrests were ..ot only
illegal, they also used force to drag people away from the site. They and
the Kennett regime are guilty of assault and should pay the price for their
illegal use of force. Protesters were well within their rights to forcefully
resist the illegal police attacks that were carried out on the rJrand Prix

It's been a bad hair week for the Victorian police and it's going to get
worse for them
if they continue to act out as the Kennett regimes praetorian guard.


In an attempt not to damage its tourist industry, the Malaysian government
has clamped down on reporting the cholera epidemic that is sweeping
Malaysia. In a few short weeks over 1000 people in Malaysia have contracted
cholera. This disease is on the march, not only in Malaysia but in Africa,
the Indian subcontinent, South America, Asia and the remnants of the old
Russian empire. The current epidemic in Malaysia supposedly a new emerging
Asian Tiger is a timely reminder that attention needs to be paid to the
spread of infectious disease. Infectious diseases are on the comeback trail.
Millions of people are now dying from diseases that were relatively rare a
few years ago. Tuberculosis is not only sweeping parts of the countryside it
is beginning to be more of a problem in western urban centres across the
world. As infectious diseases spread, the amount of money that is eannarked
for public health decreases.

Many of the worlds new developing nations have now become reservoirs of
disease. The amount of resources that have been spent on public health
programs has deteriorated alarmingly. Malaria has become the worlds number
one infectious disease killer. Over one million children died last year as a
direct result of the spread of malaria. The lack of public money and the
increasing levels of insecticide resistance of the malarial mosquito have
all contributed to the spread of the malarial scourge. Those people that are
now infected with malaria are finding that the drugs that were developed in
the past can no longer be used to treat them. The allocation of more money
into public health is one of the few ways that the infectious tide gripping
the world t@day can be halted.