(eng) Eviction In Melbourne

will (will@xchange.apana.org.au)
Thu, 16 May 96 19:54:56 AEDT

Eviction In Melbourne - nothing's happened yet.

on wednesday (15th of may) the community centre squat in collingwood
should have been evicted. we were ready, with barricades inside and
a group of people outside - giving support and staging a demonstration,
but the sheriff (court agent) didnt' come. we blocked off the street
for half an hour or so and the police came, but still nothing much

we thought they were going to come this morning (thursday) and we were
ready again. but still they didn't come. later on some people went to
speak to the owner and see what was happening and their agent told
them the building had been sold between the day of the court judgement
and wednesday. strange! it also appeared that they hadn't paid the
sheriff and that's why they never came!

we don't know exactly what's happening...

up to now, the coverage of this story on television and in the papers
has only been good! something strange is happening here!

more news when there is some.