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> AURUST 2-10 1996 EUGENE, OREGON u$a
> What this is all about: RESIST AND EXIST is intended to be a large electic gathering of punks from all different "scenes" and walks of life. the focus of this event is on unifying the punk community for positive change through music cooperation and activism.
> What to expect: If everything works out there should be around 60 different bands from all over the world here dueing the week. These bands will range in style from pogo punk to sXe hardcore to pop to crust to ska and all niches in between in addition to the music, there are nearly as many workshops being planned in which punks will be teaching other punks neat and interesting things. Confirmed workshops range in subject from silkscreening to political theory to food not bombs to nonviolent direct action to earth first!.
> Why Eugene?: Eugene is a varey suitable location for a gathering of this type for several reasons. It is a mid sized city with a large university, a centralized downtown, relitivly small police force and generally friendly and accepting residents. it also happens to be one of the most politicaly volatile citys in the u.s., with plenty going on sociallt, environmentally, and politically. in the summer the parks and wilderness areas make favorible places to sleep or to retreat to.
> What you can do: We are still looking for bands to play and people to lead workshops. Bands and workshop leaders can be guaranteed a place to crash and perhaps gas money. If this is something you might be interested in, please contact us at the below information. Also the success of this gathering is reliant upon wor gatting out to as many people as possible; please copy off these flyers and distribute them or make your own
> The Antiapathy Collective (503) 302-1838
> PO Box 11703,Eugene Or 97440
> palmdale, u$a - Saturday, May 04, 1996 at 07:21:09 (GMT
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> I know this isn't a response list, but WHY "punks"? The hip people
of the sixties stood up to the real punks of the fities, who were right-
wing terrorists who thought all hip long-haired leftists should be
beat up, and they, incidentally, included a lot of violent people....who
wore grease in their hair, and called themselves "punks".....>
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