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Sat, 25 May 1996 14:44:15 +0200

25 mai 1996 / N- 08
Ecn c/o Reflex - 21 ter, rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris (France)


After the exploitation of the Limousin and of the working class by the
Cogema (the general compagny of nuclear materials) this entreprise is=
leaving the area with poisoning gifts to the inhabitants : 200 000 tons of=
further radioactive waste and hundreds of unemployed persons.

In spite of a large opposition to the stocking of radioactive waste in the=
area - more than 10 000 signatures against the project, unfavourable=
inquiry of public utility ... - the Cogema and the State absolutely want to=
impose on these dangerous materials. And they realised this with their=
usual strategy : silence, lies and repression. Nevertheless, on the day=
before the tenth anniversary of Tchernobyl disaster, our "best specialists"=
could not keep us believing that the nuclear power is safe. How could we=
trust the ones who :

- want to make us believe that the Tchernobyl radioactive cloud has been=
stopped on the french border line ;

- maintain that a nuclear disaster is impossible in France when they=
multiply in the last months simulations of serious accidents and alarm=
exercices all around the nuclear stations (in Gravelines, in Cadarache...) =

- admit that they are incapable of overcoming a sodium fire (which burns in=
contact with air and explodes in contact with water ! ) , when 5000 tons of=
sodium are stocked in the Superphenix nuclear station (moreover, a cylinder=
breakdown appeared in Superphenix a few hours after starting even though=
such thing should arrive only every 100 000 years according to the=
"experts" !) ;

- take care not to say that the population under 25 years old suffering from=
leucemia is three times bigger for those who live near the nuclear=
reprocessing plant of La Hague ("Science et Vie", december 1995) ;

- let the children of Bessines nursery school be affected by dangerous gazes=
(radon) ;

- etc.

Moreover the Cogema had already buried 175 000 contaminated casks among the=
mining waste and the uranium is stocked in scandalous and irregular=
conditions : "there is dozens of rustied casks setting and some in the open=
air". ("Le populaire du Centre", 5-03-96) The last atomic tests in the=
Pacific had shown that the civil or military nuclear power is always=
imposed to us. Intimidation, repression and calumny are the only answers=
given to the opposition, to those who ask for a minimum of truth :

- several convocations at the police headquarters, files and observation=
(Police Information Service) ;

- police repression against demonstrators (a dead one in Creys-Malville) ;

- Mr Jean Anciaux, the prefect of the Limousin area, call the persons=
against the project of stocking in Bessines "criminals";

- etc.

An economic aberration is added to all these scandals : contrary to the=
advertising propaganda of the Cogema, the nuclear power constitutes a=
financial gap. For instance, the life of a nuclear station is limited ; so=
EDF (the french electricity compagny) will renew the nuclear stations=
number before ten or fifteen years (500 to 600 thousand millions francs=
according to "Libe'ration", 29-02-96), break up all the old reactors=
(minimum 100 thousand millions), and stock the radioactive waste for good=
(this cost, which will be about dozens of thousand millions francs is not=
precisely determined). The stoppage of La Hague should cost more than 20=
thousand millions francs and the surgenerator of Superphenix had already=
cost about 60 thousand millions without producing a watt in ten years !

The French State has chosen an almighty nuclear power (75 % of the=
electricity) but any alternative has never been considered seriously. It is=
true that the renewable and non-polluting energies like the solar or=
geothermal energies (which supply 99,3 % of the energy in Norway) have no=
military application. So we could understand easily why the clean energies=
are systematically put apart when we know that the plutonium produced by=
the nuclear stations is used to make atomic bombs.

But do we need to produce so much energy ? (Are we more happy since the=
hoardings are illuminated in the night ? )Who is the beneficiary of the=
incredible waste ? The stocking project of radioactive waste in Bessines is=
part of the infernal logic lead by irresponsible persons. Don't let them go=
on !=20

Don't let the Limousin begin a nuclear trashcan !
Radioactive waste : neither here nor somewhere else !
Say no to the civil or military nuclear power !

>> Organisation Anarchiste de Limoges

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