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Subcommandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, May of 1996

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MEXPAZ: Bulletin 73, Chiapas-eng


The poet Juan Ban'uelos tells that shortly before our entrance
into the NAFTA-esque First World, three vessels appeared in the
cave of San Andre's. The first contained dust; the second, earth
and pebbles; and the third, water. Each one of the containers
warned of an event to come.

It was one more prophecy in a land of talking stones. Two of the
three events foretold have already become reality: the symbol of
the dust materialized in the armed uprising on January, 1994.
The earth and the stones, in the earthquake which rocked Chiapas
at the beginning of 1996 and damaged the church of San Andre'.
The finale, which has not yet come to pass, is the water which
announces a deluge.

The sentences against Elorriaga and Entzin could announce the
fulfillment third prophecy of the cave of San Andre's, that the
flood storm may fall on Chiapas. So it is, for at least three

First, because sentencing Elorriaga and Entzin for the crime of
terrorism, based on the never-proven presumption that they are
Zapatistas, also judges the EZLN as terrorists. In practical
terms, it matters little that this past April 25, Attorney
General Lozano Gracia declared that the Zapatistas weren't
terrorists, or that on May 8, the Interior Secretariat defined
them as an "organization of Mexican citizens, mostly indigenous,
that became upset for diverse causes . . ." The fact is that the
judicial branch, based on an accusation formulated by the
executive branch, issued a resolution with juridical value,
established a precedent. The rest is words.

Second, because the executive branch has indicated three
different solutions for getting out of the embroglio. The
Interior Secretariat suggested the route of appeal. Attorney
General Lozano pointed out the path of [executive] pardon --not
viable-- and [congressional] amnesty, that is, handing the
package over to the Legislature.

Finally, Marco Antonio Bernal, head of the governmental
delegation in the San Andre's dialogue, proposed that the affair
of the prisoners be placed on the negotiating table by the

That three members of the executive branch signal three different
ways of solving the conflict is a deed of utter gravity. It
demonstrates, in the best of cases, lack of coordination and, in
the worst, serious internal differences. In these circumstances,
which of the three should be believed? What guarantees are there
that the EZLN delegation won't be detained when it presents
itself in public? Who is authorized to reach agreements? The
message sent to the EZLN is clear: as long as the condemnation
for terrorism doesn't disappear, governmental statements can't be
trusted. Conditions to undertake the following phase of the
talks do not exist.

Third, because the inevitable consequence of the government's
negotiation logic, militarily "squeezing" the dialogue to obtain
concessions at the table, will be to step up armed action. Sharp
abrasions between Army detachments and the civil population have
occurred in several municipalities in the highlands--including
San Andre's. Testimony from soldiers who have deserted indicate
that they were being prepared to start the war. Townspeople in
communities such as San Quenti'n have fled to take refuge in the

Ironically, the signing of accords reached at the first table on
Indigenous Rights and Culture, instead of helping to relax the
conflict, has translated into an increase in military action
against Zapatista populations. Since the government doesn't want
to establish real negotiations during the table on Democracy and
Justice, it has increasingly "tightened the screws" on the
Zapatistas. As if all this weren't enough, governmental threats
of March 7 concerning the "juridical consequences" of abandoning
the negotiations have provoked an intensification of the military
siege, to the point where the EZLN was obliged to declare red
alert. That fact is grave.

The long list of provocations affecting the peace process (from
the detention of Fernando Yan'ez to the sentences on Elorriaga
and Entzin, passing through evictions and killings of campesinos)
shows that the conflict could pass the point of no return. The
lack of coordination, differences in criteria and de facto
situations in the most hard-line sectors of the executive branch
could unchain war.

It is necessary to prevent the prophecy of San Andre's from
becoming reality. Elorriaga and Entzin and the rest of the
presumed Zapatista prisoners should walk out free. The verdict
of terrorism must disappear. The impending flood of war requires
these measures. If they are not taken, the rest of the country
will sink as well.

By Luis Herna'ndez Navarro, La Jornada, May 14, 1996.

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From: lawe@netvision.net.il
Date: Wed, 22 May 96 12:52:25 PDT
Subject: LAWE: Release Dr. Sarraj


22 May 1996


Land and Water Establishment
PO Box 20873
Tel: (972) (2) 812364/824559
Fax: (972) (2) 811072
email: lawe@netvision.net.il

Dr. Eyad Sarraj, Commissioner General of the Palestinian
Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights (PICCR), appeared
before a military judge of the State Security Court on 21 May,
and his arrest was extended for an additional 15 days. The
official explanation for extending his arrest was to prolong his
interrogation. Until this time, he has not been formally
charged, nor has he been interrogated concerning the charges
leveled against him by General Prosecutor Khaled al Qidra of
slander and libel.

Dr. Sarraj is a noted human rights activist in Gaza. In addition
to his duties as Commissioner General of PICCR, he is also the
director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. He was
arrested on 18 May 1996, presumably after publication of an
interview he gave to the New York Times on 6 May which was
critical of the Palestinian Authority. The Criminal Investigation
Bureau of the Palestinian Authority arrested Dr. Sarraj, denied
him the right to see a lawyer during the first 48 hours of his
detention, and neither he nor his family were notified as to the
reasons for his arrest.

This is not the first time that those critical of the Authority
have been arrested without charge by the Palestinian Authority.
Dr. Sarraj was first detained on 7 December 1995, also without
charge. Al Quds editor Maher Alami was detained in December
1995, and human rights activist Bassam Eid was arrested and
detained in January 1996. LAWE views this pattern of arrests as
establishing a precedent of the most dangerous kind, and as
indicative of an Authority with little concept of basic freedoms,
democratic action, or its responsibilities in upholding
fundamental human rights.

Land and Water Establishment condemns the arrest of Dr. Sarraj in
the strongest possible terms. We call for his immediate release,
and for the Palestinian Authority to desist in the practice of
arbitrary detention and in arresting those who speak in dissent.

To register your protest to Dr. Sarraj's arrest, please fax:
President Arafat: (972) (7) 822 366
Minister of Justice Freih abu Medein: (972) (7) 822236
General Prosecutor Khaled al Qidra: (972) (7) 824502/3
Land and Water Establishment is a Palestinian non-governmental
organization, dedicated to defending human rights through legal
advocacy. LAWE is also an affiliate member of the Paris-based
International Federation for Human Rights.





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Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

ROME (May 22, 1996 6:41 p.m. EDT) -- A woman who was 5 years
old when German soldiers took away her father recalled her memory
of Italy's worst Nazi massacre while the former SS officer
accused in the attack looked on Wednesday.

During the Nazi occupation of Rome in 1944, Anna Maria
Prosperi said she was in an apartment when a resistance bomb blew
up nearby, killing 32 German soldiers. Soon after, soldiers
arrived and took away three families.

A woman in the apartment, Ada Cacchione, then 23, recalled how
the soldiers pulled a 5-month-baby from the arms of its father,
and rifle-butted her sister-in-law.

Ms. Prosperi's father, Antonio Prosperi, and four other men
never returned.

They were among 335 civilians killed in retaliation for the
bombing. The victims were machine-gunned outside Rome at the
Ardeatine Caves, which then were dynamited in an attempt to hide
the bodies.

Former Nazi Capt. Erich Priebke, 82, is on trial for his role
in the March 24, 1944 massacre. He admits killing two victims and
checking off the names of 100 others from a list, but claims he
was forced to participate under the threat of being shot himself.

Prosecutors contend Priebke could have refused. Furthermore,
they say his role actually was much greater, including having
helped compose the list. Priebke faces life in prison if

Considering the advance of time, Priebke likely will be one of
the last significant Nazi war-crimes defendants to face trial. He
was extradited from Argentina last year when his background came
to light.

Ms. Prosperi and other witnesses on Wednesday recalled life
during the occupation -- one of curfews, night-time searches and
arbitrary arrests.

Months after the massacre, the city was liberated and
authorities began excavating the caves.

"My father was found covered by a pile of bodies," Ms.
Prosperi testified. A bullet had only grazed his neck, she said.

"His body was whole," she said. "He did not die, killed (by a
bullet). He died later."

Eventually the family received his wedding ring, a fountain
pen and his identity papers. Folded in with them was a note from
Prosperi to his wife and child: "See you in paradise," it read.



Reuters New Media

Wednesday May 22 5:03 PM EDT


NEW YORK (Reuter) - A wealth of previously secret U.S.
intelligence reports from the Second World War is suddenly
becoming public and embarrassing some of Europe's most famous
banks and companies by claiming they aided the Nazi war effort.

Neither the International Red Cross nor the family of war hero
Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Jews from the
Nazis, is spared from the scathing accusations. Also slammed are
the Bally shoe company and two major Swiss banks -- Credit Suisse
and Union Bank.

A document released Wednesday names Switzerland as the major
conduit for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold looted
by the Nazis during the war.

The documents are among thousands from the files of
''Operation Safehaven,'' a U.S. intelligence effort just after
the war that tried to find out how Germany used Switzerland,
Sweden and other neutral countries to hide its assets.

The files, kept under wraps in the U.S. National Archives for
50 years, also contain many documents from the war itself. They
paint the Allies as much more knowledgeable than previously
believed about how the Germans used neutural countries.
Historians say the documents could shed new light on previously
unknown economic crimes committed during the war.

Among the most tantalizing of the documents is a 1944 one that
recounts a secret meeting in Strasbourg, France, at which Nazi
leaders told top German industralists the war was lost and
ordered the businessmen to finance an underground network aimed
at restoring the party to power.

``Operation Safehaven'' came to light during a dispute late
last year between the World Jewish Congress and the Swiss Bankers
Association over whether Swiss banks kept assets of Holocaust
victims in their banks. When the bankers initially refused to
waive secrecy rules and allow an independent audit, the WJC
started combing the U.S. National Archives for material and the
U.S. Senate Banking Committee joined the hunt.

By the time the Swiss relented and allowed an independent
audit, the stream of documents had turned into a flood. In recent
days, documents have come to light in which U.S. intelligence
officers accuse the Red Cross and the Swedish bank owned by the
Wallenberg family of aiding the Nazis.

A 1945 document said the Red Cross smuggled Nazis' assets and
valuables across Europe in diplomatic pouches. Another said that
while Raoul Wallenberg tried to save the Jews of Budapest from
the Nazis, his family's bank collaborated with the Germans.

In February 1945, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau
wrote to the secretary of state saying the Wallenberg family's
Enskilda bank was making loans to German industry without
collateral and acting to conceal German interests in U.S.

The letter also painted one of Wallenberg's uncles, Jacob, as
strongly pro-German and rebutted the theory that another uncle,
Marcus, was ``pro-Allied.'' It said Enskilda bank was
''repeatedly connected with large black market operations.''

Switzerland's Bally shoe company was accused in documents
released last week by the National Archives of taking over Jewish
companies seized by the Nazis.

Other documents said U.S. intelligence was investigating Bally
at war's end for stockpiling ``millions of square feet'' of
stolen leather. The documents said the holding company,
Oerlikon-Buehrle, that owns Bally ``assisted German armaments
production and technical research.''

Bally has said it is searching its own files to see if the
allegations are true.

U.S. intelligence intercepts in 1944 said Credit Suisse and
Union Bank violated the Allied code of conduct for Swiss banks by
making Swiss francs available to the Germans. Another document
said the German Reichbank acquired almost $600 million worth of
looted gold during the war and shipped much of it through
Switzerland to other countries or private Swiss banks.


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GT Online National News Section
GT National News


Associated Press

NEW YORK -- As Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was helping
save Jews in Hungary during World War II, the United States was
spying on his uncles' efforts to help the Nazis, according to
newly declassified U.S. intelligence documents.

The American Jewish Congress said Tuesday that it found the
papers while investigating the whereabouts of millions of dollars
believed hidden by Holocaust victims.

The documents, declassified last month at Congress' request,
include a Feb. 7, 1945, letter from Treasury Secrety Harry
Morgenthau to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius outlining the
activities of Wallenberg's uncles. The brothers, Marcus and Jacob
Wallenberg, were members of a Swedish family of industrialists
that remains prominent today.

According to a summary accompanying Morgenthau's letter, the
family's Enskilda bank in Sweden had made "substantial" loans to
Germany and attempted to hide German investments in American

The Wallenberg family's financial dealings with the Nazis were
previously known. What had not been known was that the United
States was spying on the family, and that the surveillance was
discussed at the highest levels of the U.S. government, said Elan
Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress.

Raoul Wallenberg was a diplomat in Budapest, Hungary, where he
saved an estimated 20,000 Jews from the Holocaust in 1944-45 by
distributing special Swedish passports to those set to be
deported to death camps.

When the Soviet army occupied Budapest in January 1945,
Wallenberg was arrested on suspicion of being an American spy and

U.S. News & World Report reported earlier this month that a
review of recently declassified documents showed that Wallenberg
spied for an agency that was a predecessor of the CIA.


** Topic: Reflections of a Cold Warrior **
** Written 8:00 AM May 21, 1996 by rmcgehee in
cdp:alt.pol.org.cia **


Richard M. Bissell, Jr. (1996). REFLECTIONS OF A COLD
New Haven, CT. "Reflections" was published posthumously and was
co-authored by Jonathan E. Lewis and Frances T. Pudlo. The CIA's
History Staff was supportive of the project and helped make
revisions. This small book spends a great deal of time
describing Bissell's youth and his work with the post World War
II Marshall Plan. Bissell writes of his elitist education at the
prep school, Groton, and then Yale University (where surprisingly
he refused to join the secretive Skull and Bones Society). He
states that the elitist nature of the CIA grew from "a body of
men who had similar backgrounds and knew one another well." As
Evan Thomas in his book "The Very Best Men," indicated, CIA men,
Bissell, et al, felt survival of the free world depended on them.
Born to privilege, they all were arrogant, and enormously
self-confident which often greatly exceeded their competence."
Certainly Bissell's book validates that assessment.

"Reflections," however, is particularly informative in
describing Bissell's role in the development and use of the U-2
surveillance plane. The U-2 contributed greatly to our knowledge
of the Soviet and Chinese targets. After his success in guiding
the development and use of the U-2, the CIA in 1958, named him
Deputy Director of Plans (DDP).

Bissell's inabilities soon manifested themselves. His
portrayal of the secret war in Laos, and the Vietnam War lack
either any honesty or understanding of the events in those
countries and probably reflect the contribution of the CIA's
History Staff. A high school student's paper on those wars could
be more complete and accurate. Bissell as DDP drove the CIA's
effort to remove Castro from Cuba and the Bays of Pigs fiasco
dictated his leaving the Agency in 1962. As with most all books
by retired CIA leaders, Bissell does not dwell on the lives and
countries destroyed by CIA covert operations.

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