(AA)Letter from Mexico

esperanto (lingvoj@lds.co.uk)
Thu, 16 May 1996 03:28:52 +0200

Marzo 1996
Casilla de Correo No 18
CP 1871
Buenos Aires

A five day anarchist meeting took place in DF. In Oaxaca there was a
Magonist festival and also there was a seven day Libertaran festival in DF.
All of them saw meetings, films and debates with good attendance. Amongst
other things 'La Patagonia Rebele' was shown which was very well received
by the Mexicans.

With regard to the zapatistas there was open disgust at the decision to open
up negotiations with the government. The latter has done its utmost to draw
out the consultations and negotiations with the aim of demobilising the forces
of the left and moving further, militarily, into Chiapas. Currently there is one
soldier for every five inhabitants. Also there are infiltrations into social
organisations and selective assasinations continue.

200 peasants were murdered in 1995 by the government in Chiapas. Did you
hear about the murder of 17 peasants in Guerrero? Did you hear about how
Cecelia Romero - a representative of the EZLN in the USA - was raped
during a visit to Chiapas?

This agression has also been targeted at those unions which are linked with
the zapatistas through shared demands and who are - for this reason -
supressed. The most significant example is that of SUTAUR which is a
drivers union. The government declared them bankrupt, put five of their
leaders in jail, froze their assets and threw 12,000 workers onto the street.
Today - nine months later - the struggle continues. They will not accept the
liquidation proposals and are still resisting. In Oaxaca important events are
happening which are of significance to us personally.

As is well known Ricardo Flores Magon was born in Oaxaca. Well, last year,
as a show of remembrance 200 peasants visited his grave in the city of DF.
There we learnt that among them there was an anarchist called BM. He told
us that among the peasants there was open sympathy for Magons ideas which
were enshrined in the principles of the People's United Front and UCIZONI.
In this latter organisation there's an anarchist comrade who has been working
with them for 17 years.

We are receiving reports of attacks on these populations. Last November one
UCIZONI organiser was murdered, a council president was imprisoned and
the people were surrounded by armed caciques who would not allow people
in or out of the area. The list of agressions and crimes is a long one.

(extract from a letter received by one of our editors 10/1/96 sent from the
Biblioteca Social Reconstruir)