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Tom Burghardt (tburghardt@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 23 May 1996 12:13:22 +0200

signed by "Sturmfuehrer A.L.P". (obviously a pseudonym of Gary
Lauck), and sent on behalf of Lauck's NSDAP-AO organization in
Lincoln NB, P.O.B. 6414, via a go-between in Neustadt,
Weinstrasse, in Western Germany.

The letter to the state attorney in Hamburg, signed by the
association's chair, Hans Lebrecht, Tel-Aviv, quotes, inter alia
from that shameful 1978 letter:

"Being responsible for the deeds of all Jews in the world, we
inform you herewith that we are setting out to take revenge. We
are full of will to revenge for our comrades killed by you or on
your behalf. We will revenge (the German victims of) the
Nuremberg trial, Eichmann, and all the injustice done to the
German people by you, or on your behalf".

The association sent the full text (in German) of Lauck's letter,
in which the "thorough scoundrel Weizmann" (Dr. Haim Weizmann,
the first President of Israel) is accused by that Nazi to have
declared war on Germany in 1933.

"The consequences did follow: According to it, you have
unleashed a World War against Germany and used other peoples for
your dirty business. You have stirred up millions and more
millions of Aryans to fight and kill each other, while you have
pocketed huge political and material profits from the war, you
have started...." a.s.o. over two printed pages. The letter sums
up with the threat: "We will turn your life into hell. We will
exterminate you and all Jews the same way, you exterminated
millions and millions of Aryans" . The letter was accompanied by
dozens of stickers with Nazi swastikas and slogans, such as
"The Jews are our disaster", "In spite of the ban - we are not
dead", "Communism, a tool of the Jews", "Don't buy from Jewish
business", "Red Front and Juda, perish!", a.s.o.. The letter was
sent from Neustadt, Germany, with three stickers with Nazi
slogans pasted on the envelope, and stamped by the post office
there on 11/23/1977. A demand, sent at the time to the Bonn
government and the German post ministry, how it was possible that
a letter with such hateful Nazi stickers pasted to its envelope,
was sent and delivered to an Israeli address. The question was
never answered.

The association, in its letter to the Hamburg state attorney,
asked to add the matter of this threatening letter and its
content of stickers to the process files, even if it would not
change much concerning the 38 points of the indictment sheet. At
least, it could be filed as background material and
characteristics of the Nazi "Sturmfuehrer", his crowd, and his


With thanks for transmitting your interesting AFIB material and
with fraternal greetings,

Hans Lebrecht, Journalist, and chairman Association of
Antifascists and Victims of Nazism in Israel and Member of the
leading Bureau of the Federation of (former) Resistance Fighters
(F.I.R.) with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


** Topic: NCDM press release **
** Written 9:44 AM May 21, 1996 by moonlight in cdp:reg.mexico **


Cecilia Rodriguez
U.S. Representative of the Zapatistas
601 N. Cotton Street, #A103
El Paso, Texas 79902
Phone/Fax: (915) 532-8382
Email: moonlight@igc.apc.org


May 21, 1996


After several attempts to rescue a peace process established by
a Mexican law, including appeals to legislators, the EZLN has
declared a red alert for the following reasons;

a) The recent severe jail sentence handed to two individuals
"accused" of being members of the EZLN has violated the viability
of the peace process which guarantees a peace negotiation and NOT
prosecution for the EZLN. The sentenced prisoners, as well as
the 16 awaiting trial have not only been victimized by a lack of
due process, but by torture, confessions extorted by force, and a
lack of evidence. Several reputable international human rights
organizations have protested this travesty.

b) Additional armed units have been sighted in Zapatista
enclaves including 150 soldiers of a new special unit in the
village of Oventic, and what appears to be a commando force
disguised as engineers establishing operations in San Quintin.
Although the Mexican Army claims these are operations against
"drug trafficking", these forces have principally concentrated in
well-known Zapatista communities and this is no coincidence.

c) Communications with the official government negotiating team
have deteriorated to ill-disguised threats and incoherent
proposals on behalf of the Mexican government. The EZLN no longer
believes it is feasible to negotiate and implores the national
legislative team to intervene and take action to salvage the
peace process.

In pursuit of its commitment to a political solution, the
National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, a national network
of more than 20 community groups in the United States will be
organizing campaigns and mobilizations in response to this
ominous development. The Commission calls upon all other
interested individuals and organizations to take immediate action
to offset the possibility of war which promises more economic
chaos, forced immigration, and injustice for the people of


601 N. Cotton Street, #A103
El Paso, Texas 79902
Phone/fax: (915) 532-8382
Email: moonlight@igc.apc.org


Contact: Daniel Solis, Coordinator

May 21, 1996


In recent days conditions in Chiapas and Mexico have grown
onminous. Two of the alleged Zapatista political prisoners,
despite the terms of the Law for Harmony and Pacification which
froze all judicial action against any alleged Zapatistas, were
sentenced to 13 and 6 years in jail for treason and sedition. At
the same time the Mexican military has advanced its troops and
equipment surrounding various Zapatista communities, another
violation of the Harmony and Pacification Law. As a result of
this betrayal of the peace dialogue, the EZLN has declared a red
alert and refused to return to the peace talks on June 5th until
proper conditions exist.

At the same time, the US government has announced that it is
giving 73 Huey helicopters to the Mexican government and
assisting it to update all of its armament that is ten years old
or older. This equipment is to be dedicated to the "War on Drugs"
yet previous US weapons donations were used in the Mexican
government's war against the Zapatista communities.

The affiliates and allies of the National Commission for
Democracy in Mexico are holding demonstrations across the country
to denounce the Mexican government's growing efforts to provoke a
war, and to demand that the US government suspend all military
aid to Mexico and make public the use and location of all US
military equipment and personnel in Mexico. We are urging our
Congressional representatives to investigate and release publicly
the level of US military support and involvement in Mexico.

The Mexican government's long history of human rights violations
is well documented. Just this past weekend Amnesty International
(AI) called for the immediate and unconditional release of the
alleged Zapatista political prisoners, as their continued
imprisonment violated both Mexican and international law.
Furthermore, AI and Human Rights Watch as well as various
independent Mexican human rights bodies have documented and
denounced the Mexican government and military involvment in
dozens of murders, disappearances, rapes, tortures and other

As a result any US military aid to Mexico, under the current
political system, is a collaboration in profound violence against
the Mexican people. For this reason the National Commission for
Democracy in Mexico is demanding that the Mexican government end
its provocations and return to the peace process and that the US
government suspend any military aid to Mexico until the human
rights issues are resolved.

** End of text from cdp:reg.mexico **


From: "Hellevi Raita" <HRAITA@sockom.helsinki.fi>
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 11:37:59 EET
Subject: Picture on Skinhead www-site


Finnish Antifa Coalition

Helsinki May 20th, 1996

The black and white picture of skinheads kicking and beating a
black male lying on the ground with his face down was taken in
Helsinki about one and a half years ago. Actually it's a still-
picture from a videotape the police confiscated from the
naziskins, who were obscene enough to shoot their own assaults.
The tape among other things was confiscated from the nazis in
January last year and the picture published on the front page of
a tabloid. Despite the tape, the police were not able to
prosecute anyone because "they weren't able to recognise the
assaulters on the tape". Skinheads in Helsinki are quite few and
tend to stay in the suburbs as they don't dare move about in the
center. When they do, it's in the night, and of course, in gangs.


X-within-URL: http://www.nando.net/newsroom/ntn/nation/051996


Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 N.Y. Times News Service

ATLANTA (May 19, 1996 8:35 p.m. EDT) -- A federal jury in
North Carolina concluded last week that a white supremacist group
had sold off land to avoid having to turn it over to a black
family that won a court case against the group.

The leader of the Church of the Creator had sold the land to
William Pierce, an avowed white supremacist and the author of
"The Turner Diaries," a novel that has been called the bible of
the right-wing militia movement. The jury's ruling, if it
withstands appeals, means that Pierce will have to give the black
family the $85,000 profit he made when he in turn sold the land.

Pierce, a former physics professor, heads a neo-Nazi group
called the National Alliance in Hillsboro, W.Va. He is host of a
radio commentary called "American Dissident Voices," which is
heard on about 15 stations around the United States.

Through his lawyer, Steve Kropelnicki, Pierce said he would
appeal the verdict and challenge the role of the Southern Poverty
Law Center in representing the family. The law center, in
Montgomery, Ala., has brought numerous civil actions against
white supremacist groups whose members have been convicted of
violence against minorities.

The ruling comes five years after Harold Mansfield, a black
sailor, was shot in a parking lot in Jacksonville, Fla. George
Loeb, a 29-year-old "reverend" in the Church of the Creator at
the time, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
Witnesses had described how Loeb provoked a confrontation with
Mansfield through taunts and racial epithets on May 17, 1991.

Just before the conviction, in July 1992, Ben Klassen, the
leader of the Church of the Creator, sold 20 acres of land in
Franklin, N.C., to Pierce for $100,000 -- about 25 percent of its
assessed value. Klassen had expressed fears in writings that his
group would lose the land because of Loeb's conviction. Pierce
sold the land in 1994 to a buyer not linked to any of the groups.

Richard Cohen, a lawyer for the Southern Poverty Law Center,
said the principle in the jury's verdict was more important than
the money.

"We are trying to make sure that the organizers and leaders of
hate groups which take violent actions pay the price," Cohen
said. "While he had no role in the killing of Harold Mansfield,
Dr. Pierce tried to help the Church of the Creator avoid paying
the price by keeping its assets away from Harold's mother."

An all-white, six-person jury in Asheville, N.C., deliberated
for two hours before returning the verdict on Wednesday.

Kropelnicki, the lawyer for the Church of the Creator, said he
would challenge the judge's decision to allow the presentation of
evidence of the racial views held by Pierce and Klassen. That
violated their First Amendment rights to free speech, Kropelnicki

But he said he would also question the role of the law center,
which raises millions of dollars annually from private
contributors to finance lawsuits like the one against the Church
of the Creator. The church has operations in Franklin, N.C., and
in Niceville, Fla.

Success in these lawsuits, Kropelnicki said, seems to
generate, in fund-raising alone, many times the amount of the
court judgments. This, he argued, creates an incentive for the
center to "harass" groups that are outside the mainstream.


X-within-URL: http://www.globe.com/globe/ap/

Boston Globe AP on the Globe Online
The Boston Globe

Abortion Clinic Executive Obtains Court Order Against Activist

By Associated Press, 05/20/96

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - An abortion foe has been declared a
stalker and ordered to stay away from a clinic director's home.

The order against Paul deParrie marked the first time that
an Oregon stalking law enacted last year has been used against an
anti-abortion activist. Similar laws have been used in other
states, including Florida and Texas.

Jude Hanzo, executive director of All Women's Health
Services in Portland, said deParrie had harassed her for more
than a year.

``This campaign has involved picketing of my home,
leafleting, wanted posters in my neighborhood,'' she said.
``These unwanted contacts by Paul deParrie have caused me to fear
for my life.''

Hanzo said she wears a bulletproof vest and alters her
route to and from work.

Circuit Judge Thomas L. Moultrie granted the order
Thursday to protect Hanzo's ``right to quiet enjoyment of the

DeParrie, editor of The Life Advocate magazine and one of
Oregon's most outspoken opponents of abortion, had argued his
activities were protected as free speech. He said he would appeal
the order.

``Nice Scarlet letter, I guess,'' deParrie said.

Hanzo said deParrie had signed a petition advocating the
use of deadly force against abortion providers, and had put her
on a ``hit list.''

Hanzo's clinic received a mail bomb in 1985, and its
affiliate clinic in Eugene was firebombed in 1992.

Violating a protective order is punishable by up to a year
in jail and a $2,500 fine. A second offense carries a maximum of
five years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

AP-DS-05-20-96 1506EDT


X-within-URL: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/chronicle/


Tuesday, May 21, 1996 | Page A2
| 1996 San Francisco Chronicle

Misconduct Alleged in Church Arson Probe
Attacks in South are focus of House hearing

Don Lattin, Chronicle Religion Writer

National church leaders, including Bay Area Bishop Melvin
Talbert, are accusing law enforcement officials of malfeasance in
their probe of black church firebombings in the South.

Talbert, president of the National Council of Churches and the
United Methodist Bishop for Northern California, made the charge
in written testimony to be presented to the House Judiciary
Committee, which convenes hearings today into a wave of terror
against 57 black and interracial churches.

``Our investigations have uncovered striking similarities in
these incidents,'' Talbert said. ``Law enforcement authorities at
the local, state and federal levels continue to deny any

Talbert said the investigation by the church council, which
represents 33 Protestant and Orthodox denominations, found that
local enforcement officials have falsely accused black pastors of
torching their own churches, dismissed burnings as electrical
fires and immediately painted over racial epithets without local
church consent.

``Without exception, the victims of these hate crimes said
they felt intimidated by the very forces they had hoped would
provide them with protection and would alleviate their
anxieties,'' Talbert said.

Federal officials are expected to respond to the allegations
at today's hearing. The Judiciary Committee has called Deputy
Attorney General Duval Patrick, head of the Justice Department's
Civil Rights Division; John Magaw, director of the Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; and Neil Gallagher, head of the
FBI's Criminal Investigative Division.

Justice Department spokesman Myron Marlin said that the
investigation of church arson fires has been a priority and that
17 cases have been resolved.

Although a racial motive has been proved in several attacks,
and some people have been convicted of setting more than one
fire, no common thread has been found in most of the crimes,
Marlin said. Among the other witnesses scheduled to testify at
the House hearing is Joseph Lowery, president of the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference.

Lowery said Congress must ``recognize that these burnings
don't occur in a vacuum, but in a climate of hostility.''

``The so-called angry white males have been led to believe
that affirmative action and welfare are responsible their
economic dilemma,'' he said.

According to the NCC investigation, there have been 30 arrests
so far, all of them white males between the ages of 15 and 45.
Several suspects have admitted to belonging to such racist groups
as the Aryan Faction, Skinheads for White Justice and the Ku Klux

Twenty-five of the violent attacks, many of them using Molotov
cocktails against churches with a history of strong advocacy for
African American rights, have occurred in 1996.

According to the NCC probe, many pastors received racist
letters. Ten attacks occurred close to the Martin Luther King Jr.
holiday in January 1995 and 1996.

``Manifestations of domestic terrorism demand the highest
degree of bipartisan attention,'' Talbert said. ``This epidemic
of hate is eating away at the heart and soul of our nation.''

Talbert will present the testimony along with the Rev. Joan
Brown Campbell, the NCC general secretary, on the eve of the
ecumenical agency's executive board meeting in New York City.


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