(AA)++ The Left in Argentina April 1996(Cast)

esperanto (lingvoj@lds.co.uk)
Sat, 18 May 1996 20:47:10 +0200


The economic crisis and recessive politics of the Menem
government in Argentina continue to provoke fierce protests
in that sector that has been most affected: the working
class. After the revolts of the public sector workers in the
provinces of Coroba an Rio Negro now it's the turn of
There was an important mobilization of unemployed
workers in this province on October 3rd. The unemployed
entered the local government office and significant damage
was done before the police violently supressed the action.
The police arrested comrade Horacio Panario a leader of
the Unemployed Coordinating Committee and the
Movement for Socialism (MAS), which was at the forefront of
the mobilisation. This was not just any detention: our
comrade was accused of 'agravated conspiracy' for which
he can be given between 5 and 10 years in prison. In
addition this charge does not allow bail.
The seizing of Horacio is no isolated case. It is all part of
an attack launched by the Provincial government against
MAS and the Socialist Workers Movement (MST). Govenor
Sobisch denounced the candidates in the provincial
elections of 8th October: Alcides Christiansen (construction
worker) and member of MAS and Hector Etchebaster. The
police also demolished the local offices of the MST. As a
corollary to this persecution, on Wednesday the 4th,
warrants were issued for the arrest of the two candidates
and others involved in the mobilisation with the same charge
that had been levelled at Horacio Panario.
These attacks on Argentinian workers are a reflection of
the mess produced by Menem's government in trying to
maintain the much talked about 'economic stability'. The
deepening of the crisis imposes on him the necessity of
trying to escape the crisis by means of a brutal attack, both
political and economic, against the workers.
On the 11th December the courts in Neuquen threw out
the claim of Horacio's lawyer who called for a change in the
charge so that the sentence would not be one of
imprisonment. Two leaders of the co-ordinating committee,
Gustavo Sandoval and Veronica Barriga will also be