Re: urgent?

will (
Fri, 10 May 96 01:27:21 AEDT (esperanto) writes:

> Hi,
> This is getting bad...
> 1/ We have just had more of this shit mail
> 2/ Jesse is busy and more or less without his computer which paralyses us
> 3/ IMHO the project is threatened by this shit
> 4/ Only 25% of the subscribers to a-infos are on a-infos-d and they are in
> the dark as to what is going on
> Until Jesse has more time all we can do anything about is 4/ which might
> help with 3/. I would like to see some information go through the a-infos
> list pretty soon coz they have more of this waiting in their mailboxes.
> Perhaps we could get something through within the next 24 hours?
> Neil
well... i just took the liberty of posting this to a-infos.

i think it's important to let the a-infos subscribers know what's
going on and that the mailing list is being deliberately spammed in
order to fuck it up. anyone who's sub'ed to a-infos and is concerned
by this *can* sub to a-infos-d and contribute to the discussion on
what to do about it.

i'm sorry if anyone thinks that by posting this to a-infos i'm
contributing to the problem. and i know that i've hassled someone
else very recently for doing what i'm just about to do.