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>I got this from our jewish students group list - I thought it was of
>importance to the list. If it has already come across the list this week
>- I apologize, I have been out of the loop. take care, aj
>alison jerris
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>* To everyone who is outraged at the CONSTRUCTION OF A MALL AT
>* This is an e-mail petition to protest against the building of a shopping
>* mall, with stores, a beer tavern and an amusement arcade,
>* outrage a few weeks ago led to the Polish President's and Prime
>* Minister's condemnation of the building project. However, contrary
>* to Polish international obligations, authority over the development has
>* remained with the local administration, The local administration
>* in turn, has not only CONTINUED CONSTRUCTION, but also permitted a
>* neo-fascist group to hold an anti-Semitic rally on the premises.
>* Please read the following letter, and mail it off as part of a
>* world-wide e-mail petition. IT WILL TAKE YOU EXACTLY A MINUTE.
>* If you would like to edit passages or add comments of your own, feel free.
>* Revise this letter in any way you feel is appropriate
>* Following are detailed instruction on how to participate in the
>* petition. Apologies to those of you who are e-mail experts and
>* know all of this already. The intention is to make sure that no
>* letter will be derailed because someone is still a beginner.
>* This is what you should do:
>* 1. First of all, forward this petition to everyone you know that
>* cares about the largest Jewish cemetery in the world.
>* 2. There are two ways to make your opinion heard: by e-mail and by
>* fax.
>* 3. If you are faxing, write down the fax numbers below. Delete the
>* entire section marked by asterisks. Print out a copy,
>* sign your name, and fax away.
>* 4. If you are e-mailing, write down the e-mail addresses below.
>* Choose the "Forward" command, and when asked if you want to edit
>* the message, choose "Yes". Delete the entire section marked
>* by asterisks. Make sure to delete any information (in short
>* paragraphs preceding the actual content of the e-mail) about those who
>* forwarded the letter to you. We want to make these letters look as
>* personal as possible. Revise the letter if you like. Type your name
>* at the end of the letter, and any personal information (title,
>* signature, company etc). Send it to all the e-mail addresses provided.
>* 5. For Americans: please send copies of your correspondence to your
>* Members of Congress, and in particular, to Rep. Eliot Engel (17th
>* Dist-D),
>* 1433 Longworth Building, Washington DC 20515, FAX 202-225-5513.
>* Note: every Member of Congress has an e-mail address. You can
>* find it on the Internet. Mail them a copy.
>* 6. For updates on the situation at Auschwitz, contact the
>* Coalition for Jewish Concerns-AMCHA, 3690 Netherland Avenue, Bronx,
>* NY, 10463, FAX 781-884-3206, e-mail Judy Balint (National Director) at
>* JudyB14868@aol.com
>* Here are the addresses:
>*E -mail:
>* Polish Foreign Ministry / Polish government:
>* mszdpi@sam.nask.com.pl
>* ajakubow@urm.gov.pl
>* msdzpi@warman.com.pl
>* Polish embassy in Washington:
>* empol@dgs.dgsys.com
>* fax (202) 883 -8343, (202) 202-328-6271
>* remote-printer.Poland_Embassy@
>* Polish embassy in Ottawa:
>* Ambassador Tadeusz Diem
>* polamb@hookup.com
>* Fax 613-789-1218
>* Canadian embassy in Poland:
>* wsaw.td@wsa01.x400.gc.ca
>* fax: 011-48-22-296457
>* Polish Consulate in Strasbourg, France:
>* 100304.3606@compuserve.com
>* Polish Consul General in New York:
>* Mr. Sudyrkowski
>* Tel 212-889-2066
>* Fax 212-779-3062, 212-818-9623
>* Polish President Kwasnieski,
>* Namiestnikowski Palace Warsaw
>* Fax 011-48-22-628-4701
>* Prime Minister Cimosaewicz,
>* Fax 011-48-22-625-2637
>* Polish Consulate in Chicago:
>* fax: (312) 642-4102
>* Polish Consulate in LA:
>* fax: (310) 442-8526
>* American Consulate in Krakow:
>* fax: 011-48-12-218292
>* US Trade Center Warsaw
>* Maria Andrews
>* fax: 011-48-22-621-6327
>* Note: All information is courtesy of AMCHA or obtained from
>* the internet, and should be up to date.
>* This is the petition letter:
> Dear Sir/Madam:
> I write to strongly protest the construction of a shopping mall,
>housing a beer tavern and an amusement arcade, in the immediate
>vicinity of the Auschwitz death camp.
> Despite assurances by Polish government officials that the project
>would be suspended, observers at the site report that the construction
>is continuing. On March 26, a day after the order to halt construction had
>been issued, Jewish groups saw 60 workers still busy at the site. On
>March 27, Agence France Presse and eye-witnesses noted that 40 workers
>were erecting walls and plastering a building slated to become a store.
>Despite the condemnations made by President Kwasnieski and Prime
>Minister Cimoszewicz, local authorities clearly have sufficient discretion
>to resume construction.
> The development of a commercial center only 30 yards away from
>the site where 1 million Jews and 600 000 non-Jews were murdered is
>a nauseating desecration of their memory. This matter should not be
>subject to a "temporary suspension" pending on an inquiry; it is a
>clear violation of international law that should be halted completely
>and unconditionally.
> Poland is a signatory to the 1972 UN Convention on the Protection of
>World Cultural and National Heritage, which designates Auschwitz as a
>historical site, and forwards the concept of an internationally protected zone
>around the camp. A 1979 UNESCO declaration identifies Auschwitz as a
>"historical site and a place of human testimony", and created a 500 meter
>buffer zone around the camp's grounds.
> I urge the Polish government to comply with these international
>laws, overrule its local authorities, and halt construction at Auschwitz
>promptly and permanently. I appeal to all in positions of power
>to influence those who would belittle and deface the largest Jewish
>cemetery in the world.
> Sincerely
> <name>

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