(eng) Czech Antifascist Arrested For Murder

will (will@xchange.apana.org.au)
Mon, 20 May 96 13:37:18 AEDT

the following is taken from a photocopied leaflet and is probably a
couple of months old.

* * *


On the 20th of March a young antifascist Pavel Kroupa went with his
brother by a bus on a line from Prague to Mlada Boleslav. There were
also 5 nazis in a bus. First of all he was verbally attacked by them
like "be sure you will not come from this bus alive". At the end of
the way they stood outside of the bus one with knife, other with
boxer (*). There started a fight and during this he killed one of
them by a knife. Police came to his home at night and accused him
of a murder. He is in a prison now, arrested for a murder. We think
there was only one way how to survive - to fight for self-defence.
Every support for hime is needed. We make benefits for him to have
a good lawyer and for release. We hope he will be released, because
there was a similar case in a past, when one man (famous sculpturist
Pavel Opocensky) killed one nazi skinhead in self-defence. But it took
years of proofing, that he was attacked by a group of skinheads and
that he killed him in self-defence. He is free now.

But Pavel Kroupa is still in prison and we want our state to release

The support for him can be sent to him to the prison address:

Pavel Kroupa 4.3.1977
veznice vazba
straz pod ralskem
471 27
Czech Republic

Benefit support:

Ivana Vranova
Bohunicka 19
600 00 Brno
Czech Republic

or a phone number: 09425/339895 (ask for Borek)

* * *

(*) a "boxer" is a type of home-made knuckle-duster [typist].