(Fwd) Anti-airforce action in Wales

Bluebirds (shalkw@cardiff.ac.uk)
Wed, 29 May 1996 17:18:05 GMT

"This is not your sky"
a non-violent direct action to shut RAF Valley.

MONDAY 17th JUNE - 12 noon
assemble outside Valley railway station (Nr. Holyhead, North Wales)

What's wrong with RAF Valley?

The RAF do not treat the local communities of Wales with respect.
They act like an occupying force here.
Local Welsh speaking schools have been forced to change to
English language teaching in order to accommodate the children of the
military. Low Flying and military exercises cause misery for those
they joyride over. There is a high rate of accidents and it is only a
matter of time before they kill innocent by-standers in North Wales.

RAF Valley are training pilots for the Indonesian Airforce. The
Indonesian government is a brutal dictatorship. It holds East Timor
and West Papua under military occupation. During the occupation of
East Timor one third of the population have so far been killed by the
Indonesian State.

The RAF may be protecting someone... but it's not us