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CONTENTS: Supplement 40


1. (ATS) ARM THE SPIRIT: May Day Clashes In Berlin

2. (ERNK) ERNK May 1st Statement

Marched With Combat 18

4. (MER) MID-EAST REALITIES: Qana -- The Raw Evidence
Of Massacre

5. (REUTER) German Trial Of US "Farm-Belt Fuhrer" Begins

6. (AP) Past And Present Converge In Italian Trial Of

7. (AP) Italian Party Hits Raw Nerve With Calls For

8. (AP) "Birdie Africa" Says Bullets Hindered Escape
From Burning MOVE House

9. (AP) House Candidate Uses Bible To Defend Southern


From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
Subject: Mayday in Berlin
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 22:25:44 -0400 (EDT)


May Day Clashes In Berlin

Berlin's right-wing Interior Minister boasted that he would
not allow any violence or disorder in his capital city this May
Day, but he was sadly disappointed. Despite the presence of
4,500 riot police in the city, many of them flown in from western
Germany, two nights of clashes erupted around this year's
revolutionary May Day celebrations.

With four squatted houses evicted in less than a month,
constant police provocations against all leftist demonstrations,
and continued cuts in social spending to finance capitalist
building ventures in Germany's new capital, the mood prior to
this year's May Day demo in Berlin was quite heated. On April 30,
the traditional "witches' night" festival 'Walpurgisnacht' was
held in the East Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg. In order to
prevent a repeat of last year's violent clashes, local Green
politicans worked together with the cops to enact a "security
program" which included nearly 100 undercover cops intermingling
with the festival seekers as well as 1,500 riots cops in nearby
streets, but this could not deter the resistance. Shortly after
one in the morning, masked anarchist youths set a car on fire and
erected barricades. Clashes with police lasted for over an over.

May Day itself started with the traditional trade union
demonstration organized by the reformist DGB trade union
alliance. Little more than 10,000 took part, and many of those
who did shouted down union leaders during their speeches. The
social democratic union leadership has come under increasing
criticism lately for working together with the conservative
government of Helmut Kohl to cut back on social spending and to
erode workers' rights. A block of Kurdish demonstrators was
attacked by special police units during the rally. 7 Kurds were
arrested for holding pictures of Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the
banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Due to political in-fighting, Berlin's radical-left staged
two Revolutionary May 1st demos this year, the first since 1993.
The mainly German autonomist spectrum attended a demo organized
by Anti-Fascist Action Berlin, which started from
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in East Berlin. Some 12,000 people took
part in this demo. Another 2,500 people marched from Kreuzberg
in a demonstration which was primarily organized by Turkish and
Kurdish communist organizations. Both marches were supposed to
meet together for a joint rally at Kollwitzplatz in the
Prenzlauer Berg section of East Berlin. Riot police stopped the
Turkish and Kurdish march, however. In response to this
provocation, autonomist youths on Kollwitzplatz attacked police
and erected barricades. Police responded with water cannons and
baton charges, but it took nearly two hours and several volleys
of tear gas before they were able to clear the area. Sporadic
clashes lasted into the early evening.

It's not clear how many demonstrators were injured in this
year's May Day clashes, but it's fair to assume that several
were. All those unlucky enough to be arrested were very roughly
treated. Around 96 people are facing riot-related charges. Of
these, 19 are being charged with more serious offences with
potential prison terms of six months to 10 years. The cops
reported 48 officers injured, 5 temporarily hospitalized.
Newspapers in the days after the events spoke of a "new
generation of violent Autonomen" as most of those arrested were
youths from the former East Germany, not older autonomists from
Kreuzberg and other traditional leftist strongholds.

One major failure this May Day was the fact that more than
200 neo-nazis were able to march unhindered through the East
Berlin district of Marzahn. After a Nuremburg court banned a
march and rally there, fascists from all across Germany mobilized
for Berlin for a rally organized by the youth wing of the
far-right NDP and members of the banned fascist party FAP.
Shouting "German jobs for German workers!" and other bullshit,
nazis marched for a while through the empty streets of Marzahn
escorted by riot cops as only three dozens antifas, mobilized on
short notice, looked on. The fact that fascists were able to
march in the same city as a revolutionary demo of more than
10,000 people - organized by anti-fascists! - is an embarassment
which must never be repeated.

Next time...smash the fascists wherever they appear!
Freedom for all May Day prisoners!
Solidarity with the fighting workers and youths of Istanbul!

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Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist collective based
in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide variety of
material, including political prisoners, national liberation
struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight
against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our writings,
research, and translation materials in our magazine and bulletins
called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

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From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
Subject: ERNK May 1st Statement
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 22:27:44 -0400 (EDT)


ERNK May 1st Statement

To all progressive humanity!

We send our warmest greetings to everyone on this May 1st,
the day of workers' struggle for the peoples of the Middle East,
Kurdistan, and all oppressed peoples in the world.

Although reactionary forces have been trying to claim that
socialism is dead ever since the collapse of the real-existing
socialist system, the oppressed humanity has shown that they are
not about to give up on their dream of creating a new world. So
the history of socialist struggle and the existence of humanity
continues. The "New World Order" which is being forced upon the
peoples of the Middle East and Kurdistan by U.S. imperialism has
become a disorder. In areas such as Kurdistan and the Middle
East, the politics being forced upon the people by imperialism
have lead to nothing.

The communist parties which have been returned to power by
the peoples of the former states of real-existing socialism are
proof that these peoples are still searching for a socialist
perspective. There are many different forms of socialism, but the
most important thing is to reject the vacuum of
capitalist-imperialist politics and to search for new solutions.

In 1996, imperialism is continuing its attacks on oppressed
peoples at full speed. The capitalist-imperialist system
recognizes that its greatest threat lies in humanity. Thus its
greatest form of exploitation is that over the feelings and
thoughts of people. This is an attempt to make people not reflect
upon the bestial methods of imperialism, not to resist them, and
to create an individualistic and apathetic mentality in people.
At the present time, humanity is facing great catastrophes. In
particular, the destruction of the environment which is being
caused by the capitalist economy is placing the earth in great
danger. In society, the ideological and moral vacuum which people
are confronted with have left humanity with no hope. The end of
history means the eradication of all of humanity's ideals and
hopes. This is the case with capitalism. Capitalism cannot offer
any hope over the horizon. It is this point which makes it
essential for a new socialist ideology to be formulated which can
give the people new hope.

In our world, where people are exploited to such a great
degree and where they are left with very little self-esteem, May
1st represents the struggle for freedom, equality, and democracy
for the peoples of Kurdistan, the Middle East, and all oppressed
peoples. The national liberation struggle in Kurdistan, under the
leadership of the PKK, whose ideas have largely been distorted,
greets May Day 1996 with the desire to make progressive steps
towards socialism and democracy. Kurdistan has been a stronghold
for reactionary forces for far too long now; Kurdistan is now the
focus of revolution in the Middle East. The resistance of our
party, the PKK, is not only directed against Turkish colonialism,
but also against the global reactionary forces of imperialism
which seek to subjugate all of humanity. For this reason, our
party is especially under attack from German and U.S.
imperialism. The radical nature of our party, its concept of
socialism and of a new humanity, and its liberation struggle
against Turkish colonialism are the reasons why our party is
under attack. This is why U.S. imperialism states that "the PKK
must be destroyed" and that it is "the most dangerous
Marxist-Leninist movement in the world".

The USA, with its economical and political might, is the
world's biggest terrorist power. The greatest threat to humanity
are a handful of economic and political terrorists who play
dangerous games with the fate of humanity and who use the most
brutal forms of torture imaginable.

All the oppressed peoples of the world view our party as a
party for humanity. From its very beginning, our party, the PKK,
has been deeply tied to socialist ideals. More than ever before,
PKK militants are trying to realize these ideals in their work.
Over the past 20 years, in the last quarter of this century, the
PKK has been the only party to develop a new form of socialism
following the collapse of real-existing socialism. That's what
makes our party so unique. Our party criticized real-existing
socialism all along.

The strongest and most positive side of the PKK's ideology
is that it never made the mistake of approaching real-existing
socialism or Kemalism. Both of these ideologies were criticized
both in theory as well as in praxis.

The PKK has changed the measure of life in Turkey and
Kurdistan. The offer of a cease-fire for a political solution
from our party, the PKK, has never been answered by Turkey.

The PKK is waging its liberation struggle in order to create
a genuine peace and has overcome more or less all obstacles in
its path. The unilateral cease-fire which was announced was a
step towards dialogue and a way of determining to what degree
these obstacles have been overcome. The cease-fire is a chance
for both the Turkish and Kurdish peoples to see how they are
oppressed by the regime, and the cease-fire is also the PKK's way
of fulfilling its obligations to humanity.

This situation has brought the Turkish state to a crisis
point. It is clear that the imperialist front will try to
manipulate this cease-fire to bring it under its control. But
trying to insult the uniqueness of the PKK, namely that it seeks
to defend fundamental rights and freedoms, has only strengthened
the internationalist character of our party.

In Egypt, the imperialists staged an "Anti-Terrorism Summit"
in order to oppress and destroy the liberation movements of the
world. We are witnesses to the fact that those who claim to be
seeking a so-called "holy peace" are actually drowning the Middle
East in blood. Now is the time for the peoples of the region to
exert their right to self-defense in the form of
anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist, and anti-Kemalist blocs. Given
this situation, it is a significant development that our party is
proceeding along this path along with other peoples of the Middle
East. These steps will yield a bountiful praxis. In the reality
of the Middle East, the effects of this will surpass the
dimensions of the October Revolution. The vanguard role of our
party during this development of socialism and the creation of
foundations for self-dynamics for the peoples of the Middle East
is proof of the universal character of our party.

To the oppressed Turkish people!

The development of internationalism and the unity of our
peoples in the national liberation struggle would represent a
major blow to the imperialist front. For this reason, May 1st is
an occasion to deepen the internationalist spirit of the PKK and
to appreciate the value of the advances which have been made for
socialism and humanity.

It is reality that unbreakable ties of unity exist between
the Turkish and Kurdish peoples. In this spirit, our party, the
PKK, is struggling for the freedom of the Kurdish people, because
the party realizes that our liberation will also lead to the
liberation of the Turkish people. Therefore, never let the
brotherhood of our peoples be diminished. The fulfillment of your
historical responsibility in this task will be your most
honorable contribution.

The best response from the working class and the oppressed
peoples of Turkey on May 1, 1996 is to create a common struggle
for revolutionary democracy and for the foundations for freedom
and equality for our peoples.

To progressive humanity!

Under the present conditions, the capitalist-imperialist
system is seeking to destroy human dignity and the environment.
This massacre of humanity and nature is being carried out in its
dirtiest form in Kurdistan. Let us join together with the
resistance of the Kurdish people for liberation and work for a
world of freedom and peace in the spirit of international

Long Live May 1st, The Day Of Workers' Struggle!
Long Live The Liberation Struggle Of The Kurdish People!
Long Live International Solidarity!

ERNK European Representation
May 1, 1996


From: Arm The Spirit <ats@etext.org>
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 23:15:34 -0400 (EDT)


DUP's Campbell Marched With Combat 18

By Mick Naughton

Derry City DUP Councillor Gregory Campbell, was the main
speaker at an Apprentice Boys parade in Bolton, England, which
was stewarded through the town last Saturday, April 13, 1996, by
members of the fascist group, Combat 18.

The annual event, organised by the Apprentice Boys in
England, met with a storm of criticism from community leaders in
the Lancashire town but was rerouted by police at the last

Town Councillor Pauline Spencer, a member of the town's
Racial Equality Council said: "We don't want this march in our
town. The organisation has no connection with Bolton so we see no
reason why it should be allowed. We know from experience that C18
will use this event to cause trouble."

Joe Mullarkey, spokesperson for Bolton's large Irish
community, said the parade was "totally reprehensible".

The re-routing decision was defended by Superintendent Ian
McLoughlin who saw "no threat" to public order. However reports
say that police had intelligence that indicated "a large number
of extreme right-wing groups would attend."

One of the key organisers of Saturday's march, Mark Dooley,
has a long history of racist violence. He was one of 34 Bolton
Wanderers supporters convicted in 1990 for a series of offences
including assault and possession of weapons. He is a member of
the Apprentice Boys in England and described himself in the
unionist Newletter newspaper last Friday, April 12, 1996, as
"certainly British and a practising Protestant".

Attacks on the Asian community in Britain, including petrol
bombings, have been linked to the quasi-paramilitary Combat 18
and a spokesperson for the anti-Nazi group Searchlight said this
week that Saturday's Bolton march followed one in London last
year when over 150 Combat 18 `stewards' took part in an
Apprentice Boys march.

Another similar march in Somerset some years ago ended in a
riot between local residents and Apprentice Boys.

Shortly before the Searchlight comment the secretary of the
Apprentice Boys in England, John McDowell, had admitted that
members of fascist organisations would be on the same march as
DUP Councillor Gregory Campbell. The DUP man defended his
decision to attend. Combat 18 was not going to take part in any
"connection", with the Apprentice Boys, he claimed, "they never
have and they never will".

(Source: An Phoblacht/Republican News - Thursday, April 18, 1996)


Thu, 9 May 1996 08:46:41 -0400
Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 08:46:41 -0400

M I D - E A S T R E A L I T I E S - S P E C I A L

[To receive MER regularly please send a message to
MIDDLEEAST@AOL.COM with the words "Send MER".


UN soldier's video reveals reconnaissance
plane was over Qana as shelling killed
100 refugees



A dramatic amateur videotape of the Israeli shelling of the
United Nations base at Qana last month, in which more than 100
Lebanese civilians were massacred, has convinced United Nations
investigators that the Israelis deliberately targeted the UN
compound and were well aware that it was packed with refugees
when they fired at it.

The colour videotape, a copy of which has been obtained by the
Independent, clearly shows an Israeli pilotless reconnaissance
aircraft -- used by artillery spotters to perfect their aim --
flying over Qana at the height of the shelling on 18 April.
Senior Israeli officers have repeatedly denied to the UN that
they were using a low-flying drone at the time, but the tape
provides incontrovertible evidence that these statements were

In Israel last night, the Israeli army -- having been told that
the video exists -- suddenly changed its story and admitted there
was a drone over Qana but said -- without explanation -- that the
pilotless aircraft was "on a different mission" and was not
sending pictures. The Israelis also said that they made a
"cartographic error" and had placed the UN camp 150 yards from
its actual position. It also said that when a drone took
pictures of the camp two days before the massacre -- on 16 April
-- they saw "no sign of civilians".

A UN source in southern Lebanon last night ridiculed the Israeli
statement. "The UN camp has been in Qana for 18 years. They
have pictures of every village in southern Lebanon and know who
lives in every house there. Once again, the Israelis are
insulting our intelligence. They had been flying drones over
Qana for a week before the massacre. And even if they thought
there were no civilians in the camp -- which we had told them
there were -- does that mean they thought it was legitimate to
shell a UN military headquarters?"

For two weeks, the UN source said, the Israelis had been flying
drones over Qana. "Now they are saying there was a drone on a
different mission'. They have a duty to explain what that
mission was -- otherwise we are standing by the evidence of the
eyewitnesses and the videotape showing the drone over Qana."

The videotape which forced the Israelis to change their story was
unequivocal. In two sequences, the propeller-driven monoplane,
which takes television pictures of the ground, can be seen flying
low over Qana as shells fall on the UN's Fijian battalion
headquarters. The tape was made by a UN soldier a mile from
Qana. By chance, he was carrying his video camera when the