(eng) Last Gig At The Collingwood Squat

will (will@xchange.apana.org.au)
Mon, 13 May 96 10:59:52 AEDT

Last Gig At The Collingwood Squat
The 12th of May was the last concert at the squatted warehouse in
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. A number of groups played, including
"Mutiny", who come from Melbourne and have played a lot around Europe,
and "Subversion", from Sydney. There was also vegan food organized by
Food Not Bombs and an anarchist bookstall from Barricade Books Infoshop.

About six months ago the building, an old factory, was squatted by a
groups of homeless anarchists to use as a home and as a social centre.
Concerts and other activities were organized by the residents and others.

But three weeks ago they received a summons to court and their eviction
is due this Wednesday.