(Eng) Okupacion y resistencia (Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Tue, 28 May 1996 09:52:57 -0700


On saturday May 25th, coinciding with the start of the new penal code we,
the Asamblea de Okupas (formed by Zaragoza's alternative collectives and
individuals) okupied the Colegio San Agustin (abandoned years ago, located
in San Agustin St, Magdalena district) with the intention of forming a
Social Center.

This school was already okupied in January '94, after the eviction at Casa
de la Paz, but it was evicted by the police in less than a week. Yesterday
(monday) we presented at City Hall (owners of the building) a proposal about
the rehabilitation of the building and the proposed use for the same: a
self-managed social center open to the neighborhood and the city, to serve
as a meeting place for the different needs and wishes of all who ask and are
willing to work for a new free and self-managed space in our city. This
proposal has also been sent to the communication media and the different
associations and organisms of the city. The building was not in very bad
shape, since by the time of the eviction the clean up work was already in an
advanced state.

We organized 24 hour stays, people spending the night and so on.

Around 8 AM today, tuesday May 28th the local police arrived in an
undercover van to proceed with the eviction. However, by the time they got
to tear down the metal door and the wooden door right behind the first, the
people inside already had made it up to the roof.

Right away the telephone network we had prepared started working and very
soon people gathered at the door of the house.

Around 9AM the cops climbed a ladder up to the roof where people were simply
sitting (passive resistance). By force, several cops lifting them up, they
took down four girls (one of them suffered a broken arm and has filed
charges). After identifying them and taking them for a tour of the station
they were released.

They also identified the person who was taking pictures from a balcony
across the street (courtesy of the neighbors that wholeheartedly supported
the okupation) and he has been warned that any "improper use" of the
pictures is a crime.

Meanwhile the press and TV arrived, and the police decided not to continue
their intervention, limiting themselves to guarding thne building door.

Also, thanks to the neighbors, by means of a rope strung from the roof
across the street, we were able to send some food and water to those that
held out on the roof.

After the press left, some of the okupas that remained in the street made a
baner and blocked traffic in El Coso. The police charged without ceremony,
pursuing people with their patrol cars and arresting two young people.

So that's where it stands. In spite of the severe heat, people continue to
resist on the roof, and we don't know how long this situation will last.

We'll keep you informed.


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